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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,218,380: Ranked 218 out of 272 w/ 9 scores entered
Level 1110,79029-5,180106,573+4,217n/a
Level 285,470109-4,66085,108+362n/a
Level 3101,44032-3,92099,794+1,646n/a
Level 40n/an/a89,048n/an/a
Level 50n/an/a106,959n/an/a
Level 60n/an/a112,019n/an/a
Level 70n/an/a132,916n/an/a
Level 8105,400100-8,740103,616+1,784n/a
Level 90n/an/a128,711n/an/a
Level 100n/an/a119,278n/an/a
Level 1174,400139-12,39075,425-1,025n/a
Level 120n/an/a101,075n/an/a
Level 1385,440158-6,85086,716-1,276n/a
Level 140n/an/a97,262n/an/a
Level 150n/an/a116,654n/an/a
Level 160n/an/a102,734n/an/a
Level 170n/an/a129,612n/an/a
Level 180n/an/a120,754n/an/a
Level 190n/an/a68,752n/an/a
Level 200n/an/a105,259n/an/a
Level 210n/an/a141,556n/an/a
Level 220n/an/a110,046n/an/a
Level 230n/an/a138,936n/an/a
Level 24173,77011-1,660166,554+7,216n/a
Level 250n/an/a128,107n/an/a
Level 260n/an/a117,603n/an/a
Level 270n/an/a123,483n/an/a
Level 280n/an/a184,906n/an/a
Level 290n/an/a165,045n/an/a
Level 300n/an/a122,626n/an/a
Level 31216,8709-2,260211,033+5,837n/a
Level 320n/an/a157,693n/an/a
Level 330n/an/a87,796n/an/a
Level 34264,80066-10,900260,677+4,123n/a
Level 350n/an/a189,037n/an/a
Level 360n/an/a163,130n/an/a
Level 370n/an/a130,386n/an/a
Level 380n/an/a199,080n/an/a
Level 390n/an/a160,189n/an/a
Level 400n/an/a221,954n/an/a