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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 536,280: Ranked 556 out of 643 w/ 4 scores entered
Level 151,500161-5,17050,295+1,205n/a
Level 20n/an/a141,932n/an/a
Level 30n/an/a84,948n/an/a
Level 40n/an/a157,971n/an/a
Level 50n/an/a102,136n/an/a
Level 60n/an/a119,078n/an/a
Level 70n/an/a117,131n/an/a
Level 80n/an/a113,256n/an/a
Level 90n/an/a127,596n/an/a
Level 100n/an/a128,213n/an/a
Level 110n/an/a129,583n/an/a
Level 120n/an/a153,111n/an/a
Level 130n/an/a162,524n/an/a
Level 14182,570259-21,730182,152+418n/a
Level 15119,020194-15,150116,589+2,431n/a
Level 16183,19044-6,610177,116+6,074n/a
Level 170n/an/a135,255n/an/a
Level 180n/an/a160,375n/an/a
Level 190n/an/a150,776n/an/a
Level 200n/an/a171,906n/an/a