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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,568,320: Ranked 8 out of 544 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 1101,1801 Top Score!92,540+8,640n/a
Level 2124,45014-2,220116,630+7,820n/a
Level 3100,09043-4,41094,153+5,937n/a
Level 4100,91026-2,61092,308+8,602n/a
Level 5107,16017-3,96099,938+7,222n/a
Level 6141,90052-6,140136,414+5,486n/a
Level 7163,41049-5,710154,433+8,977n/a
Level 892,55053-2,44086,622+5,928n/a
Level 9100,42029-7,68093,096+7,324n/a
Level 10148,78040-9,590139,624+9,156n/a
Level 11125,05038-5,380116,448+8,602n/a
Level 1299,64035-14,63095,547+4,093n/a
Level 13170,03041-8,040160,661+9,369n/a
Level 14126,87036-7,930114,043+12,827n/a
Level 15129,20036-3,370120,595+8,605n/a
Level 16168,62053-3,890162,970+5,650n/a
Level 17146,41017-3,530139,555+6,855n/a
Level 1894,16053-2,51087,054+7,106n/a
Level 19128,22015-4,090119,623+8,597n/a
Level 20199,2703-3,800186,184+13,086n/a