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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • No Scores Entered Yet
Level 3610n/an/a9,830,210n/an/an/a
Level 3620n/an/a10,300,070n/an/an/a
Level 3630n/an/a10,673,232n/an/an/a
Level 3640n/an/a8,696,096n/an/an/a
Level 3650n/an/a9,539,642n/an/an/a
Level 366 Boss Fight0n/an/a8,915,496n/an/a
Level 3670n/an/a7,445,908n/an/an/a
Level 3680n/an/a9,469,357n/an/an/a
Level 3690n/an/a10,763,944n/an/an/a
Level 3700n/an/a11,101,519n/an/an/a
Level 3710n/an/a9,073,831n/an/an/a
Level 3720n/an/a10,906,065n/an/an/a
Level 3730n/an/a9,313,922n/an/an/a
Level 374 Boss Fight0n/an/a9,738,345n/an/a
Level 3750n/an/a7,864,142n/an/an/a
Level 3760n/an/a9,448,983n/an/an/a
Level 3770n/an/a11,017,238n/an/an/a
Level 3780n/an/a9,204,522n/an/an/a
Level 3790n/an/a9,635,347n/an/an/a
Level 380 Boss Fight0n/an/a9,922,256n/an/a
Level 3810n/an/a10,875,554n/an/an/a
Level 3820n/an/a11,249,547n/an/an/a
Level 3830n/an/a9,364,139n/an/an/a
Level 3840n/an/a8,508,723n/an/an/a
Level 3850n/an/a11,075,699n/an/an/a
Level 3860n/an/a9,715,912n/an/an/a
Level 387 Boss Fight0n/an/a7,857,756n/an/a
Level 3880n/an/a9,277,111n/an/an/a
Level 3890n/an/a11,540,509n/an/an/a
Level 3900n/an/a11,036,396n/an/an/a
Level 3910n/an/a9,957,972n/an/an/a
Level 3920n/an/a11,330,759n/an/an/a
Level 3930n/an/a9,840,675n/an/an/a
Level 394 Boss Fight0n/an/a10,608,681n/an/a
Level 3950n/an/a11,637,202n/an/an/a
Level 3960n/an/a11,947,090n/an/an/a
Level 3970n/an/a11,738,331n/an/an/a
Level 3980n/an/a9,950,834n/an/an/a
Level 3990n/an/a10,050,001n/an/an/a
Level 4000n/an/a9,905,500n/an/a