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  • Whooo Hooo - did it again! Bird Addict Page Changer! Tweet
  • @werewolf69 - you ain't kidding!!! I usually have one going when I'm playing, keeping it within easy reach in the ashtray. The machanics of smoking give me some breathing space to back away from other aspects of myself when flubbing a shot, but not much! Luckily for me I can smoke and play AB in the cab of the truck without any picayune PC (Politically Correct) ninnies whining to me about it.

    @kimmiecv - there's truth in what you say, only somedays I'm not sure whether I'm beating the cigarettes or the reverse....!!!!
  • IKR @TruckDriver! Now I just try to go with the flow so to speak! But shoot, ciggys are mighty expensive these days! Still and all it just works well with my flinging, and as you say gives you a chance to back away now and again when your shots just aren't playing nice. As to which is beating which, well we are still smoking, so I'd say the smokings winning so far! ;)

    @brave1966 I call it the Jitterbug Jedi because I've been watching closely all who are going for the badge and it's occurred to me that once your in the few thousands range every one of you seem awful Jittery to me, therefore I've dubbed it the Jitterbug Jedi Badge since that "I've got to have it" bug gets into your system and won't let go, Jitters and all until you've finally achieved it! :)
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  • LOL @werewolf69 sounds to me you may need more help than ABA can give you!! Hahaahaa!!! ;D Ah well just so long as you can Jitter through all AB games I'm thinking you'll be fine eh!! If that should somehow become a prob and you Can't play AB Oh Boy! I fear what will become of the world as we know it!! The rampage I'm sensing you'd go through would I fear make the atom bomb a toy of destruction by comparison!! Soooo let's have a moment of hopes that Never Ever Happens!!! LOL :D
  • @kimmiecv: Fascinating... now I've got to get me jitters focused on DZA. lol
  • @werewolf69 - I get me the jitters just staring at a K-Whopper T660, a Pete 579, or even a Freightliner Coronado. Unfortunately, I can't afford one of those just yet!
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  • I am a bit of an addict, but I don't cancel friends and activities for it. I like to do other things too, like writing my comic book series. (Can be found at To get out of an addiction I would recommend writing (or drawing) a story. It's a fun thing to do and helps pass the time.
  • Just announced, an update to AB:Space. More levels, more swine to kill. Still working on AB:Star Wars, Hoth, and AB:Seasons, Winerwonder Ham level a day. Now this.

    They just keep feeding me and I just keep taking it. I would really like to seek help, but I'm too busy.
  • @sparty83: Don't forget the next update to ABO, which adds to or finishes Bad Piggies 19-xx levels.
  • When is it? Wen will the next ABSW update come out? I'm a little addicted 2 the game lol
  • I haven't given up on friends, had great fun on gno (girls-night-out) yesterday. As addicted to AB as I am, I need my g-friends. And I have a hobby that I love sinking time into BUT my birds need me so I can't let them down! Solution? easy - give up sleep. Wish I could give up all sleep but haven't figured out how yet. If anyone has an idea on how to do that, please let me know!
  • I' m an AB addict - I love my birds with all their annoying and appealing ways (specially when they're raring to go and turn somersaults). And I'm a smoker too, and find when I'm playing AB, I can go for several hours without a ciggie. Squawk: AB is good for your health!
  • Welcome @TomPuss :) and good for you that you don't smoke when you play AB, wish the rest of us could say that! ;) ah well. And Congrats on no being in De Nile!!
  • Decorating for Christmas is cutting I to my bird time. But I love it too, so just have to throw something else into the air to juggle. Winter Wonderham is great fun. These meds are very nice too! ...enough therapy, back to the birds wahoooo
  • Ahhhh it's sooo good to be back!! Took on a gig to help my sis out and it kept me so busy I only ever had like an hour to play WW :/ talk about withdrawals!! I was going nutters x 1000 even with the meds!! And to make it worse it was at a Costco and right down the aisle from my Demo both was a wonderful display of AB blankies and so every time I'd look that way it would remind me that for 3 WHOLE DAYS I COULDN'T PLAY AB for more than an hour!!! Even though I had to be up extremely early I still took an hour each night to get my fix but it just wasn't even close to enough time!!! Started to have anxiety attacks the sweats, shivers and extreme urges to kill anything in green!!! Oh the horror!! Never Ever want to go through that again!!! NEVER!!! Argh I gotta go now the pigs are needing some killing!!!
  • Welcome back @kimmiecv! We've missed you... :)
  • @mvnla2: There are some of us who get easily distracted so that we don't get around to finishing entering all our scores. I know I still have a kit 'n' kaboodle of scores left to enter for ABO... lol
  • @brave1966 -- Right now I'm not interested in ABO, or anything else except WW. FYI -- For most of ABO I was happy with 3* and feathers. My addiction has grown, but not to the extent I can find time to be above average on everything, thankfully.
  • @mvnla2 - I agree with you. I just did all that on PoJ and finished just today. I'm going back to three stars for awhile I think.
    When you get three stars and go to ABN to see if there's a better way and the average is 8,000 more or something equally insane is disappointing.
  • I'm right there with you @mvnla2. And like you I recognize the names of most of the top 100 BUT (if my failing memory serves me correctly) it seems you are right up there too. I always look for your comments on the walkthroughs and follow your tips. Maybe we can get @penguinlover to make it "kewl" among the younger players that scoring above average is "unkewl".
    @kimmiecv!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're back, you're back, you're back!!!!! I was worried about you. I left a voice mail at Dr Feelgood's to see if you were with him. I was getting worried that you had gotten lost inside one of the levels. And since no one was coming to therapy I thought maybe I was lost. I went looking for you at the BP but you had already left. I've been kinda hung up in the real world myself - but not to the extent you were. Your withdrawals sound perfectly awful, but I'm sure your sister appreciated all your help. Hope you were demo-ing chocolate as that would be somewhat helpful. lol Well my kiss kiss friend, welcome back! (opens arms for a BIG ((((((((((((( ((((( HUG ))))) )))))))))))))
  • Hey guys wat do u think will b kewl @birdaddict?
  • Hey there @Bird-addict :) it's very nice to be back!! Big (((((((Hugs)))))) back!! Now I'm stressing at how far behind in WW I am!! Gah it's not fun to be this far back from everyone! And my flinging has suffered too!! :( the horror! The awful awful horror!!! Ah well my addiction won't let me rest until I've gotten closer so real quick I'll answer your BP question, if you want notification on any forum look up at the top of this page (as an example) you'll see a star, push it and it will turn gold, now you'll get notification any time someone posts in this forum, they will come to your email. A cautious side note, you may not want to have notifications in BP, they tend to fill your email in minutes! I only use it at night sometimes after everything's calmed down. I hope that answered your question :) Alright I'm off to try and catch up to you all! See ya in WW soon I hope!! ;D
  • @penguinlover Bird Addict was hoping you could spread the word that it is "unkewl" to always try for above average. I think @78RPM would agree.
    BTW @78RPM -- I think I never made it above average on all of PotJ, even though I got JA -- Some of the levels way too hard. Maybe I'll be lucky and the averages have gone down?
    @Bird Addict -- I admit to currently still being addicted to above average; however, I have managed to resist the challenge if I am already above average. (So far, fingers crossed)
  • @mvnla2: Quite true. I couldn't break above average on several of the Jedi levels, especially 40. The bulk of my final push came with four well above average scores on levels with room to improve scores above 3-star minimums.
  • Oh @mvnla2 yea I think it is unkewl 2 always try 4 above average bc it's always hard 2 beat ur own high score and 4 me it is I just play until I reach 3 stars on a level and move onto the next one but yes I play 4 fun and 2 try 2 get 3 stars without walkthroughs which is turning out good 4 WW so far no walkthroughs were needed but ill probably just use 1 walkthrough if I need help
  • This message applies to score posting.
    In order to help keep the average scores lower during the beginning of each new level, please enter all scores on the leaderboard regardless of whether they're 1,2 or 3 Star. Thank you.
  • @werewolf69 -- Yes I agree; it's a slightly different slant to what I posted ~10 posts above, but having everyone post scores, whether 3* or not would certainly help. Not sure how to do this or my original suggestion either?
  • The best we can do is hope that others follow the trend.
  • OK so now what do I do? I am soooooo unkewl tonight... But happy! I just posted to the leaderboard and now I'm #2 on WW 1-11!!! Oh for shame. Please accept my apology for upping the average but...well...isn't that what it's all about? Dear oh dear, I'd better contact Dr Feelgood and get some serious therapy quick!
  • and @kimmiecv, thanks of the explanation. I thought notifications were different from bookmarks. I was hoping the "notification" was like an audible phone notification. Wonder if it could be worked into the software. That way if we're off killing pigs we'd hear a tone whenever someone mentioned us. Hey @AMslimfordy...all I want for Christmas is........
  • Angry Birds Facebook Tournament level of the day.
    Angry Birds Seasons Winter Winderham level of the day.
    30 new Angry birds Original levels to 3 star
    30 new Angry birds Original levesl to get Total Destruction.

    Looks like I'll just have to put off my Christmas shopping for a few weeks.
  • @sparty83: Don't forget the new Space levels to 3-star and get TD...
  • @brave1966. D'oh!
    Forgot about those! Looks like I really have some work to do.

    Hope the wife doesn't mind gift cards.
  • Hey @sparty83 unless you planned to buy her diamonds or a new car or house (or all of the above) then she'll probably be very happy with gift cards. Just remember; gift cards s/b for twice as much as you would have spent on her and you have to give her at least one gift. A pretty new tree ornament will do...probably not a Costco Angry Birds plushie (I would love it if my husband gave one to me but then I'm in bird therapy.
  • LOL @sparty83 I'd go for the gift cards!! And FYI I ALWAYS shop from the Internet! Fast easy no car dings free shipping (if you shop smart) saves gas and Bam Done and now back to killing pigs!! Perfect all the way round!! ;D
  • @Sparty83 -- Personally, I would be disappointed in the only gift (other than gift card) being a tree ornament. And whatever you do, don't buy kitchen stuff or housekeeping stuff, unless she specifically asked for it. Internet shopping is fine, but do splurge on the gift wrapping and enclosed gift card with personal message, unless you are really going to do both yourself.
  • @werewolf69 You may be amused to know that I was one of the first to enter all my scores on the new ABO BdP and BPgs. I got several top scores on BdP, and since I was the only one with scores on more than half of the BPgs levels, I got a bushel of top scores, several of them with 1 star! So, I did my part; trying to make it very temporary though.
  • So we could form an ABA conspiracy and call it...hmmm...will have to think on that. But the idea being that if we all post extremely low scores (like 1500 or 2200) that would bring those avgs down! Then once everyone else has posted their "above avg" scores well sneak back in and enter our real scores!
  • Just want to say how deeply saddened I am over today's tragic news in Connecticut.
  • My wife is just showing a rather appalling lack of understanding on the whole Christmas vs many many new levels of Angry Birds issue.
    I just don't understand that girl sometimes...
  • @78RPM -- Unfortunately, the only solution is to give Christmas first priority. It's really just a week (plus part of a day) away. Sorry. Maybe you can negotiate an hour a day for AB? This will of course help get the averages lower, and easier for me to beat. : )
  • Purposely deleted, unable to recall content
  • Ok, took a few minutes to do my Christmas shopping. Let me know if you think this works?

    $20 gift card to Target, her favorite store. (yes, I remembered to make it 2 times what I would spend there)
    Two 3-packs of gold toes socks. She loves them! I was going to get just one 3-pack, but figured if I had to double the amount on the gift card, then doubling the actual gift would make me look golden!

    (remember, in my original post, I did say i was cheap, so keep that in mind)
  • LOL @sparty83 my vote is (keeping in mind you are EXTREMELY Cheap ;D) you got things she really loves so you may make it past Christmas again this year with your skin in tact!! She really loves those socks? I hope your right in which case if you got her 2 three packs then that will likely shock her as she'd expect 1? I Love ya sparty83 but I'm glad I'm not married to you cause there'd be a LOT of blood and guts if you gave me socks for Christmas ;D As for the gift card good work on that one, now she can get whatever she wants (erm that 20 bucks will buy anyways!) Hope you wrap them up Real Nice!! Oh and I sure hope your able to come back to the Nest after the holiday gifts are open and it's not while recuperating in the hospital! LOL ;D
  • @Sparty83 -- I agree with Kimmie. How much does your wife spend on her gift to you? You should spend a comparable amount (+/- 10%), probably + since you probably underestimate the value of her gift. I don't have a problem with the gold-toe socks, since I like them also, but a $20 gift certificate???
  • @sparty83 there ya go, @mvnla2 says the gold toe (don't know what those are?) socks are a good choice so that's a bit of good news! But yeah I was thinking $50 bucks? She'd be able to have much more fun with that and it's only $30 more! I know I'd be thrilled with a $50 gift certificate and said hubby would be thanked in more ways than one, just sayin! ;D
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