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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,678,140: Ranked 257 out of 657 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 150,490278-6,69050,328+162n/a
Level 2137,260406-14,430141,900-4,640n/a
Level 386,800195-3,71084,885+1,915n/a
Level 4161,920181-11,510157,954+3,966n/a
Level 5102,930207-6,160102,083+847n/a
Level 6116,690425-11,600119,068-2,378n/a
Level 7113,940403-18,040117,137-3,197n/a
Level 8112,120350-11,950113,256-1,136n/a
Level 9124,870415-15,350127,677-2,807n/a
Level 10129,970252-10,060128,270+1,700n/a
Level 11130,290260-11,420129,625+665n/a
Level 12158,350113-6,590153,117+5,233n/a
Level 13163,950184-5,270162,535+1,415n/a
Level 14176,560414-27,740182,303-5,743n/a
Level 15113,180386-20,990116,644-3,464n/a
Level 16170,180491-19,620177,198-7,018n/a
Level 17135,030301-11,160135,259-229n/a
Level 18167,29098-7,540160,442+6,848n/a
Level 19147,510374-15,110150,893-3,383n/a
Level 20178,81081-5,690172,005+6,805n/a