AB Star Wars 3* Minimums
  • If the walkthrough page is not up, please post 3* mins here. If it is up, please post on walkthrough. I will be in a galaxy far-far away for a good chunk of the day, and haven't caught up to walkthrough pages yet. But please have at it.
  • I think it would be better suited to post comments on the individual walkthrough pages as they come up.
  • @Burbman -- Maybe I'm confused, but I thought the admins preferred posting them all together in a forum? @AMSlimfordy -- Sorry to bother you.
  • Forum is better than the release post, but individual walkthroughs are better still.
  • @AMSlimfordy -- You guys are obviously way ahead of the rest of us, so please delete this forum when you come up for air. Thanks
  • I've noticed that most of my three star minimum posts (i.e., XXX = 2 stars, XXX = 3 stars) have disappeared. I was posting them on the Star Wars walkthroughs but they seem to be gone now...
  • Moderators remove those posts after the three star score has been confirmed and updated in the system. They don't serve much use after that.
  • @JTB: @Burbman is completely correct. I have an Excel spreadsheet going with my own notes as well. As information comes in, I note it in Excel, change as applicable on the leaderboard, and remove the comment. However, I do note who is making these contributions, as it is greatly appreciated.
  • @Burman @AMslimfordy
    Thanks, I was just worried that all of the notes I had been taking were lost because of silly technical glitch on my part!
  • No problem at all. I greatly appreciate the help. (My Excel spreadsheet is pretty crazy, but it's filling in with more yellow -- marking confirmed scores.)
  • @AMSlimfordy -- Are you going to delete this entire forum? Would be fine with me, since it wasn't really necessary.
  • @mvnla2 I'll close it. No reason to delete, but no reason to continue. I appreciate the thought and effort though, truly.
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