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  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • Ha!!! I beat you to the Crown! the PrincessPageChanger rules again :D
  • Nighty night @Pa
    Hey I'm getting really worried again?
    please show a sign of life.. some scattering in the walls?
    miss you :(
  • @JLZ666 How was Florence?? News? Pix?

    @kathy Are you getting any news from Mrs Rat at all? This place isn't the same without him. . Love to you, dear @rat9 miss you xoxo

    @kathy for sleeping:

    Paul Whiteacre: "Enjoy the silence":

  • Hello guys,
    I am speechless. Saw the pictures that you guys made and shared. Many, many thanks.
    @tompuss @kathy @hunnybunny
  • Your very welcome @Bernersenn , i hope you had a wonderful day, filled with love and happiness!
    @Tompuss , nice Peaceful song,, thank you! no word from Mrs. Rat,, i sent her an email last week or jessh maybe 2 weeks ago, haven't got a reply :(
    I'm quite worried :(
    @Hunnybunny awww That's an awesome picture!
  • @kathy thanks. Yes, it was a day filled with happiness. Work, but next to that overwhelming gratulations. As I said before, these pictures made me speechless. The picture @hunnybunny posted is my favorite #1. it shows the Bernese in full glory. Then @tompuss with her Beer picture. That's the beer brand brewed in the "Bernese Oberland".
    It was nice, very nice. This Nest feels warm
  • Happy to hear that @bernersenn, and wishing many more to come!
    Birthdays that is ;)
  • ❤️❤️ To all of you guys
  • @kathy wassssssuupp
    @bernersenn Happy Birthday :)
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp?????
  • Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
    Please just post a I mnow, so we all know you are at least Lurking?
  • @Gumby Wasssuuuppp???
  • Nighty Night @Pa ♡♡♡
    Please , We are all praying for your recovery soon ♡♡♡
  • @Tompuss @catsnbirds @all who are concerned,, get news from Carol about Tom (Rat9) Not good..
    as follows

    Sorry not to get back with you. Tom got read your message and was going to get back with you. I figured you would like to hear from him directly. Unfortunately he had a major set back on Sunday.

    He stopped breathing and his heart stopped. The paramedics were able to revive him, but he is back in ICU. He hasn't woken up and the prognosis is not good. The Doctors believe he has suffered some brain damage, but it is too early to know how bad or if it is recoverable.

    I'm expecting to know more in the next couple of days.

  • @kathy Thank-you for the update on our @rat9 . I am just so very saddened to hear this news. Please let Carol know that we appreciate her taking the time to update us, and that we are sending all of our positive thoughts and big hugs to them both. Amazing how much one can grow to care for "virtual" friends.
  • @catsnbirds I'm sorry to bear that news as well as to hear it, I've been letting Carol know how much we appreciate her updating us,,Rats Birdie Friends, it's really thoughtful of her to keep us informed, and I'll keep sending her and Tom our love and prayers. and thoughts and hugs!
    Yes it's amazing how close and how much we come to care for All our fellow birdies..
  • Nighty Night @Pa ♡♡♡♡♡
    We are all praying for you, please feel the power of your Birdie Freinds tweet tweet tweeting in your ear..
  • Thank you dear @kathy for the update, sad and worrying as it is. . . Please tell Carol all my thoughts, prayers, love and good vibes go out to her and Tom. Our Nester friends are more than virtual, we're all rooting for you @rat9 xxxxxxxoooooooo
  • @kathy as I told you before, I'm praying, lovely to see the nesters above praying as well, we are all friends, meeting here is wonderful. We are not virtual friends. We are real friends xx
  • Sorry, I did not mean to lessen the friendship and love we feel for Tom. Virtual was a bad choice of a word to describe the relationships that have developed here in the Nest. Rereading, I understand that it sounds like I am referring to a computer generated entity of some sort. Totally NOT my intention! I value and love that we have had the chance to get to know so many people from around the world. Thinking of Tom and Mary every day.
  • Oooh No @catsnbirds I don't think anyone think you meant it that way! After all we've never met in actual person, so i guess maybe the word 'online friends' maybe the way. but we all understood what you meant, It truly IS Amazing how much we come to care for each other and actually know each other having never met face to face.

    I hope Rat9 Feels the loving, caring vibes from All over the world coming to him from the Nest!
  • @catsnbirds I didn't think you lessened anything by your comment. I know exactly what you meant, & you spoke from the heart.
  • Nighty night @Pa please feel all the loving,caring vibes emanating from the Nest In your direction into your heart ♡♡♡♡ We all are pulling for you ..Here's the rope to pull you back home to us 《~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~》 grab on..
  • @kathy WASSSUUUPP
    @catsnbirds I completely understood what you meant as most of us never meet in real life. I have been fortunate to have met @kathy and @CaptREC and hope to meet more ABN friends in the future. :)

    @rat wishing you the best of luck my friend and hope you are well soon.
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
  • Nighty nighty @Pa ♡♡♡ come home soon ♡♡
  • @catsnbirds hope my comment didn't upset you. We all feel the same, about Rat, and about the friends we have met here. We just express ourselves differently. Which is what friends do!
  • Thanks all! @hunnybunny I didn't think you meant to upset me, just caused me to read my comment from a slightly different viewpoint. Which is one of the things we count on our real friends to help us do : - ).
  • Group Hug ((((((((((((Hug))))))))))
  • Very quiet in the Nest this day ..
    @hunnybunny where OH where have you been hiding? I don't seem to run into you very much lately :(
  • @Gumby Wasssuuuppp ??? lol Hi !
  • Nighty. Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @Gumby Waaasssuppp????
  • Nighty night @Pa... please come home and sic those dogs on me ♡♡♡♡
  • @kathy One for sleeping: 2Cellos: "Love Story":

  • @bernersenn Happy birthday to sweetheart Laika! She's gorgeous! ❤ xoxo
  • Wow @bernersenn she is beautiful
  • @hunnybunny And that was a beautiful photo you sent @bernersenn for his birdday!
  • Thanks @hunnybunny
    Can you imagine that she is hard to manage? None of us can be angry, no matter what she did. Her mind is filled with nonsense.
    @tompuss also thanks. That picture is my favorite picture. It isn’t any of our dogs, but it shows the character of this breed.

    Have a nice evening
  • @kathy WASSSSUUUPP
    @bernersenn Happy Birthday to Daika, my little dog is like that. He is VERY mischievous so his nickname is monkey.
  • @Gumby Waaasssuppp??.
  • @@bernersen What a beautiful Dog is Daika! Yrs i can imagine you can't get upset with that face lol.. she's still a puppy.. with her puppy mindset!
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