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  • DH Kim

    Max level must NOT become higher. It will cause serious firepower inflation, and level 25 legendary weapons will become wholly useless.


    @krypto .. comprehensive! Good job


    I like the idea of PVP, but that may be limited. I would prefer computer vs. player where computer uses your friend’s birds.

    I would like to see a way of giving friends earned LC (not buying them as gifts). Maybe only once a month or something to keep it limited.


    @krypto 1)It takes time to get all the data from Facebook, if you want faster loading speeds that’a Facebook related, not AB.
    2) I have to say that headgears are quite expensive , but lowering all prices by 10x?… It says on the main topic that such recommendations are not viable.
    3) Try finding another way of spending ’em yourself, adding another silly stuff to the game may remove some of the natural charm of it, some want lazer shooting pigs like in star wars, but do they fit?
    4) Interesting, but not an original idea.
    5) too silly, PVP battles? Just think at a method to make them work (matchmaking, etc etc)
    6) The Birds are based on frequently used RPG roles (archers, melee, Suportive etc)
    Developing more characters takes time, effort and a lot o’ $(weapons, headgers, artwork)
    7) Wait for the new caves to show up, a lost island?! Interesting.. it may extend the story line, but, again, developing it’s expensive and takes time.
    8) Higher level cap seems to be a priority for Rovio, but they had to change it back, it’s still a subject for future updates.
    9) Some players want to skip up through the classes, have you thinked about that before?
    10) Birds can’t wear pants! It’s a silly idea and it may be hard to implement.
    11) It may work, but a penalty must be added, just think about what happens when a level 999 player trades to a level 1 one?
    12) it’s a small detail, we can live without or with it.
    13) Not practical, you can see the enemies in battle and the variations are pretty small, only the size/ abilities /artwork change.
    14)LC it’s the premium currency and it can be only bought using hard currency, or it can be recieved as a prize. It can’t be bought using soft currency.
    15) it’ll just destroy the ballance of the entire game, finding one set item’ll allow you to find the rest of it with ease.
    16) it’s 3 dishes for 45, not 1, and it’s used in case of a level being unbeatable, allowing the player to progress, it’s not Unusable.
    17)It may work, we can resume only to friends, competing against 1.000.000 users may not be practical.
    18) Using all 5 birds? Impractical, the levels are created In such a way to let the player discover the right combo, about the friendship gate/wave idea… it may work, but the maximum of 5 birds may still be applied.
    19) Developing new areas it’s hard, just think about the time and effort required to develop the game as it is now.
    20) Every bird you find available at a friend it’s random, selecting wich bird you want it’s a bit too OP.
    21)Mighty Eagle’s birds are not supposed to be maxed out, they are an option if the player has run out of available birds/pigs
    22)small detail, but impractical if most of your friends are at the same level, making their images overlap.
    23) You can just ask them using FB, no need for that to be in-game.
    24) There are allready battle boosters for watching clips, making them craftable may be overpowered.
    25) Have you tried a gambling device before? You get a crappy item, you can’t change it, but you can roll again for better prizes, that’s the rule.
    26) That’s why there are many duplicates with different stats, a.k.a upgrades, they are allready implemented, but the player must progress to find the upgrade, due to the fact that we’ve got set items, this idea may be rendered impractical.

    -Most of the ideas I’ve seen are made in such a way that you get the most benefits out of them, and most of them are requests for removing X or adding Z. Try again. ~ Danke


    to me matilda is imbalance as healer. the only helmet that does decent healing is princess and that helmet is not good to use for every battle.
    matilda in my opinion should in terms of healing be able to heal equal to the amount of damage can do with any given helm she can use . also when she for example using druid it should heal all birds same amount. sometimes heals are not helpful at all when does almost nothing unless you have rage chili at the ready.

    if matilda could heal equal to the amount of its attacks she would be even more viable
    if you had to make the battles little more challenging to balance game with this change that be ok

    anyone else agree with me more or less?

    DH Kim

    @freshbirdprince — wouldn’t it be better when you use Rainbird if you need equal healing? With Vatality passive shield, Rainbird can be as efficient as Druid.


    no chuck with his rainbird not viable to me waste he does better in damage capacity. i dont even use him any more blue red and bomber and matlitda have all the best abilities chuck was good for beginning imo



    Wow – this is a wishlist. No need to beat down everything i put. Of course the finer details would have to be ironed out, nothing is perfect.

    1) No kidding it takes time. They can make it go faster. I have a fast connection and as such it should therefore be quick as well.

    – This bring me to another point, my free daily pig roll is sometimes “wasted” on the birds for hire (piggy mccool) instead of my friends because the loading is so slow the game doesn’t know I have friends.

    2) Yes. Lower the cost of the gold by 10x. It currently costs $100 to buy 3000 gold. It should only cost $10 to buy 3000 gold. Are you rich? Because I can’t buy $200 worth of gold (for just a game with no continuity past the caves) just to upgrade my birds which aren’t even needed to finish the game.

    3) Try find a way to spend snoutlings? very laughable. Literally have nothing to spend it on. I’m not looking for something that isn’t there.

    4) No kidding it’s not original. Did you read at the top of my original post saying someone might have already listed these?

    5) How is PVP battles silly? You enemy (friend) could be controlled by AI.

    6) No kidding. They made this game didn’t they? Of course it takes work, I would be more inclined to spend money if it was worth it and they added more.

    9) Some players want to skip? It’s really a waste of gold. I never had to use it once, as I got everything eventually (that doesnt require gold).

    10) Silly idea? Thats the whole point of this game. The sillier the better.

    11) So what? If that level 9999 player wants the level 1 player to have it…they should. Besides the easy way to fix that is to limit the equipment to the level of the person giving the item. So level 20 person can give a 19 person an item but they can’t use it until 20.

    – Like I said the finer details could be made by rovio…this is a wishlist

    12) Personally I love to look at other people’s equipment. It’s small but IMO worth it.

    13) Not practical? I’ve finished the game, it would be nice if I could look at all the stuff in one spot instead of going to each level.

    15) Destroy the balance of the game? No it wouldn’t. Like I said…the finer details would have to be ironed out.

    16) It’s still a pointless item. I would rather know how to beat an enemy than use some cheap trick to kill him.

    17) Yes it can be practical. You can have a leaderboard and 3 buttons. Leaderboard will show top 10, press a button and it will show your spot on the leaderboard, press another button for your friends leaderboard score.

    18) OK …how is everything with you impractical. Like I mentioned it would have to be a special fight/boss/level. An example would be where you would be fighting a mirror image of your birds. Remember – i’m just listing an example. IT DOESN’T Have to be like this.

    21) Mighty eagles were pretty powerful when I first started. But really for players who don’t have friends – at least the mighty eagles mercs should level with you – If your bird is elite – so should be the mercs. It just makes sense.

    23) Why would I want to go ask 40 people exactly which birds they used? Will I ask them individually, or all at once? Do you see how that can be time consuming for all parties involved? What you mentioned is extremely impractical, I even thought it was a joke…

    24) Obviously. You can get free potions for watching clips, and also buy potions.
    Why can you get free 10% damage for watching a clip, but not be able to buy it? There could even be a daily limit…like 1 potion a day. But like I mentioned this isn’t what should be in the game…it’s a wish list.

    25) Why should the golden pig be like any other gambling device? Why are you talking like that to me? Seriously…attitude.

    Now Danke – Since I do not know if you got it through your head that this is a WISH LIST – where the finer details have to be worked out/ironed out. This is just what I want to see. Not necessarily exactly how I mentioned it.

    Not sure where all of your attitude came from either, trying to help out. It looks like you want the game just the way it is.

    Seriously – what do you want for a wishlist? You’ve already picked apart what I said, now your turn.


    1) Add more plot lines since it’s an RPG after all.

    2) Maybe increase the level cap so other players would enjoy crafting new stuff

    3) A new crafting device where you can craft your current set item to attain the same stats as if you got it on your current level with the use of snoutlings or lucky coins. (like spending maybe 5 lucky coins or 500 snoutlings to upgrade your level 25 set item to level 26 and so on, if level cap should increase)

    4) Add another key (i.e. Black Key, Skeleton Key, etc) which would be attainable later in the deeper parts of the chronicle cave (after level 5) to unlock maybe another part of the map, like a sequel to access a whole new world.

    5) Add new birds or new head gears so we can discover a new combo in defeating new levels

    6) A conversion rate of snoutlings to lucky coins (i.e. 100 snoutlings = 1 lucky)



    Those are nice suggestions. I especially like #3 and 4.


    @krypto most of your ideas work in your favour. It’s a wishlist, I know, but asking for features to be implemented (polishing features it’s also hard) it’s not ideal, Rovio has an entire page for the Unsolicited-content topic, so few ideas may be implemented (i recommend reading that page before further comments) The Site it’s periodically visited by a couple of Rovio employees, so your idea may be seen.
    ~The Golden Pig Machine it’s a reference to the old one armed bandits found in the Gambling spots, so it may not be changed to fit your prefferences.
    ~ Lowering the prices don’t fit the bill, Completing the entire game for 25$..
    ~ Your Infinite Dungeon Idea it’s found in many other games, having the same idea everywhere may not please you.
    ~ That’s why we have such a large community, you can pop up there and ask for a bird combo, it’s less time consuming than powering this flame war with comments..
    ~ The Watch A video for 10% bonus feature it’s timed, it appears every 24 hours if you are logged in with FB. Implementing another potion it’s not necessary.
    ~ Speeding up the loading speed of FB friends may not be possible, The FB and Rovio servers can’t handle higher speeds(unless upgraded, but it costs money to afford such upgrades)
    ~ Having all 5 birds in 1 round it’s less guessing-like, but less fun. The friendship gate idea where you have to defeat 1 boss for each friend (using his bird of course. Maybe the friends can be chosen randomly so it’s a real challenge? ) It’s interesting, this it’s the 1 that I like the most. Still against 5 birds rounds.
    ~ I preffer competing against 20 strangers/friends instead of competing against 250.000 users, of course you can compete against the best player, but it’s not as fun as the social system we have now.
    ~It depends from person to person, some are constantly wanting new content, some are more old-fashioned, some dont care if the game it’s updated or not.
    ~ Everybody loves new content, but seriously, sillier=better? As stated by the ABepic Twitter account, they allready introduced the more sillier stuff, so they may not be looking forward for laser-shooting owls or anything of this nature.
    ~ Asking for new content and giving a basic idea it’s far easier than developing it and polishing it.
    ~~ It allready started to become a flame war, with different opinions wich cause disturbtion in the topic. I have no motivation of continuing this, due to it being time consuming. (As my attitude was no different from your attitude from the previous comment, you may not punish some one for this)

    ~ Cheers from Danke!


    I also like the idea of weapons/armor leveling up as you use them. So a zero star item could go up through long-term usage.

    I didnt read through others replies so some of this is probably already mentioned, but I’d like to see the required internet connection abolished first if anything. I really want to play away from home and I have a wifi only iPad.

    – Let you use your own birds for the caves and dungeons and maybe add like a good bonus health and attack for using a friend to encourage friend use if you have any. This would make it fair to everyone since now you need friends, have to pay out the nose in gold coins, or have to allow strangers on your Facebook to get anywhere which is very unfair.

    – With the current friend thing, I’d like to have the wait time to use friends again removed or cut to 30 minutes, and hour, or even just cut it in half. 12 hours is just way too long.

    – Be able to choose the birds class for your friends before taking them into battle.

    – I’d like to see the rest of the flock make appearances in future updates.

    – More areas to explore that are friend requirement free.

    – The ability to change classes at the bird selection screen before the battle instead of having to go to the nest.

    – Increase the amount of coins dropped by pigs just a bit. Other than the wealthy rogue (if you’re lucky to catch him spawn), there arent really many reliable ways to stack up on coins without overly excessive grinding.

    – Confirm before scrapping items.

    – Some way to know what pigs you’ll be facing before you start the battle especially in waves. It sucks to get halfway through, having used up potions only to hit an dodger that none of your birds can kill so you have to leave and restart.

    – I dont have any yet but if they dont, legendary items should scale with your level please.


    These 2 ideas don’t work:

    PvP? No way, Jose. The guy who got the first turn would have a BIG advantage.It’s not practical. You make me laugh. Have a good day.

    Silver/Friendship Essence into Gold: Not Practical. Play ‘The Simpsons Tapped out’. See the connection? Donuts and Gold are PREMIUM currency, and it doesn’t work.

    One thing I would like to suggest is a ‘Are you sure you want to…’ thing for when you scrap a weapon or spend lucky coins.


    – My post got deleted…anyways here’s the good parts.

    – Angry Birds epic got updated on Android last night (July 30th), 1.012

    – Noticed some new “deals” going on.

    – New caves

    – I am level 27 – with the ability to go past level 27. Not sure if this is permanent yet.

    – Got a free different colored hat for chuck?

    A few last wishlist items I wouldn’t mind seeing:

    The ability to give auto-attack priority options for the birds. Example: Heal bird with lowest health, attack enemy with highest/lowest health, use rage chili only on selected (bird), use rage chili on birds to only attack or only heal.

    Daily or weekly or monthly deals on the gold/ExpPotion/MightyEagleDish. Just like the potions, but of course the deal wouldn’t be as good. I know other games do this.

    The ability to create Flotsam from other resources – like wood or squarewood.

    The ability to create all at once as many potions as you want instead of constantly clicking. So if you have 400 greater vials, 400 magic water, and 500 cherries, you could let the game make 100 Pig Cherry juice potions by clicking once.

    – That last one alone would have saved me so much time for the earlier parts of the game for me.

    – A special gold shop to buy gold-only blueprints. They could be items that are just under legendary items in terms of specs, or better depending on how rovio wants to go.

    Give me more mighty eagle quotes for the loading screens :)

    – The ability to buy the game or pay some kind of fee to get rid of all the ads.

    – There’s poison, ice prison, fire, healing, and Deadly grip caves. A timed cave would be an interesting addition.

    – Future cave could possibly be a mashup of the other caves abilities. For example you could get attacked by anything from the poison to the ice prison (random).

    – Make the information on screen more uniform – like being able to see your gold/silver/friendship essence on all the screens the same way.

    – Ability to lock the equipment you are using so you cannot sell it, and it cannot be changed until you unlock and change it.


    Since they have taken away the ability to replay dungeons, it would be nice if they increased the amount of the spinning wheel payout… Double it. Instead of 50 make it 100, instead of 75 make it 150, 400 instead of 200. That would make the incentive to play more appealing…tripling it would be even better! :-)


    I could pretty much agree with all these things . But what I desperately need , is that they should give Chuck more heath . All my birds are at 1000-800 while Chuck is only ant barely 600 . I don’t have any Legendary Items for him , and the ones I currently have still don’t give me a boost . His attacks are great , but I can’t get through a single wave without him losing lots of health .


    make the LC prices more reachable (if you start with 0 LC & you want a master class it will take you 60 DAYS!the thunder bird/sea dog- 55 DAYS, skulkers- 30 DAYS, [bard- 19 days, paladin-12 days but i think that thier prices are ok] think about it you have to waste 2 months of your life for 1 master class, imagine doing that 25 times + all headgears(MORE THAN 4.578 YEARS! THATS INSANE)


    add in hal, bubbles, stella & terence!

    where you can meet them after going into another world after defeating 10 caves
    in that world you will have 4 more egg towers & a whole new cave system


    1) since each time the dungeons get harder, the reward should reflect that. i think the snoutling compensation is unbalanced…it’s illogical that the reward would be the same for more work; that’s like getting a promotion at work without a raise.
    2) once you’re maxed out (like i am) then instead of exerperience doubling (rest bonus), which does nothing for me, there should be resource or snoutling doubling for battles. at this point i’m working thru the caves, and marauding the country side in search of snoutlings for class upgrades and resources for potions and waiting for the daily golden pig battle.
    3) it would be also nice if you pick what resources you spin for; either potion materials, forging materials, or both. i’ve found that even before maxing out on level 25, with ample use of the golden pig bank (where you roll for set items) i have no use for forging materials anymore, any weapons/off hand items i get blue prints for are usually not any better than what i’ve already got.
    4) it would be nice in the cave battles if you could use more than one of a type of bird with different classes activated. (example; using a friends red bird with paladin activated and my own red bird with samurai; or one blue with spies and one blue with tricksters)


    It would be really awesome if the golden pig machine gives new items everytime you roll. More than once it has given me the exact same item with the exact same stars and is frustrating to pay lucky coins for the same item. Thank you.


    If you could do discounts for apple systems and not only android would be awesome. Thanks in advance :)


    I tried to scan to see if this had been posted…

    Perhaps a new potion that removes debuffs from birds

    Perhaps a new potion that increases damage/health by a percent (this could be scaled with multiple ranks)

    Perhaps a way to change the special ability a weapon/off hand items provides (ie change chain attack to dispel or hocus pocus)

    ***Perhaps a way to increase the percentage bonus on weapon/off hand items (this could be in three tiers with the third tier requiring gold coins) (I wanted to offer a suggestion that could potentially increase revenue lol)


    As the old adage states, no good deed goes unpunished. I am level 29 with 5 masters. Fighting hard through the cave system and spending all the positions I had stored up for hours and hours. Getting to and defeating Lawrence in Cave 7 -10 Forgotten Bastion, to be rewarded with only 60 snoutlings, 1 bamboo, and 1 rainbow shell really made me think why am I playing this game. Success should be rewarded, that’s why people play games like this. They like to feel a sense of accomplishment and be rewarded for hard work and time. Bernhard Falk should learn Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


    They could make defeating the last fight in each cave disable the debuff for that cave… Make it easier to farm and clean up the levels.

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