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  • @TomPuss distinguished=old
  • Sorry princess
  • @kathy I'll even shout for the Pat's on Sunday and fling cans of beer at the television if the other scum start getting ahead
  • aww Sure @ixan57 WanderingStar can stay until the 11th Heyyyou is excited tooo!!
  • Aww why didn't it work? anyway.. Gotta read back a page to catch up, make sure i didn't miss anything!
    And Thanks @Ixan57 for your support during the Superbowl!! those lousy bums would be the Eagles! although I love Eagles, not the ones that wear Philly uniforms lol!! and feel free to throw anything you want, they are The Most Unsportsmanlike Team Evah!! that are famous for throwing beer bottles and such!!
    OB I'll have a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion and some of the Bunny's magic powder :) thanks
  • Ok you two..I'm headed ri Dreamland!! your to stay in the bar with OB or head straight out the the stable where your beds are all made up..fluffed up and breakfast is laid out.. have fun, but not tooo much fun ;)
    Night night.. tonmorow is another day.. who knows maybe some fun will head your way.. be rested in case!
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • Sooooooo......Scotland are pants (that means useless)
    Wales killed us and we deserved it!
    France cheated and Ireland fekkin rocks!
    England v Italy tomorrow. Prediction. England win by 20+ points.
    That's my coverage of Day 1 Six Nations tournament. Thank you and good night.
    Seriously though.....hope everyone's well? Wishing you all a great weekend and a Super fun,Super Bowl! It's showing waaaay past my bed time but I'll be watching the highlights on Monday. Well.....let's be honest. I'll watch the half time show and any close up of Tom Brady:D
    I've tried for years (with my stepdad yelling in my ears) to understand the game but alas's too complicated:(
    Hope the best team wins!
    Later peeps x
  • .....and I'm obviously still hanging on to Christmas. Need to change my clothes!
  • *shakes head * hmm I just be Hallucinating lol!! @Jlz-666 Twice in a months time!! Wooot!!
    Hey there happy to see you again,, No 'fekkin' clue what sport your talking now! can't be tennis?
    anyway Thanks for the wishes, tomorrow will be a Super Day , if only I had somewhere else to watch the game :(
    Isn't our football the same as your soccer? or is that Backwards, Anyway Yes Watching Tom is the best part ;)
    @ixan57 don't throw any beer cans until after halfway thru the 4th quarter, sometimes it seems like theres no way for the Patriots to win and in the end they do. Nail bitters sometimes.
    @jlz666 I have close up pictures of Tom Brady on my phone from last years Duck boat parade celebrating their Super Bowl win last year. I was about 12 feet away.
  • @kathy our soccer is their football. They don't have American football but a similar sport called Rugby.
  • @Gumby Waaasssuppp???
    Ohh I had it backwards!! Our soccer is what they call football..
  • ackkk my phone just got hikacked while i was typing!
    *sigh* Heyyougetouttamyway and Wanderingstar Enjoy the rugby night night
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • Dilly Dilly !! You hear me WanderingStar, now listen good The football , Superbowl has Nothing to do with that Filly! so you are rooting for the Pats! I know it sounds the same but trust me, Philly is not Filly! heehee!
    Go Pats !!
  • Game On!! Dilly Dilly!! We gotta beat Philly!!
    ya Philly WanderingStar not The Filly ;)
  • Totally lost control of that ball!! as a receiver now that call him as a runner!!
  • Argghhhh!!! *biting nails* damn!!!
  • roughing the QB!!! c'mon!!!
  • Ah well Philly deserved the win they played a great game!
    as for the Pats , hey ya win some (7) ya lose some! so it goes..
  • Heyyougetouttamyway hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, *tucks the lil' guy in snug as a bug fixes the covers and places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead * nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa♡♡♡
  • WanderingStar You too.get on into your bed..Getsome sleep..
    nighty night.
  • @kathy :-( It was a very entertaining game. Good to see Gronk back and receiving in the second half. Think Brady's hand wasn't quite ready? But...good for Philly...and their back-up quarterback!
  • Yep @catsnbirds Was a great game! nail biter lol!
    I was happy to see Gronk back in the game for sure, and i do think Brady's hand probably contributed a bit to the loss, but really the lack of defense is what lost us the game!
    Philly deserved the win for sure, and nice for them, their first Superbowl win ever i think,, and against the Patriots made it sweeter for sure, for them!
    Philly will have a tough decision now concerning quarterbacks, Foles Superbowl MVP, can't really have him sitting in the sidelines! I'm sure he'll be a #1 draft pick if Philly doesnt keep him.
    I don't know all the ins and outs of contracts and free agents,, draft stuff etc..I just like to watch ;)
  • Hmm @Tompuss Hope all is well. . Nighty night sweet lady .
    heyyougettouttamyway hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, *tucks the lil guy in snug as a bug fixes the covers up and places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead *
    nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆☆
    WanderingStar you too,lie down and snuggle in..see you in the morning, strokes the pony lightly on his nose until the eyes slowly close.. nighty night fella☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • realized I've been saying the Author of my books wrong
    Its The Witcher by Andrezj Sapkowski ...great series and is coming to Netflix :D
  • @kathy Sorry Princess, just trying to cope with this dreadful weather. The cat hates it too and is misbehaving accordingly! Also, I'm not getting any of these sports events on my TV, we'd have to subscribe to payTV, cable or the like.

    A song for you and Wandering Star:

    Did you check out Jeremy's song on previous page? ❤

    Love, hugz & purrs to @all xoxo
  • (((((Hugs))))) @Tompuss yes this weather is the worst, only another month or so,, actually 43 days until the first day of Spring , according to the calendar, i know it's not really weather-wise, but it's a tiny spark of hope:/ it is dreadfully depressing for sure!
    Just listened to Jeremy :( Tears for sure,, so sad, i just looked up his biography in Wikipedia, he died so young, only the good they say right? I hadn't realized so many movies he was in!
    WanderingStar ,heyyou, and i watched the Chris Ledoux videos together, heehee, thank you added to my favorites list ;)
    Hang in there Sweet Lady, the Sun will be shining and warming soon:D
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
  • Ok You 2 Yep its early again, but hey a good night's sleep is needed in this cold weather!
    Ya well @Wanderingstar Your a Horse! Of course it doesn't bother you! what weather he says..jeesh! Ask your little mouse friend 'what cold' as he burrys his liitle head up in your nice warm mane!
    Ya so Head on out to the stable. the tv is on, the wood stove all fired up (thanks OB) and doubt mane to much noise.. you've been keeping those birds up all night. They aren't able to do their job n you may have a angry mob of nesters in here n @sunshine isn't here to keep the mob at bay In the mornings anymore.. so sshhh..
    Nighty night *stokes the horse's nose and pats the lil guy on the forehead
    Nighty night boys ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @Ixan57 WooHoo Heyyougetouttamyway is very excited! he squeaks *thank you* :D
    @Tompuss Coming to Netflix is Sherlock!! only saw the ad,, not sure the details!
  • Heyyougetouttamyway Whoa!! Your already snug as a bug under your new Duvet that @UncleIxan57 brought you! You look nice and comfy..ok so close those little eyes and get some
    rest , I'll let Wanderingstar sleep here on the floor for tonight, what's the date. hmm the 7th . yep a couple more days.
    Nighty night you two, sweet dreams ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @kathy I think it's the modern-day version with Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Found these Jeremy snippets from "Love Boat":

    Check Amazon, incredibly high prices to get ahold of episodes now. . . . -:((
  • Sorry @Tompuss haven't had a chance to check anything today.. Will certainly check tomorrow when blabbermouth isn't blabbing lol..*sigh* Men.. I'd rather have a cat walking on my keyboard!
    Nighty night Sweet Lady. (((Hugs))))
  • @Heyyougetouttamyway and you as well Wanderingstar Bedtime get into your beds.. Sweet Dreams ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • Thank you @TomPuss don't know why but tumbler sprung to mind.
    Did you know that the tumbler used to have a round BOTTOM(that's where it sprang to mind) hence the word tumble(r)
    The reasoning behind it you had to hold on to it or you would spill your drink. If you are holding onto the glass the theory is you'll drink more. if you spill it you will buy more
  • @ixan57 never knew that - t learn a lot in the BP, most educational!

    Found this very fine train today with three locomotives!

  • quick pop in :D
    @Tompuss looovee the Love Boat snippets:) I used to love that show but not enough to pay money for it lol
    The bottoms up show is great also ! An old movie?
    interesting tidbit about the tumbler @Ixan57
    I'llbe back in a few hours.
  • @kathy Drinking song is from "The Student Prince".
  • Oh Thanks @tompuss Inever heard of it, looks like good movie.
    @tompuss @ixan57 yo Yo YO Gumby is in the house :)
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp??? Yo yo!!
  • Well @heyyougetouttamyway @WanderingStar Its Friday night.. but I'm about ready to visit Dreamland. Soo that means you 2 are on your own..
  • Haha you fell for that?!!
    Go on now get settled in your beds .you can watch the tv for a bit then close those little eyes and sweet dreams ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @kathy Yes, wonderful movie! And there's a song in it for you!
    The voice is Mario Lanza, Wikipedia explanation here:

    "In 1952, Lanza was dismissed by MGM after he had recorded the songs for The Student Prince. The reason most frequently cited in the tabloid press at the time was that his recurring weight problem had made it impossible for him to fit into the costumes of the Prince.[19] However, as his biographers Cesari and Mannering have established, Lanza was not overweight at the beginning of the production, and it was, in fact, a disagreement with director Curtis Bernhardt over Lanza's singing of one of the songs in the film that led to Lanza walking off the set. MGM refused to replace Bernhardt, and the film was subsequently made with English actor Edmund Purdom, who was dubbed to Lanza's recorded voice.[20]"

    The serenade (really I should've kept it for Valentine's, but you must have it now)!

  • Right @whatshisname you and @wanderingstar can go over to gumby's place tonight seeing the horse is leaving tomorrow. And no shenanigans
  • @A song about the BP!

    "Come share the wine":

  • @TomPuss what a wonderful song. You never fail to amaze me. Played it twice and it ear worming already
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