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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,551,330: Ranked 216 out of 1247 w/ 20 scores entered
Smugglers Den Cage Trophy93,650821-21,32099,707-6,057n/a
Smugglers Den Pineapple Trophy88,820462-16,60087,008+1,812n/a
Jungle Escape Palm Tree Trophy131,090873-18,250136,102-5,012n/a
Jungle Escape Banana Trophy104,170716-19,900108,114-3,944n/a
Beach Volley Beachball Trophy103,650876-29,200112,081-8,431n/a
Beach Volley Melon Trophy119,290520-11,960119,202+88n/a
Carnival Upheaval Balloon Trophy82,100969-36,38092,491-10,391n/a
Carnival Upheaval Papaya Trophy95,090926-27,130104,368-9,278n/a
Airfield Chase Suitcase Trophy100,850637-18,910103,686-2,836n/a
Airfield Chase Apple Trophy102,940811-28,000112,023-9,083n/a
Smugglers Plane Propeller Trophy87,700482-15,74088,390-690n/a
Smugglers Plane Mango Trophy138,630475-16,820138,259+371n/a
Market Mayhem Market Stand Trophy146,310464-32,730155,865-9,555n/a
Market Mayhem Strawberry Trophy175,660466-57,150188,140-12,480n/a
Golden Beachball Fish Trophy174,170245-17,800172,094+2,076n/a
Golden Beachball Cherry Trophy147,790178-16,320142,700+5,090n/a
Rocket Rumble Rocket Trophy179,510209-20,110179,660-150n/a
High Dive Golden Chest62,700326-37,82075,081-12,381n/a
Blossom River Golden Anchor183,150237-9,690184,144-994n/a
Timber Tumble Golden Gear234,06076-7,610227,458+6,602n/a