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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,407,160: Ranked 251 out of 544 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 193,110321-8,07092,540+570n/a
Level 2116,930260-9,740116,630+300n/a
Level 394,390235-10,11094,153+237n/a
Level 492,390278-11,13092,308+82n/a
Level 599,880298-11,24099,938-58n/a
Level 6136,620265-11,420136,414+206n/a
Level 7154,050302-15,070154,433-383n/a
Level 886,830269-8,16086,622+208n/a
Level 993,100274-15,00093,096+4n/a
Level 10139,500256-18,870139,624-124n/a
Level 11116,370277-14,060116,448-78n/a
Level 1295,560236-18,71095,547+13n/a
Level 13159,720274-18,350160,661-941n/a
Level 14113,620251-21,180114,043-423n/a
Level 15120,020286-12,550120,595-575n/a
Level 16163,010261-9,500162,970+40n/a
Level 17138,770293-11,170139,555-785n/a
Level 1887,130274-9,54087,054+76n/a
Level 19119,430261-12,880119,623-193n/a
Level 20186,730226-16,340186,184+546n/a