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  • @BrianN no worries, I didn’t expect my top score to survive the challenge. Congrats on the puppy & the awesome score! :)
  • Couldn't sleep. Finally opened up the Trick and Treat level after about 3 hours of getting there only to miss a puppy by a whisker. Good shooting @briann, kept @asher quiet.
  • Thanks @karen68, not just Queen of Seasons, but Princess for a page.

    Congrats on the fez @desperatedan, gallant effort on the challenge, you are persistent.
  • Hey @catsnbirds, great shooting on today's challenge. Am I missing something? Can't break 100k.Is there some kind of sneaky one birder on the go known only to those having the special handshake?
  • @BrianN If a secret handshake was needed I’m sure you’d have it! I followed the strat of Carman5912. Actually, I followed it many times. Many, many times. Then, finally, success. No one bird secret, no precise aiming point, just AB luck kicking in.
  • Thanks @catsnbirds, I'll give it a go later tonite. I offer you my favourite secret handshake:standing on one leg, other knee bent and hand behind the neck. Dang, it's not a secret now. The Freemasons will blackball me. (don't ask).
  • "That's no avatar, that's my head". ©@bikkit.
  • @brianN how do you get or find that copyright thingy on a keyboard. Do you have a Kathyboard?
  • No one except @kathy has a Kathy board. It must be wonderful to type any old rubbish and blame your keyboard. (eh Kathy?)
    The copyright sign just is there on my qwerty @ixan57.
  • Hi Guys !! I'm lurking, enjoying a Babbler Free Friday night!! Double Day of peace :D
    @Karen68 I know you'll take good care of my crown ;) @DesperarateDan the Fez looks good on you, except in @BrianN picture lol, Brian you Couldn't Handle a KathyBoard if it came with an instruction manual *insert Rolly Guy here*
  • Just Don't use them Anywhere!!! No matter where you put them, everything in your comment dissapears¿:/ What's the point?? Some one please explain??
  • Ohhh forget it!!
    Going to make dinner in Peace!!
  • @Kathy I’ll polish it up for you, nice & shiny.
    I can’t remember the last time I borrowed your crown, probably back on page 782 or something.
  • I know you'll take good care of it @Karen68 :D
    Page #782 ?? Lol I'm gonna play that number in the lottery tomorrow, funny you just picked that out of nowhere lol, I'm to tired to travel back in time, but I'm gonna check that page haha!!
  • Lol @Kathy it was a totally random number. It will probably take you an hour to scroll back that far.
  • @karen68 I had a bit of a comedy moment chasing your puppy target in the middle of the night. It got to 02:59:30 (i.e. 30 seconds to go) when I suddenly got a huge score on my very last fling which I thought was high enough so I had a real panic trying to get the score registered before 03:00:00 which ended up with me pressing all the wrong buttons and failing miserably. So it was with mixed emotions that I realised I was a few hundred points short. No puppy then.
  • @briann you are on a bit of a puppy roll. How many do you have now? I am up to 7.
  • No arguments there @kathy. Especially if the instructions are anything like the kathyboard.

    On the puppy score, Idk @desperatedan. Is there a way of checking? I guess around 5.
  • Man I could fill 10 pages talking about the ridiculous shenanigans we've had trying to get decent broadband and phone line. The Internet seems to be powered by a hamster on a wheel. When he needs a rest or goes off to nibble on his nuts(ahem) the router goes off. When someone calls on the landline it sounds like they're inside a lead box while frying bacon.
    BT does not stand for brilliant technology. I'll bet Princess Pottymouth could come up with a better alternative. (not you @karen68 obviously) I'm so angry I could crush a grape.
  • I
    Something for a quiet Saturday.
  • Or eat the hamster like Freddie Starr.
  • @BrianN you can look here -

    You have 6 proud puppies.
    Look under Groups in Badges & Ranking, there’s a link to the Club Underdog sheet.
  • If I ate the hamster we'd have no Internet.

    Thanks @karen68 you are a superstar.
  • @brianN maybe you need to feed the hamster warm milk & give it fuzzy blankets to sleep under, you know, spoil it a bit.

    @desperatedan isn’t the end of the challenge at like 3 or 4am your time? You must be a night owl.
  • No @karen68, I need BT to send Chris Froome on his bicycle to power the Internet. Dan won't admit it but I think he's obsessed with the daily challenge.
  • Get a hundred hamsters. Get them working in shifts.
    Have you considered dial up?
    Or moving to a more developed country?
    Anyway, looks like the puppy race is very close between us.
    I only really care about ABO levels and they are the toughest ones to get puppies on. I just have 3 of those.
  • We could power our internet from Twiggy's wagging tail by just saying "time for a walk"
  • Won't be on Challenge today. Brass Hogs. I am only at Level 9. I still don't understand all those weird numbers on Brass Hogs.
  • Don't think you're missing out today. The Rat has set a high bar on this one followed closely by @kathy.Not sure a puppy will be had today. We both have a long way to go to catch the Kaiser. 450 and counting.I wouldn't worry about the numbering, just complete the missions every day and eventually Brass Hogs unlocks.

    Think I might try giving Chris Froome some warm milk and fuzzy blankets.
  • No, I need to know what those numbers mean. That's why I can't sleep. That's why I am entering Challenge scores at 3am. And by the way, I am still waiting for my big bang in Birdday Party. Such are the pressures of modern life.
  • Kinda propping up the bar by myself here. Better put something on the jukebox.
  • G'nite OB. Have one yourself. And get @kathy a Pig Killer on me if she drops by. Oh, and there's a couple of hamsters in that box for @briann. They answer to Wiggo and Cav and are worth about 5 Mbps each.
  • Hello tumbleweed.
  • Hamsters with attitude, killer sideburns and a Scouse accent. Warm blankets and fuzzy milk all round.
  • Oh it's a painful process getting through this page. Hope everyone is ok.
  • I' m sure the heir to the throne will be back soon to reclaim her crown. Meanwhile OB I'll have one of those tumbleweed daiquiris.
  • Greek philosopher takes his ripped toga to the local garment repair shop. The tailor says "Euripides?". "Yes" says the philosopher "Eumenides?"

    Ah, you can't beat an old Classic.
  • Just tuned in to today's challenge. Awesome shooting @karen68, I've been using Annach strat. Only 77k so far. Any owlish tips?
  • Never mind, just seen ur video. Nice one.
  • @BrianN, big groan at that joke.
    Just R&R on the challenge. It’s all about the 2nd shot where the damage is so variable, I never really narrowed down if there was a sweet spot or not. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Good luck. :)
  • Yeah, 77k as well. I can't drum up enthusiasm for these much. They are skillful but annoying.
  • And I am not particularly ambidextrous.
  • Does anyone else turn their phone upside down for these mirror ones?
  • Don't be stupid @desperateDan stand on your head like everyone else
  • They are Mirror levels! You’re supposed to set your device to reflect in a mirror, then look at the reflection while shooting. Does add a bit of degree of difficulty.
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