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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 715,860: Ranked 104 out of 139 w/ 6 scores entered
Level M7-161,78015-1,87058,818+2,962n/a
Level M7-20n/an/a62,252n/an/a
Level M7-30n/an/a63,612n/an/a
Level M7-40n/an/a140,699n/an/a
Level M7-50n/an/a73,200n/an/a
Level M7-647,8603-54046,564+1,296n/a
Level M7-70n/an/a96,343n/an/a
Level M7-80n/an/a48,386n/an/a
Level M7-90n/an/a97,156n/an/a
Level M7-100n/an/a70,163n/an/a
Level M7-110n/an/a76,375n/an/a
Level M7-12136,15018-3,830126,889+9,261n/a
Level M7-130n/an/a90,241n/an/a
Level M7-140n/an/a93,689n/an/a
Level M7-150n/an/a160,624n/an/a
Level M7-160n/an/a96,791n/an/a
Level M7-170n/an/a44,685n/an/a
Level M7-18200,32014-8,160190,966+9,354n/a
Level M7-190n/an/a59,710n/an/a
Level M7-20138,40012-5,850135,676+2,724n/a
Level M7-210n/an/a149,967n/an/a
Level M7-220n/an/a69,309n/an/a
Level M7-23131,35019-5,720125,497+5,853n/a
Level M7-240n/an/a70,620n/an/a
Level M7-250n/an/a106,983n/an/a
Level M7-260n/an/a94,027n/an/a
Level M7-270n/an/a111,207n/an/a
Level M7-280n/an/a164,735n/an/a
Level M7-290n/an/a107,629n/an/a
Level M7-300n/an/a99,831n/an/a