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  • I will post all 15 videos later today.
  • Thanks can't wait to see 6 (I got 4)
  • I would like to request a walk through for angry birds seasons trick or treat mighty eagle 1-2. I have tried everything I can think of and destroyed everything numerous times and cannot get more than 99%. I have completed all of the others I just cannot get 100% on this one.
  • Well, I have no idea how I did it originally. It seems to require that every last molecule is destroyed, and even then sometimes you don't get 100%. So use the first two birds to take out every bit of the ice posts and pigs on lower left. Use 3rd bird in high arc to bounce off stones and take out remaining pigs. If you have time, use last bird to clean up everything on ground. Land SC at foot of foundation steps (skid it in to take out anything remaining on ground if necessary). Repeat as needed until 100% achieved. If you've been doing this without success, take 2 aspirin and try again in the morning. ; ) Good luck.
  • I don't know whether this is good place, but I have to ask: is there any walkthrough for Year of the Dragon's levels whith Mighty Dragon?
  • Thanks, no clue why I havent' seen it before. Something whith my eyes probably;)
  • @rhondalburns65 Thought you might be able to do 1-2 as a 0-birder. So far have reliably gotten 99% by landing SC at base of lower ice posts (with or without destroying part of them), but not 100% so far. Still not clear what difference between 99% and 100% is (both seem to have nothing left, and nothing has flown off-screen).
  • Well, it is possible to get TD on 1-2 as a 0-birder. You need to land SC can close to the first step. Probably just as quick, maybe quicker to destroy some of the pigs first.
  • Trick or Treat 1-2 must have had a bug created with the last update (2.3.0), as 100% is not happening (per other comments here as well). Can this be confirmed?
  • I'm tempted to agree.
  • I apologize in advance if there is already a posted answer for this but how do you get the feather for H&K 1-15? I have been working on this off and on for months and can't seem to figure it out. Please if possible add the video, it is possible that I am making it more difficult than it is, or that I am just too dumb to figure it out but I could use some help.
  • lonewolf, for ABS H&K 1-15:
    Destroy as much as possible using all the birds.
    Then drop the can on the sling shot platform.
    That should do it ;-)
  • A curse upon Easter Eggs 1-13 and 1-15! Any help would be appreciated.
  • Okay. Got 13, still no joy on 15.
  • At last! Success. It was all about those eggs!
  • Please do Mighty Eagle Walkthroughs for the rest of Summer Pignic.
  • Sorry, we can do a couple levels here and there (need-based) but we can't go back and just do 25+ levels. Can you be more specific?
  • Help. Go green mighty eagle 2-3!!!!! Can't get it. Ugh. Heeellllpppp
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