!!! The Big Wishlist to ROVIO !!!
  • Hi everyone,

    I want to start a Wishlist for all users here on ABN to ROVIO. Submit here all your ideas and wishes what you would like to see in future from Rovio. New App/Games etc.

    Be Not shy!!! Let's make the future!!! Maybe some ideas and wishes are reacted in the future time!

    Thanks @ALL for helping !!!


  • good idea @CCjolly! i wish for-

    a new game called 'angry birds around the world'
    a new bird called 'storm bird' ;)
    platiforms for windows phone and windows computer(for free)
  • i also wish for a better tomorrow- where birds can play and protect the eggs w/out the little green punks trying to steal the eggs(JK, then there woldn't be a game)
  • @angryboy
    1) http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/angry-birds-world-traveler-concept-and-infographic/
    3) These platforms already exist, and making them free would be unfair to those who already paid.
  • A level creator in AB
  • oh yea! keep forgetting about that
  • I don think about level create since some level already unstable, if out level create will make many unstable level.
  • My biggest wish were if ROVIO brings out a unified system of all Angry Birds Games for all plattforms. Each player should have the same Prerequisites to play. All Archievements should also be reached by Android and PC Users, Special Level not only for Samsung Users etc.

    Further i want to see all the Web Games on iOS and Android!! And don't forget to see the Birdies and Piggies in desert :-)

  • @harrystar yes a levelcreator for AB sounds funny!

    @angryperson yeeeeah Angry Birds around the World. Hopefully they come to Austria also. So they see the Pig! Mountains and a lot of snow. But be careful in Austria the Piggies do not Long survive b'cause its a delikatesse meal here "Wiener Schnitzel" made Out of piggies :-)
  • It would be the greatest ever when ROVIO adds a Game like Super Mario Bros weare :-) Maybe Super Birds Bros :-) The only App i know is Leps World which is very funny to Play :-)
  • My the greatest wish is game Angry birds Sports featuring already existing Heikki and Eagles and eventually adding more (ice hockey the most of all, basketball etc...)
    In game I'd like to see birds flinging against wind, storm, blizzard where not only good aiming but good timing would matter.
    I wish new acheivements in GC for old games and some fribies for obtaining some acheievements.
    I wish they include greetig card creator in game for each seasons update in future.
    @CCJolly I'd like to see GC for all iOS players as I can see my rank only for HD version which I have.
    I also play on android smartphone and I wish I could compare my scores with other players. I noticed that my scores slightly differs when i play on iPad and phone even though I use the same strategy.
  • Yes @harrystar
    I agree 100% to your opinion and ideas!!

    Thanks for posting :-)
  • Please be sure to make your wishes known on Rovio survey on PUs in ABO. Survey accessible from pause screen on ABO, ABS, ABR, ABSp.
  • @mvnla2
    i collect some ideas and i will send the Link of this Post/Thread to ROVIO. Best time will be a little time before christmas :-)
  • ABo level creator. PLEASE Rovio.
  • @angrybirdsspacemaster
    A level creator woulb be very cool if you can submit your own build levels to other players!! The second questions would be whether there is a possibility that other user can play this also and if it can be added in GC and Rankings?? What do you think about that??
  • @cc jolly that's ok
  • @CC Jolly I think it shouldn't count towards the leaderboards because then it wouldn't matter how good you do but how much you play.
  • @asdehielo
    Yes you're right :-)
  • I wish Rovio would introduce a new iOS/android app that includes the various levels currently only available on the web.
  • I want to see more birds like Frosh (Ice Bird). I'm picturing elemental birds that can be introduced on their own planet or in a new mutant AB game. The bird ideas could be:

    Fire Bird: burns through thin wood and all ice. Once activated it melts ice and burns thicker wood to a very low HP. This would allow birds like BB and RB to pass easily through the lower HP wood. Also, if ice bird is used first to freeze a large are the fire bird could evaporate the newly made ice to cause quick destruction. This bird would add a new complexity to heavily wooded levels.

    Water Bird: A Terrance sized bird, when activated turns into liquid and drops vertically. The liquid would be able to flow down into narrow crevasses then activate again to form the bird and push structures laterally. This bird would be similar to the orange bird technique of dropping him between structures. The difference here would be WB fits in to narrower spaces & can be shot into very shallow angled openings and flow down to the base of the structure.

    Electric Bird: This bird would be most effective if they introduced metal as one of the Pigs building structures. When the EB lands on the metal it will send an electric shock through all the connected metal killing all pigs sitting on it. This would add a whole new level of complexity to the level building and player approach.

    Earth Bird: Still thinking about this one. But right now I am thinking it would land on the ground before structures and cause a layering of ground to pop up causing the structure to be unstable and even topple over.

    Wind Bird: Still working on this. But envisioning a bird the when activated shoots directly vertical similar to white bird. When the bird contacts it blows a force of wind laterally pushing the structure at its base.
  • good ideas @lostgreybird! or maybe...yes... storm bird!
  • I would like a fire bird in this game!
  • @lostgreybird Good idea hope ROVIO will read this :-)
  • @laurafj i totally agree with you!
    Yes i also want to see this. This App should be called Angry Birds Lost Levels
  • Add 30 or more levels to Danger Zone,make them Xtra Hard \(^_^)/
  • Angry Birds Space for 3DS and DS once the game is finished :D
  • @alfredhartojo
    You`re very creative. It`s getting better and better :-)
  • I would like rovio to re- introduce some of the famous glitches, like the santa hat glitch, so that also newcomers to abn can compete with the early players
  • How about the last 15 levels of S&T for AB:o?
  • @TruckDriver Such a simple and modest request. I like it.
  • maybe get 'pigini beach' for ABO
  • I wish for nothing. Rovio's already doing a great job. Keep it up @rovio!! :D
  • Thanks, @amslimfordy. Simple works.
  • I think a tournament like every week just like ABF you could compete with GC Friends
  • Very Good idea @harrystar6
    I totally agree with you :-)
  • I've mentioned this before, and I know there would be significant concerns with memory usage, but I would love to have instant replay of your highest score in any level, and the ability to share that replay. Perhaps a solution to the memory usage issue would be the ability to email yourself a video replay of any round once you complete it, allowing you to save that replay wherever you want.

    I'm not holding my breath for this.
  • It's a brilliant idea, but remember (I think) Airfield Chase 10-15? The 0-bird clear by letting the plane crash itself? That would be a heck of a file on its own.
  • @ChaosTsar that would be fantastic. That idea should be known to Rovio if they haven't consider such thing so far.
  • That's a great idea @ChaosTsar
  • @AMslimfordy -- oh yeah, forgot about that one. I think they would need to implement some kind of arbitrary cut-off for the video length or size.
  • DZ-4 0-bird takes even more time than Rio 10-15.
    I surprised no one has asked for an easy way to load scores from the various AB games directly into the ABN website. Seems like someone is asking about this at least once a week.
  • a angry birds comic book 4 kids 2 read
  • I want Rovio to come up with a cloud storage for your scores. When you sign in and agree to upload, it takes the scores from your device/platform, parses the info and makes duplicate back-up files with those scores/stars for all platforms and stores them for you. Should be a fairly minimal storage space for what amounts to about 4-5 data files.

    Then, when you log into the Rovio Cloud, it will check to see if the scores have been updated and auto-back-up when you play a game. Also, you can pull scores down whenever you want.

    So if I play on my iPhone and buy an Android, I can just pull the scores down and start where I left off. If I play AB Friends, it will pull all the data for the Original Levels from Classic. If I play Google Chrome or Trilogy on Xbox, I can just import the scores from my iPhone.

    I've heard they are working on something like this, but I know it's not easy and expensive to code and set-up. But if they could offer this as a feature.. I think it would be a HUGE selling point for all their games.
  • @penguinlover
    Thanks for your post here

    You're right that would be a Big step!!
  • @dromega -- While they're at it how about a file you can upload to the ABN leaderboards?
  • @mvnla2 That's a very different issue. That would involve giving a third party a decryption key.
  • I wish that Rovio could add Angry Birds Classic, Seasons, Rio, Bad Piggies and maybe Amazing Alex to the Windows Store for Windows 8 users! (they already have Space and Star Wars.)
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