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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,723,880: Ranked 168 out of 657 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 150,770238-6,41050,328+442n/a
Level 2146,000209-5,690141,900+4,100n/a
Level 389,03024-1,48084,885+4,145n/a
Level 4156,850335-16,580157,954-1,104n/a
Level 5101,710312-7,380102,083-373n/a
Level 6118,950260-9,340119,068-118n/a
Level 7119,510175-12,470117,137+2,373n/a
Level 8114,160234-9,910113,256+904n/a
Level 9129,260189-10,960127,677+1,583n/a
Level 10133,200137-6,830128,270+4,930n/a
Level 11130,760233-10,950129,625+1,135n/a
Level 12156,640189-8,300153,117+3,523n/a
Level 13163,460229-5,760162,535+925n/a
Level 14183,410244-20,890182,303+1,107n/a
Level 15120,320147-13,850116,644+3,676n/a
Level 16178,630239-11,170177,198+1,432n/a
Level 17134,770310-11,420135,259-489n/a
Level 18164,370162-10,460160,442+3,928n/a
Level 19158,72058-3,900150,893+7,827n/a
Level 20173,360247-11,140172,005+1,355n/a