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  • Woohooo after 22 hours total trying for the mighty eagle in 1-16 I got it :) I did everything Andreas said. I found that by tossing big brother and it hitting the platform on the left where the birds are kept gave me the extra 1% I needed. I don't know if that will help anyone or not so I figured I would post it. I was left with one white block and that was it. :) Good luck everyone
  • @huney7bear
    Congrats! I won't be able to get the feather for that level until the threshold is lowered, haha!
  • thanks for this thread, some of the mighty eagle/seasons have been driving me crazy (and some still are :) )

    one tip on Summer Pignic 30: as someone mentioned, the key is to save the eggs -- that's it, really. How I did it: bounce the sardine can every so lightly on the first set of pink rubber bouncers. The can will float upwards, the eagle will drop down to get it, swoop to get the eggs, and voila! (hardly any of the structure was destroyed -- it's all about those eggs!)
  • @BirdLeader -- "Another user reported to me that the key to getting 100% on 1-16 was destroying all the presents. Not sure how accurate that is, but conveying nonetheless."

    I'm not seeing any presents on SG 1-16. I think you just got trolled :-)
  • In SG 1-16 I cannot see any present.
  • Yeah I think someone had wires crossed.
  • 23 walkthroughs are up on the ABN youtube channel folks! We'll try to get them on ABN soon!

    Sorry SG 1-16 isn't one of them. :(
  • I am having problems with Season Greedings(the only 2 levels I haven't feathered) Level 21, and of course 16! On level 21 I can't destroy enough of the board with only the 3 birds they give...any helpful words of advice? Thanks! I'll keep trying though.
  • @spoonmon This is one of Fuji's videos. Here's the YouTube link:
  • Just found the walkthrough for SG Level 21 and got the for Level 16 we'll just have to wait I guess.
  • Trick or Treat 2-3 is kicking my butt right now. The highest I've gotten is 99% and I feel like I've tried everything I can short of throwing my phone against a wall. This level is brutal for getting a feather.
  • I have mighty eagle feathers in all of AB seasons except SG-16. Any idea on how to do it?
  • Hey all, the first batch of Seasons Mighty Eagle walkthroughs can be access here:

    A big thanks to FujiToast for working so hard on these.
  • @NCC-2000 Aim the first bird (yellow) at the top gap wood where the pig is...This should knock down most of the structure. Use the other birds to destroy everything you can. Try to keep all of the debris in the pit and use the Mighty Eagle to clear out anything left...I believe everything has to be don't let anything get outside of the pit. Good Luck, took me over 100 tries.
  • Cool bananas! - Got SG-16 at long last!! Andreas189's method. It happened the way I expected it to...via a roll across of bigbrother screen left to right after the ME had taken all the high stuff out.

    Had got 99% with two square snow blocks left 2 days ago ... this time there was nothing at all left on the screen.
  • Just installed the moon cake festival update and the season greedings 16 threshold has not been lowered...still a no go....stuck at 94%....
  • Maybe it just took Rovio by surprise, too late to include in MF update but hopefully the update will follow shortly. It certainly needs an update... (with the current 95% being the new 100% maybe)?

    I can add a little bit of extra detail to exactly how I made Andreas189's method work.
    White bird.... aim more or less at snow block carrying aerial to destroy a few snow blocks there (no bomb, just the bird... you want the white bird hanging around too if poss)
    Big Red... aim at same sort of angle to more or less land where the wooden platform begins, but the absolute millisecond big red is in flight, hit eagle button and quickly aim the sardine can more or less following the dotted trace left by big red.

    Sometimes big red vanishes before ME arrives, if he is moving he won't ... I think best clearances have been from a little stack of big red, white bomber and sardine can, with sardine can sort of hitting a bit of glass debris around big red? ... as Andreas189 has already said, exact aim is not critical... but just repeat ad infinitum... to save wasted time if big red vaporises before ME arrives start over again as nothing will happen without him hanging around to do his occasional left screen to right screen steamroller impression. I found scores in the range of 90% to 97% are fairly common in a session of this method ... above that is just pure luck... or pure shock!!

  • Yeah, I played SG-16 for several hours last night using Andreas189's method and managed to improve my score from 95% to 96%. This level is gonna damage my brain.
  • MF update is out and I still cant do SG-16. Seems to be the same :(
  • All I have left is SG level 16! I'm saying it can't be done!
  • @alanplum241276 true. It's a little short notice to make that adjustment.
    @av8arkie it's been done
  • @AMslimfordy
    Chapter 1 - level 10 , try to clear the small round shape rocks.
    Chapter 1 - level 12 , try to hit that 2 red lantern.
    Chapter 2 - level 16 , try to use that 5 yellow birds to clear as much as you can because the eagle doesn't help you so much.

    Chapter 2 - level 4 & 6 , i also stuck in 99% =(
  • @iMaxx
    Thanks for the help. I got 1-10 by funneling all the small stones into one spot.
    I just got 2-6 with a rather repeatable (but seemingly wasteful) method:
    --Launch both White Birds (without dropping the egg) into the only vertical stone on the far left support
    --Toss the Bomb Bird into the top of the second structure to bring it down to size.
    --Toss Big Brother to land in the gap between the two structures. But don't watch him. Hurry back to the Mighty Eagle.
    --M.E.: Place the sardines right on the first lantern. Yields 98% + with consistency.
  • @AMslimfordy
    You are welcome.
    I'm also trying to use Big Brother's help =)
  • Yeah thanks, Slim, add it to the pile! ;) No I'm just kidding, though I wanted to let you guys know that I won't have a chance to post any of the ME walkthroughs for Mooncake until next Tuesday at the earliest as I'll be out of town. So in the meantime, keep up the text based walkthroughs!
  • @AMslimfordy: Tried your method for 2-6, worked like a charm! Got it on the very first try!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Mooncake Festival i left 1-11 and 2-4 , got any strategies?
  • anyone got the feather 1-11 ? i think you need to destroy everything in order to take it !
  • yeah got 2-6 with slimfordys methot cant get 1-12(99%) and 2-4(99%)
  • got 2-4 with big brotherbirds help ;)
  • got the feather on 1-11 and 1-12! 5 blocks left in both of them
  • Finally i past 1-11 with 3 small ice cube left. Yeah!
    Now only left 2-4 suffering me...
  • Just MF 2-4 to do, anyone got any tips (and SG 16 but waiting for that update)?
  • tips for 1-12???
  • Can't remember how i did 1-12 exactly. Think I concentrated all the yellows on the left hand side of the structure then threw the sardines about a quarter of the way along.
  • Hey guys, thanks for all this and it's an awesome website. Could I just put in a request in the new Seasons episode "Mooncake Festival" for level 2-6 total destruction? Video or any tips would be great. Cheers!
  • Or could someone please explain it in absolute clarity. No offence Slim but I couldn't understand your walkthrough at all, way to convoluted. Just in simple, precise terms of how to 100% 2-6 will be fine.
  • @Angry l Birds
    Yea, thats great. Thanks for the support!
    I can't put the video at here. The video will posted by @FujiToast when he came back here.
    As @AMslimfordy said in 2-6 , its working.
    --Launch both White Birds (without dropping the egg) downside the red lantern.
    --Toss the Black Bomb to the second structure to break down the building.
    --Toss Big Brother with high angle into the gap between the two building. But don't watch him. Hurry back to the Mighty Eagle.
    --M.E.: Place the sardines on the first lantern.(left hand side lantern)
  • Finally!!! i pass all the MoonCake Festival Mighty Eagle.. ^^
  • The only levels Im missing feathers in Mooncake festival is Chapter 1: 1-10 and 1-11
  • got every feather, star, golden egg and fruit in all of the 7 versions for iOS, only having trouble with the score addict, any good tips for improving the scores ?!
  • Hey guys, long time squaaaawker, first time squeaaakkkkeerrr!!

    Anyway just having a bit of trouble getting the following feathers (Any assistance appreciated)
    Mooncake Festival Level 2-6
    Seasons Greeding 1-16

    If anyone can help that would be much appreciated :)
  • @Chucky @zorrofox
    For MF 2-6 strategy already post upside. GoodLuck!
    SG 1-16 i also no idea on it. The only feather i can't get =(
  • Season Greeding 16 please! I can't get over 92%! Thanks
  • mooncake festival 2-6 ? stuck at 94%...
  • Thanks iMaxx, that description worked for 2-6, now the only one I am completely confused on is: Seasons Greeding 1-16
  • i need help with 2-4 and 2-16!!!
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