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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,642,940: Ranked 65 out of 395 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-190,13082-2,70087,687+2,443n/a
Level 1-2136,87095-5,520132,891+3,979n/a
Level 1-3185,630150-18,380182,860+2,770n/a
Level 1-4215,060110-6,350211,752+3,308n/a
Level 1-5197,21044-5,160190,325+6,885n/a
Level 1-6201,580102-10,360197,545+4,035n/a
Level 1-7120,030147-6,150119,048+982n/a
Level 1-8182,330149-6,150180,494+1,836n/a
Level 1-9198,88043-4,450193,509+5,371n/a
Level 1-10177,01032-2,080173,331+3,679n/a
Level 1-11111,510156-3,960110,118+1,392n/a
Level 1-12177,310136-7,950174,144+3,166n/a
Level 1-13187,54056-5,970181,026+6,514n/a
Level 1-14248,780129-12,520243,582+5,198n/a
Level 1-15213,070114-17,850207,432+5,638n/a