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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 28,357,096: Ranked 19 out of 20 w/ 2 scores entered
Level 62113,704,1706-62,004,68812,875,490+828,680n/an/a
Level 62214,652,9268-61,057,59417,105,558-2,452,632n/an/a
Level 6230n/an/a20,317,976n/an/an/a
Level 6240n/an/a16,726,853n/an/an/a
Level 6250n/an/a16,741,872n/an/an/a
Level 6260n/an/a17,284,972n/an/an/a
Level 6270n/an/a14,199,880n/an/an/a
Level 6280n/an/a17,430,730n/an/an/a
Level 6290n/an/a20,362,086n/an/an/a
Level 6300n/an/a14,489,998n/an/an/a
Level 6310n/an/a21,013,974n/an/an/a
Level 6320n/an/a17,004,238n/an/an/a
Level 6330n/an/a17,546,780n/an/an/a
Level 6340n/an/a13,732,840n/an/an/a
Level 6350n/an/a21,347,296n/an/an/a
Level 6360n/an/a16,920,224n/an/an/a
Level 6370n/an/a17,490,262n/an/an/a
Level 6380n/an/a19,606,326n/an/an/a
Level 6390n/an/a13,853,638n/an/an/a
Level 6400n/an/a12,641,337n/an/an/a