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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,808,970: Ranked 10 out of 467 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 1-1117,16030-2,870111,003+6,157n/a
Level 1-2116,18014-1,010109,046+7,134n/a
Level 1-3111,44047-6,230105,525+5,915n/a
Level 1-4128,42044-1,710125,484+2,936n/a
Level 1-5197,39012-6,000189,336+8,054n/a
Level 1-6125,76035-4,430114,207+11,553n/a
Level 1-7150,95024-4,710141,821+9,129n/a
Level 1-8244,23048-11,800238,441+5,789n/a
Level 1-9205,39033-4,950191,796+13,594n/a
Level 1-10170,32055-8,870163,946+6,374n/a
Level 1-11170,17018-9,270160,885+9,285n/a
Level 1-12204,33046-3,070197,091+7,239n/a
Level 1-13188,31040-5,080182,183+6,127n/a
Level 1-14233,06042-5,230221,572+11,488n/a
Level 1-15205,63052-9,210193,586+12,044n/a
Level 1-16261,58041-7,040256,139+5,441n/a
Level 1-17197,4703-730187,432+10,038n/a
Level 1-18207,4603-2,150198,897+8,563n/a
Level 1-19203,72048-3,820196,839+6,881n/a
Level 1-20370,00012-4,280360,800+9,200n/a