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  • I have a score of 130k on today's challenge and can't even come close!! Never mind improve!
  • Hey, Kathy ... both Fez and Crown!
  • What?? Who me? Got my crown back and the Fez lol!!
    Thanks for the heads up @catsnbirds ,I was distracted for a few minutes!
    *Attention Fez for grabs* ooohh my this crown needs a good restoration!! Lol..
  • Speaking of young kids with the attention span of a fly, I set the company's
    12 year old son up in the spare room, with the smart tv and my wifi password for his tablet, took him all of 2 minutes to set up, in the midst of my explaing he already had it set up! 20 minutes later he was bored and done because the tv doesn't have cable and not his game with his special virtual goggles and audio that connects to his friends :/
  • Meanwhile I sit here waiting for Someone to clean up my kitchen of the mess they left on my counter and in my sink! I am not the 'Hostess with the Mostess' by any means..
  • *gets to work on polishing up the Solid Gold Crown* seaweed @BrianN. Really???
    Btw you never answered me about the N.
  • Getting to connect to the challenge, I use FB to connect to Dave my progress, but I'm probably gonna get banned from FB after tonight, I tell ya"s one thing, quitting smoking gives you big balls *insert Rolly Guy* you suddenly her the courage to say things that are blatantly true, but you've been trying to be nice and politically correct , well if that's what the world wants then everyone should indulge themselves in their guilty pleasures! My lack of nicotine looked me to FB ranting probably got me banned forever! Lol
    Meanwhile I can't even into today's challenge , well I can but it's have to start from scratch., Makes no sense, because on my phone it comes right up, on my spare tablet, (this one) it works just fine, so I can Fling it, is just my Irish stubbornness , it's the damn point of the thing!
    I'll shut up now, but that's what gets me on everything, Yes there is always at easy solution, BUT it's the point that it shouldn't be that difficult to begin with. Like Lorreta and her lies about the mail, I don't care about the friggin mail is, it's the point that you tried to be sneaky about it! She forgets we use to play ' race the mailman's together' like racing the Bank, technically A Federal crime called 'kiting funds' ok I got off track the, I'm tired headed for Dreamland
    Nighty night Birdie friends ..
  • @kathy Glasgow is the largest city, Edinburgh is the capital city and jlz is in Stirling
  • Good luck to anyone that tries for the top score on today's level, because I don't see where the extra 1k points came from.
  • Think it's probably to do with the destruction possible at the back of the cart Azurill.
  • Sorry, not the cart, the back end of the pumpkin stand.
  • As far as I'm concerned you can ditch the n @kathy.

    Also it should be Phil Oakey. (don't know where the L that came from) He was lead singer with The Human League which included Martin Ware and Craig Marsh(?) Who later went on to form Heaven 17,they were responsible for the tune @desperatedan played last night.
    Phil had the most amazing haircut in his younger days. Last time I saw him he was as bald as a coot.

    Here's a taster:
  • Indeed, Sheffield bands I believe.
    For today's challenge I was concentrating on pushing stuff down the slope on the right and let everything else take care of itself. Got 56200 and a few others that were almost better.
  • @Azurill Welcome to The BP :) is always great to see new faces :D
    Your first drink and meal are in the house, see page 1 for rules of the pub, and the menu
    We are pretty casual around here, so relax and enjoy the company :)
    I was just gonna check out the challenge myself. It's been years since I count Trick or Treat, hopefully something will click lol
  • Thanks @Brian ,I don't know why, but just typing that extra N is a pain lol
  • Thanks for the info about Scotland @Ixan57 , that's why Edinburgh is the only choice on the world clock on my phone, cuz is the capital, I bet , like for Estar she lives in Rotterdam but the world clock is for Amsterdam.
  • Stayed up waaay to late last night, quiet day today, watching Peaky Blinders while Dave takes a nap
  • But I do agree @azurill, it's a tough ask for a pup.
  • @kathy Thank you :D I don't really want anything right now, I just had dinner lol.
    For the challenge, i've been trying and trying but I just can't improve my 52k. Ah well, it's still above average so i'll take it. :)
  • Welcome @azurill
    It is good to have our normal @kathy back thank god, was beginning to get worried.
    Drinks all round OB, how about Kathy Crown Cocktails with a touch menthol essence
  • Ah, @azurill, you'll have had your tea! You may have to go back a page to understand that one. Unless you are from Scotland.
  • Yeah, let's have a party. We are out of lockdown tomorrow. Well, we can get our hair cut at least.
  • Hey @desperatedan, have you noticed every now and then one of the blues gets in chucks way as he hits the left corner and the whole structure moves to the right. I almost had the whole thing topple over the edge. Wonder what pointage would accrue?
  • That could probably be good, that stone slope probably has a good amount of points. Unless that's not part of "the whole structure", in which case oops :P
  • Good to be back to normal @Ixan57 thanks! A Kathy Crown Cocktail sounds good!
    @Azurill , you'll get used to @Brian and his dry send of humour heehee, of course your welcome to have anything you'd like whether you've had your tea or not.
    Reminds me of a song I used to sing to my nephew when he was little in the hospital, he used to smile so big! :D
  • I haven't checked checked out the challenge yet, I'm gonna try it after supper
    Go team BP Go!!
  • Atv guys in the top 10 on the improved list! @DesperateDan @Azurill !
    @Brian what's up ? You not flinging?
  • Hey @ixan57, who is this 'normal' @kathy you speak of?
  • Funny Brian. Funny...
  • OK put that exacto knife down. Have you tidied the kitchen up yet?
  • Just recovering from tonight's Line of Duty. My flinging finger is a bit wobbly.
  • Not as wobbly as Di Arnott's back. Well flung tonight @desperatedan, I came up just short.
  • I did tidy up the kitchen @Brian last night after the company overstayed their welcome! Funny you should mention the exacto knife again, I actually let Melissa (the girl with the menthols) use it to open her steaks and she poked herself pretty good!
    Nice to see you #1 on the list @DesperateDan I haven't quite started yet, took a little nap now how shower, back to the grind tomorrow, ugh!
  • Brian #2 nice Flinging guys!
    @Azurill you still sitting pretty in your 52k, I don't blame ya!
    Later guys, gotta get ready for tomorrow, much easier now that Lorreta is gone :)
  • @Brian good example in Peaky Blinders , a woman in the church, a man walks in the woman says "A gentleman would take off his hat... 'pause.." put out his pipe"
    Really good show!!
    Nighty night..
  • Do you know why it is called Peaky Blinders @kathy?
  • @briann, I never see your scores. Any chance you could stop doing a @meanguy and post them a bit earlier? It's annoying that the list disappears never to be seen again. Not your fault obviously.
  • Yes, I thought DI Arnott made a miraculous recovery from landing on his back like that. Obviously totally drugged up.
  • Hey @kathy, what's this about Melissa giving herself a good poke? Must be one of those 'Doesn' t travel across the pond 'remarks. You' ll get used to @kathy @azurill,she has awful taste in music and is descended from Leprechauns.
  • Well @desperatedan if you're that bothered go check it out on the leader board. I tend to put my score in when I finish playing.
  • So as you're ill... er I'll start again... So @azurill tell us about you're name.
  • @Brian Google it :P
    Anyways i don't think i'm participating in today's challenge, Space Mirror Worlds are generally not that fun from what i've seen.
  • Ah! Pokemon. Not something I was ever into, tho when it first came out my wife was constantly wandering about with her phone looking for Pokey Stops. I think Menthol Melissa might like this game.

    Anyways I think you did well sidestepping today's challenge. Normally I'd say the Mirror levels give a good chance of puppies as they're played less often by fewer. But today's is very tricky. I used to quite like.The Shard in London, gone right off it. OB can I have another chardonnay? Cheers.
  • Another trophy leader with no score proof or strategy. Tsk. Tsk. Was thinking I'd not heard of this guy before, then I remembered he built the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Didn't know he was from Telford tho.
  • Good to know some of these old timers are still playing angry birds. Noticed Ho Chi Minh still holds a trophy in Short Fuse, even tho he died of a heart attack years ago. Ah, the power of the slingshot.
  • At least today's top score isn't 1k above 2nd place like yesterday, so it's probably possible.
  • 0r even possibly probable?
    Anyway, Brunel and Telford were both engineers so I think that's the link, for whatever it's worth. Come on @briann, Thomas Telford was a Scot!
  • I think I probably knew all the first generation Pokemon when my son collected them and he had a poster on his bedroom wall. Azurill I didn't recognise, a later generation.
  • yeah, not going well on the Challenge. My personal rule is to post scores once they are nearer to the leader than to the average score if that makes sense. In fact, in my relentless pursuit of better ABO scores I always reckon that if I am closer to average than the leader, then I need to keep going. It's very tough to get above average on every level (I am missing about 6 on the 699 levels) and I am probably above the "half way to the leader" score on about two thirds of the levels. Jurassic Pork is the really difficult one but I hate it so much I rarely go there.
  • Let me relieve you that fez @kathy. But I will leave the crown alone after the incident with the purple paint.
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