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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,243,720: Ranked 883 out of 1261 w/ 12 scores entered
Smugglers Den Cage Trophy99,910525-15,06099,869+41n/a
Smugglers Den Pineapple Trophy82,440727-22,98087,115-4,675n/a
Jungle Escape Palm Tree Trophy134,830626-14,510136,252-1,422n/a
Jungle Escape Banana Trophy101,040953-23,030108,198-7,158n/a
Beach Volley Beachball Trophy101,520955-31,330112,241-10,721n/a
Beach Volley Melon Trophy112,560910-18,500119,227-6,667n/a
Carnival Upheaval Balloon Trophy83,680849-32,00092,566-8,886n/a
Carnival Upheaval Papaya Trophy102,790582-19,430104,477-1,687n/a
Airfield Chase Suitcase Trophy98,010849-21,750103,711-5,701n/a
Airfield Chase Apple Trophy111,160533-19,780112,130-970n/a
Smugglers Plane Propeller Trophy84,340880-19,10088,489-4,149n/a
Smugglers Plane Mango Trophy131,440826-24,010138,300-6,860n/a
Market Mayhem Market Stand Trophy0n/an/a155,903n/an/a
Market Mayhem Strawberry Trophy0n/an/a188,106n/an/a
Golden Beachball Fish Trophy0n/an/a172,113n/an/a
Golden Beachball Cherry Trophy0n/an/a142,773n/an/a
Rocket Rumble Rocket Trophy0n/an/a179,678n/an/a
High Dive Golden Chest0n/an/a75,243n/an/a
Blossom River Golden Anchor0n/an/a184,243n/an/a
Timber Tumble Golden Gear0n/an/a227,658n/an/a