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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,621,110: Ranked 116 out of 387 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-188,050174-4,78087,586+464n/a
Level 1-2132,790187-9,600132,855-65n/a
Level 1-3183,770197-20,240182,730+1,040n/a
Level 1-4215,000108-6,410211,921+3,079n/a
Level 1-5193,810130-8,560190,169+3,641n/a
Level 1-6202,87076-9,070197,371+5,499n/a
Level 1-7121,67059-8,810119,167+2,503n/a
Level 1-8180,720209-7,760180,458+262n/a
Level 1-9198,74047-4,590193,421+5,319n/a
Level 1-10173,890181-5,730173,238+652n/a
Level 1-11112,220105-3,250110,031+2,189n/a
Level 1-12176,520154-8,740174,040+2,480n/a
Level 1-13181,620206-12,980181,085+535n/a
Level 1-14244,990201-16,310243,481+1,509n/a
Level 1-15214,45099-15,220207,589+6,861n/a