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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,723,470: Ranked 16 out of 590 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 163,93042-2,02060,892+3,038n/a
Level 2158,15020-4,040146,740+11,410n/a
Level 3158,21025-5,570144,778+13,432n/a
Level 4163,02019-4,320150,458+12,562n/a
Level 588,40049-10,93083,296+5,104n/a
Level 6145,34016-3,270135,415+9,925n/a
Level 7118,95033-1,330114,924+4,026n/a
Level 8133,750114-9,470129,587+4,163n/a
Level 9147,85013-1,510131,207+16,643n/a
Level 10117,20030-17,140105,676+11,524n/a
Level 11174,17063-9,290160,212+13,958n/a
Level 12105,94079-8,440100,612+5,328n/a
Level 13146,95049-8,130138,223+8,727n/a
Level 14153,27052-5,560146,466+6,804n/a
Level 15149,57094-7,110143,051+6,519n/a
Level 1698,72025-3,03093,165+5,555n/a
Level 17172,41072-9,360165,148+7,262n/a
Level 18145,62063-10,140135,481+10,139n/a
Level 19161,29044-6,830145,410+15,880n/a
Level 20120,73065-6,530115,105+5,625n/a