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  • and you're right Dan, the busses are not running the often, so chances are minimized of getting hit by one *insert Rolling guy*
    And That Is Quite a Story!! really is true??
  • And just in the Nick of Time the Princess retains her Crown!!
    Wow that is spooky!! I swear is not on purpose!!
  • Well I set that crown up for you @kathy. I should have told OB the longer version of the story.
  • @Desperate_Dan

    Hope the worms are turning and your birdies returning! ❤️
  • Yes you did Set me up for that crown @DesperateDan , Thank you :D
    OB says he appreciates your company, and your amazing story ;)
  • @Tompuss Believe it or Not I've Never seen CasaBlanca ! looks interesting, I may try to find it somewhere.
  • @DesperateDan Trust My Draconic Freind @Tienshenlong is correct, You are never alone here in the BP , Is nice to be 'Where Everybody knows your name, and We are always glad you came'
    'Cheers* *Insert picture of glasses toasting* If I Could Post a Picture of Glasses clinking I would, but I can't!! so I won't bother trying!
    @Admins Puhhllleeeeze fix the picture link????
    I know it's a small thing in the But picture of life right now,, but it's in the smallest of things we find some solace in the Craziness outside our little Virtual pub ..:(
  • Well maybe We are Forgotten about , And alone , but at least alone together *insert picture of people together smiling*
  • Hola @TienShenLong! For you and @Desperate_Dan - you are not alone! Here’s the biggest male voice choir ever! (Pending deconfinement of TSL’s robots!) It’s a wow!

    From Cardiff Arms Park:

    @kathy you MUST see Casablanca!
    And thanks for Mack the Knife!

  • I'll Make it a point @Tompuss ;)
    and in case you missed in the chat, I used the Batphone, and @Birdleader will work on the picture thing! And we have a very special Birthday tomorrow!!
    OB Dust that Rocker, get it the Polish, and Put out the Best Silverware! And the Best champagne glasses!
    *puts on gloves, hair wrap, and dust mask, and heads to Estar storage bin*
    If I'm not up in an hour, send a cute medic, with an oygen tank*
  • I'll Make it a point @Tompuss ;) to see CasaBlanca :D
    and in case you missed in the chat, I used the Batphone, and @Birdleader will work on the picture thing! And we have a very special Birthday tomorrow!!
    >>> " OB Dust that Rocker, get out the Polish, and Put out the Best Silverware! And the Best champagne glasses! And some New cushions for the Rocker and...*voice fades as she puts on gloves, hair wrap, and dust mask, and heads to Estar storage bin*
    If I'm not up in an hour, send a cute medic, with an oygen tank*
  • Oops Forgot to say.. I'm backfrom the storage area, found the Banner, but still can't post it:(
    Anyway Happy Birthday @Mumsie ♡♡♡ We Love you and Miss you lots!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
  • @mumsie Wishing you a very happy birdday! So sorry no card, cakes, or booze, please imagine them for yourself! ❤️❤️❤️
  • @kathy
    Loved and enjoyed that FREIND of yours because its true: half friend, half fiend.

    Thanks. The robots have no need of confinement butb have to suffer the video editing process that I do when reach the appropiated BOREDOM level. Great choir of yours indeed but not competence nor comparaisson to consider on any-thing as it could be something MORE "more" than everything else. But we are free to consider other alternatives. Me, just been fair with paranoic instances under my command, did things to ans with the robots to suffer no rival. I'll send you proof on that matter today. Check mail ;)
  • On second though, better available for @all interested on roboto's whereabouts...

    LUX ÆTERNA from Mozart's REQUIEM in Ro-bot Mayor
    by TienShenLong's ROBORKESTAYKOROS
    Virtual and Virtuossa orchestra and chorus
    Special pre-release for The Bloated Pig's nesters.
  • @Tompuss hope that link does help!
    hopefully @Birdleader is working on it, It Is sad to have a Birdday with no cakes, no flowers, no baloons etc..
    But OB I must say you did a fabulous Polish \cleaning up job on @Mumsie 's Rocker! and a very nice touch with the cleaning and filling up her basket loaded with everything to make dusters!
  • @Kathy I think @mumsie invented Swiffers -:)
  • @Tienshenlong The link works, I've downloaded it, It's Glorious, Beautiful !
    Thank you for sharing with us :D
  • Music works in mysterious ways...
    not sure if this link will work.. Quote from Rose Kennedy, which i also just heard
  • Thanks for that feedback lady @kathy (despite the princess status, totally un-related).

  • your very welcome @Tienshenlong
    and message forwarded to @Tompuss :)
  • Quiet in here lately..
    OB I'll have a PigKiller please, and a Plate of Crispy Pig Ears ..
    have the Blues exercise their wings and find me in today's challenge when they are ready, uhmm, but I'll take the PigKiller to go and keep the blues flying them to me, periodically!
    If anyone is interested I hear there's puppies available in today's challenge!
    Go get em'
  • I have found a puppy elusive so far. I don't do myself any favours by only playing ABO but I missed one by 150 points and another by 3 hours recently. At least I have the real puppy and she is worth a million AB puppies. In fact, I snuck her in under the table and she is busy chewing the chair leg. We call her the Furry Termite. I hope OB doesn't spot her, she is most certainly under age, even in dog years. I think she has an eye on your crispy pig ears @kathy...
  • @DesperateDan Not to worry :D All Animals are welcome here with loving arms, and *scratches Dans pup behind her ear, and gently pulls her away from chewing the leg of the chair, whilst sliding a fresh plate of Crispy Pig Ears towards her nose*
    Just No alcoholic drinks of course, but then Who ever would give their pup alcohol lol!
    although my Parrot used to open my beer and sneak a sip while at it lol..
  • OB , Please remove that chewed up chair, and while your at it, ring up the Furry Furniture delivery and have them bring a Whole new set, we'll use these old ones to stoke the fireplace next winter :D
    Also those PigKilkers worked wonders last night, won me a puppy in less than 100 flings, not bragging* but it is nice to know the Old Gal's flinging skills still work @Pa would be Proud of me :D
    Oohh So ya the memory aint so great, I meant I'll have a couple more of those drinks *hic*
    Where's me Drinking Pahtnah's
    @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp??? @Ixan57 Bring the Paint!! Red of course *hic*
    uhmm .. hmm..I was gonna say sumpin' else..¿¿
  • *sigh ..* I was gonna say sumpin'else about @Pa.. He would be proud a me..damn what was i gonna say?? cute puppy Dan..ohhh yeah Wassher name?? wait don't tell me, you said it before.. it's uhmm.. not Daisy.. not Lily.. not a flower..a puppy named.. crap i dunno I forget..
    ohhh Gumby saw a bird today..a golden somethin' woodchuckka.. nah Woodpeckka yeah imagine a Golden Woodpeckka.. beauutiious..
    nite.. yeah it's nite...*hic*:
    somebody poff me home.. need my piillooohh
  • Twiggy @kathy. She was licking your leg.
  • Hi @Halfan88 Happy you find our little pub! Sure make yourself at home, The Menu IS great, you got that right!! :D
    always nice to have new faces, here The more the merrier *Cheers* 'picture 2 glasses toasting *clink* heehee
    Our picture links aren't working at the moment, but @BirdLeader assures me he's working on it :/
  • Can't edit the menu either, but Halfans porkaroni pizza sounds good, added to the 'to do list'
    OB work on cooking that up!
    Soo @Halfan88 are you flinging any where particular, or just flinging around like the rest of us since Rovio left us in the dust?
  • My nephew, who is a (traveling nurse) RN working in the Miami hotspot, sent this to me:
  • @Sweetp Thanks for the tunes, I never heard that one before I really enjoyed it!
    @Abfan89 aka @Halfan88 I knew i recognized you lol! Welcome back, it's been a long time!
  • actually I do know why..
  • Hope nobody minds, I just feel like playing the Jukebox
  • And last but Not, never least
    For All those...
  • That's it from me, I ran out of Nickels..
    G'nite my Birdie Friends *insert heart *
  • @sunshine ((((((Hugs)))) Happy you found that nickel I dropped :D great choice ,I love it!!
    I don't know where your comment went? but idk the BP is acting strange lately,I think OB might be dipping into @Ripsys special stock ! *Insert Rolly Guy'here*
    *kicks Jukebox to play Sunshine's choice again*
  • Oohhh Look the Princess took over!! didn't notice..:/
  • Like I believe that! Anyway I am raising a glass to my good friend @peejaydee27 who has just beaten me in a six month long race to 87 million points and top 20 in ABO. Hoping to hit the big 87m this week and we can raise some more glasses. Any excuse will do. OB! Some of that special stuff! And I will have a go at that jukebox in a bit.
  • You didn't believe What @DesperateDan?? that the Princess popped in unexpectedly, or that @Sunshine was really here?? I swear she Was!! i got notification that she found a Nickel that i dropped and played that Song!!
  • And Here's to @Peejaydee27 , My very good friend as well, and an Awesome Flinger!! And to you @DesperateDan for almost keeping up with Peejaydee , not an easy feat!! lol! 87 Mil!! Woot!!
    *Cheers* OB keep the glasses full!! please
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