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  • I am over level 1500 for blast. I have never spent money on the game so far and have no intention to.

    Players to note. As you get to the higher levels, it will be ridiculously hard. Most of the time you wont have enough moves. Some levels will definitely need power-ups to complete if you are not patient.

    And that is the key, patience.

    If you notice, when you tried a level like over 50 times and cannot get through, it will get easier with subtle changes. Like a metal block will change to wood or glass which is easier to break. Or piggies type may change to just normal pigs from boxed pigs. Either way the game algorithms will change as you struggle to get through.

    So without patience and the need to complete a level gets strong, some may choose to spend money after using all their free power-ups. This is called baiting algorithms.

    So patience is key. Just try and try and play side events to get more power-ups. The level WILL get easier. So you don’t need to waste money spending on this game.

    Lastly, to add I notice this key algorithm which actually cheats players. You may want to clear a line to complete a series of colors to get a bomb or rocket or something but somehow, the colors may change or a bird just appears out of nowhere and occupies the space you require. This happens all the time as I can see it change on my very laggy phone.

    Enjoy and cheers my friends.

    Merry Christmas and have a Glorious new year

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  • Signalsoldier

    I have indeed noticed the exact same things you have. I have also noticed that once you are down to one or two puzzle pieces it will tend to throw out those puzzles pieces ONLY when you have gotten to the point where you cannot win the game with the available turns. You have to use or buy power ups.

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