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  • Without a doubt, Bubbles is the next bird to be added, likely in February based on the amount of time between Stella and Hal, and though I am excited that he is joining the flock again, as he is one of my favorite birds, I cannot help but fear that he will be significantly nerfed. In the original Angry Birds, he was somewhat overpowered, instantly destroying everything in a huge radius and knocking debris even farther, and following up with an unpredictable kamikaze that was powerful yet unreliable. In Angry Birds 2, nearly every other bird has been buffed significantly due to the game being less strategic than the last, one bird even getting a new ability when before he had none at all. Three birds were originally not included as they were either considered unfit for the new game’s style, extremely weak or extremely powerful, respectively. Two of these birds have been added in recently, both receiving more buffs than the other birds. Stella now made herself and the items she carried move more forward than straight up, and no longer disappears once her bubble popped. Hal, although losing the ability to be shot backwards and then activate his power, and possibly his longer range, he now creates a kind of forcefield when boomeranging, and is able to continue backwards after hitting something. Bubbles is seemingly too powerful to be buffed, and if my fears are correct, he might be nerfed for Angry Birds 2. They could make him inflate slowly instead of instantly, like he did in the Angry Birds movie, or his deflation might not harm structures like in Angry Birds Space. He might not inflate as much as he did, or he could pop when constrained like how he occasionally inflated into the ground in The original. However, I trust that Bubbles will still be a fun bird to use when he is finally released.

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