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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,363,440: Ranked 292 out of 543 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 197,52050-3,66092,490+5,030n/a
Level 2118,890158-7,780116,607+2,283n/a
Level 398,51075-5,99094,087+4,423n/a
Level 497,090139-6,43092,236+4,854n/a
Level 5103,720138-7,40099,860+3,860n/a
Level 6140,27092-7,770136,338+3,932n/a
Level 7160,340127-8,780154,303+6,037n/a
Level 880,820384-14,17086,588-5,768n/a
Level 992,360299-15,74093,036-676n/a
Level 10135,980343-22,390139,519-3,539n/a
Level 11117,300243-13,130116,359+941n/a
Level 1296,350182-17,92095,511+839n/a
Level 13149,890437-28,180160,538-10,648n/a
Level 14105,130378-29,670113,955-8,825n/a
Level 15109,500433-23,070120,460-10,960n/a
Level 16157,530395-14,980162,901-5,371n/a
Level 17138,040312-11,900139,504-1,464n/a
Level 1872,930439-23,74087,031-14,101n/a
Level 19111,400441-20,910119,573-8,173n/a
Level 20179,870400-23,200186,113-6,243n/a