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  • Only nine left now because of two more top scores @Gumby.
  • Again @Pa?? C'mon?? Your getting to like the crown huh? I was just about to reply to your last part but you had to go and post to make the page change!! Hrumpphh! :(~
  • Three weeks starting Thursday @Ma. I haven't told @E-star. I'm going to sneak up on her. he he
  • Can't blame @Gumby Pa he didn't say a word!!
  • Heehhee are you really gonna do it?? She'll be shocked!! How exciting!!
  • Actually I'm just joking @Ma. I haven't spoke to my Star in over a year so I'm too embarrassed to tell her I'll be in town.
  • Nooooo @Pa you gotta tell her!!! I'm truly telling you, you Have to!!! It'll be great!! Even if you just meet for 5 minutes .. And have a quick hug, hello.. You gotta!!
    I was lucky enough to hang out with Mumsie for an hour and have a drink,, more lucky to hang out for a few hours by the pool with Lesley I'll never forget it!! And of course @gumby we hung out for about an hour, had a beer.. But i can see him anytime, but if i don't I'm still happy i got to meet him in person..
    @Pa @bernersenn there's no better thing then meeting people that your friends with in real person, you only live once Pa go knock on Estar door and call bernersenn and take the time to meet up, if only for an hour.. Work can wait, will always be there!!
    Just do it!!
  • *Rat quietly sticks his nose, followed by his head, through a hole in the baseboard. Looks to see if Ma is still there and then quickly scampers back into the wall*
  • Why you hiding from me @pa??
    *Sets out a plate of cheese*
  • Oohhh noooooo!! Dumb dumb now the heyyous are gonna overrun the place!!
  • Nighty Night @Pa see ya tomorrow ♡♡♡
  • Ya that's it for me.. Night a all
  • Night @Ma
  • Thanks for the past challenge link @Hunnybunny. What it gave was only the names of those who won the challenge for a puppy and the number of times they had won any challenge. Here are the winners for M9-21. Interesting.

    @comex666 (#154), @peejaydee27 (#36), @bernersenn (#27), @hoy49 (#26), @annach (#52), @catsnbirds (#12), @gumby (#9)

    And hunnybunny, I did know I couldn't change or add anything. Just looking for that Improved list to see where I ended up.

  • Good morning guys,
    @Rat three weeks? Then there must be a possibility. Ok, will come back to you on this one
  • Just thru the 1st in Amsterdam @bernersenn.
  • @rat have a look at your Skype, pal
  • What's a Skype? I went on a Snipe hunt once.
  • @Pa remember Skype? Me you and Theo started a group chat? You pressed call by accident lol?
  • Oh yeah. That's one of those newfangled devices like the auto mobile. I've even heard rumors of an oven that cooks without fire. Slow down world. You're changing too fast. Heck, I even saw a young Whippersnapper talking on what he called an eye phone yesterday. Ha! I wasn't born yesterday. It twern't no phone. It had no wires. ha ha

    Edit: It's amazing, there was a 117 year old woman who died this week that had lived during three different centuries. Wow!!!
  • Lol @Pa seriously though i hope you and @bernersenn can meet up!! That'd be awesome!!
  • Me too @Ma.
  • Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy
    Mr Bunny chose it, but it had the cutest Rodent ever
    Mister Rat never knew rodents were cute.....
  • Hmmm...@kathy I like the idea of a top 10 badge. We need to discuss further some of the details. Let me know in PM and include anyone that you think should join in this...@rat, @hunnybunny,

    cc: @birdleader
  • Yikes, missed top ten badge comment, @kathy @sweetp
    I'm in for discussion
    Nighty night all xx
  • Nighty night @hunnybunny
    sounds Good @Sweetp :)
  • I'll start a pm shortly
    OB while I'm here I'll have a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion and a few more Super seeds to munch on thanks..
    I need some magic potion, Flinging in a tough episode, which I won't mention got fear', some top flingers' will hunt is down lol!!
  • @hunnybunny @Pa @bernersenn @sweetp @Birdleader pm started concerning top 10 badge:)
  • @Pa pm started about Top 10 badge, get in there and give Birdleader some feedback please??
  • @Pa @hunnybunny regarding the top 10 badge, you mean per episode right? Not top 10 in every level each episode , just, per episode? Like say someone is #2 in Seasons Piglantis, but not in the top 10 of every level of Piglantis they qualify for this badge?
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • Nighty night @Ma
    btw, every level in the episode. Most have around thirty levels you'd need to get into the top ten to be awarded the badge. As soon as I can I'll give some input into the badge discussion.
  • Thanks for your input @Pa needs lots of discussing, pros and cons, we have a fine talented group long time flingers And friends who i have faith in that we can make it work..
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡
  • Mornin' @Ma
    Good luck with the PM's. I can't handle the stress atm.
  • No worries @Pa we got it ;)
    Wow just read your edired post of the 117 year old woman!! Really? You ya pullin my leg @Pa?
    Im about ready to visit my pillow, headphones on, listening to my book...
    Just I case
    Nighty night @Pa..sseya tommorow
  • OB The Blues
    You have a customer
    At last
    I'll just have a glass of water to take to bed
    Drinks on me for anyone else who pops in
    And @kathy the 117 year old woman is real. Or was real, God Bless Her xx
  • Thanks @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams.. That's amazing 117 years young!!
    OB I'll have a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion, thanks!!
    Back to the sling!!
  • Oh @hunnybunny , I've been doing some digging, since @Pa won't make it easier for us , I've got a few names for ya;) I'll put them in the chat..;)
    @lesleyg still thinking of you, hope you are ok
    @hunnybunny nighty night
  • @Gumby Waaaassssuuuppp????
    Yes @Lesleyg Gumby is reading my mind, seriously that's about the 3rd thing i was going to say today but he said first!! Now it seems like I'm just saying that , but noo is true!!
  • OMG somebody Stop these freakin'' maniacal twisted ,demented..*sigh* i cant even say it!!
    My thoughts and prayers with Paris, unfortunately my thoughts and prayers do no good because they just keep at it, terrorizing innocent human beings!!!
  • Nighty Night @Pa ♡♡
  • Nighty night @Ma

    wow no comments at all in the BP today :(
  • @Gumby Waaaassssuuuppp???
  • @kathy SHHHHHHH you wake up the angrybirds players
  • *tiptoes in* pssst...OB can i have a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion? and a couple of those super seeds to munch on??
    *hi @gumby *
  • @kathy gosh darn it, you woke up the players in booth 3 and 4
  • I tried to whisper @Gumby. Uhmm how do you know You didn't wake them!!
    Aww it's @catsnbirds and @bonneypattycat they don't mind, they may have wanted to read back about the top ten badge anyway..;)
  • @kathy @gumby Yep, I was in my favorite booth flinging away and enjoying a nightcap. Wonder how many other lurkers are usually here, just quietly checking out the action (or, as today, inaction)?
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