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  • @gumby Waaassssuupppp???
  • @kathy WASSSSUUUPP, I think rat is back in Space if he is warning Sglouk.
  • @kathy wow you are quick to snatch that crown out of my fingers lately LOL
  • I haven't been flingin' @Ma, except for the Team BP Advent challenge. And I didn't give it a proper look. I have flung at it twice since the 25th of Dec, but not for too long. Flingin' is still aggravating my pain levels way too quickly. It's not fair. Y'all are being deprived of my great skill and tutelage. Sorry.
  • Nope @Gumby. I was just telling @Sglouk his toilet seat was warm.
  • Lol @Gumby wasn't planned , But it is How I earned my title :P
    Aww @Pa sorry We let you down, we all kinda bailed early, just wondering which 3 pesky one Birdies you knocked out during your umm Time on the throne¿
  • Btw @Ma, @Gumby. Don't look for me taking over 1st place in Ragnahog. I'm not crazy enough to try and beat @asher's computer. I feel sorry for all you Season's flingers. He's really doing a number on it.
  • @kathy we didn't bail early, we bailed as soon as it was over LOL
  • I'm watching this new series , Season Premier of 'Emerald City' íts post good.. Dave doesn't like it :( then i need a showa.... Sent to the dentist Again today, another 'adjustment' still sore:(
  • Six, nine, actually two-birders, and ten.
  • Ya we kinda did @Gumby , we didn't give it our best team effort!!
    *Sigh* @Pa we pay no attention to @asher with his fancy flinging mouse and big screen.. Honestly i don't understand what satisfaction there is in pressing a button and automatically getting top score, no blood sweat and tears, no 3 P's, no frustration, no joy when you finally get that perfect shot give been working on for hours!! His trophy's are just that , trophy's with no story, no "Yes ,I Did it!!!" Just another trophy empty shell.... My trophy's have meaning to me :D
  • I watched the first 30 seconds of Emerald City before I realized it was a chick flick series. I'll never get back that 30 seconds. Whaaaaaa!
  • My sentiments exactly Ma. Where's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat?
  • Actually @Pa it's an OZ thing, I've seen or read all the different variations.. It's like a cult following Star trek 'trekkies' Im an 'Ozzie' lol!! ;)
  • Computers are right up there with Power-ups. Never used em, never will. They shouldn't be allowed on the leaderboards.
  • Well i moved to spot #3 in Piglatlantis :) that was work!!
  • It looked like it was all about emotions. I'm a dude. Give me action. Give me comedy. Give me anything other than a soap opera. he he
  • WTG Ma!!
  • Agree @Pa about the computer nonsense It in itself is A Powerup!!
    I'd like to See asher really fling a bird on a tiny phone or 8 inch tablet, actually using his finger or thumb., betcha he can't..
  • Thanks @Pa :D i went an dun good!! With a litte help from my friends:)
  • You still have enough room to take 1st. That is, until Asher plays it.
  • Yeah, I had to fling a few more in Ragnahog to keep Gumby and Mrs. Bunny from stepping on my tail. Btw, where did Santa Gumby go?
  • Your missing the whole point of the show @Pa
    Its a dark version 'take' on the wizard of Oz, instead of the Happy "múñckinland and yellow brick road, where all works happy happy, ..its a look at what could actually happen in an alternate world. Did you ever see the miniseries "Tin Man¿ that also was a different look..
    My keyboard sucks
  • I don't think i will take Karen's spot @Pa .. Just doesn't feel right:\
  • Be back soon., Show is over time for shower.,
  • Wow Ma! Did you get all that out of the first thirty seconds? I must have not been paying attention. Maybe I should give it thirty minutes instead of seconds.
  • I did lol @Pa it was actually a good show :D
    Dave wasn't payig attention either
    Nighty night @Pa
    Get down @snicker ,not tonight lol..
  • Nighty nite @Ma

    Any superstitious flingers out there?
    It's Friday the 13th!!!!
  • Good morning all!!
    Happy Friday ,yes the 13th
  • Wow No comments All Day!!!
    OB wake up!¡ the place looks great , nice job cleaning up after those messy patrons who partied here all night and never said a word.!! The silent type lol
    I'll have a Blue Mongo with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion thanks!!
  • @gumby Waaaasssuuuupp?
  • OB please break out the special stock I owe @karen68 a few drinks..
    So sorry Karen , i really didn't want to bump you, it just happened, i was trying to get level 2-2 with the Glitch to at least the top 100 , then i got the Glitch, my score isn't great but enough to put me at #30 for the level and so sorry to bump me up to #2 overall :/ guess now I'll keep going and see how close to AC i can get, of course until Asher comes along...
  • Keep on truckin' @Ma.
  • Thanks @Pa I just may as well keep at it now, I've come this far.. i just have a bad feeling when i bump a friend :( but I know Karen she will v forgive me, and probably find her way to bump me!
  • No worries @kathy, nice flinging!! If I ever hit that episode again who knows, I might bump you back. But enjoy it, you earned it! :D
  • Thanks @Karen68 , I'm happy your not mad :) it really was a surprise when i took 3rd Iwas in 6th only trying to get by Foléy then 2 levels later whoops i took 3rd planned to stay there, and was just trying to get 2-2 à few more points:/ now I'm just gonna try and get #1 lol might as well.. But i don't see it,,
  • Well well well seems meanguy had yet another puppy!!! He must have the setup of Asher lol!!
  • @gumby fell asleep í think lol!!
  • I'm falling asleep
    Nighty night @Pa
  • Nighty night @Ma
  • oohh my is the closed sign up¿
    wait we don't have a closed sign,hmm
    well OB i won't trouble you, continue doing whatever your doing , teaching the birds new tricks i hope¿
    *fixes herself a Blue Mongo with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion*
    uhmm Blues if you could , keep em' coming ., you'll find me in Píglantis...
  • Mommy's Home :/
  • @kathy that statement is kinda scary ^^^ WASSSSUUUPPPP
  • @gumby Waaassssuupppp????
  • Something bad happened to my account:( can't log in
    @sweetp. Help???
  • I'm in but can't get to my settings? @sweetp help?
  • My settings page went to Rio!!
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