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  • Although @gumby as i was typing that, i had a feeling you would say something like that:/
  • @kathy well at least I don't have sprinkles on my nose
  • Sorry princess, did you again...
  • @hunnybunny a poorly 'foot' am i not the only one with Auto correct issues ??? Lol
  • A poorly foot? Of whom or what do you speak of @hunnybunny? Maybe I can help.
  • No @kathy a "poorly foot" "Ill foot" "manky foot" no auto correct
    My foot is Not Well!
  • @sweetp WASSSSUUUPPP
  • @all I speak of my poorly foot, of which you do not need to know
  • Oooh ya @hunnybunny Sorry i forgot about your manky foot: ( still not good huh?
  • Well, @hunnybunny I sure do hope your foot gets better soon!
  • @gumby, why are you being bad? Ack, nevermind don't answer that.

    Boys will be boys!
  • @sweetp well at least I cleaned the house :)
  • @hunnybunny thanks :) and did you get my message?
  • @hunnybunny your up kinda late ? Is there anything the doc can do for your foot? It's it painful?
  • @hunnybunny not sure whats wrong with your foot, but soaking in hot water with Epsom salt makes feet feel better usually. Check with you doctor first of course.
  • @Gumby where are u flinging?
  • @kathy I just started flinging the challenge, but may head back into tatooine
  • @gumby got message
    Seeing as you and Kathy asked: eight months, four pharmacists, three doctors, five diagnosis, seven creams, one ointment, a foot soak (potassium permanganate not Epsom salts) and a course of antibiotics, and it's still (expletive deleted) manky. Health care here is free, but have just paid to see a specialist :-(
    And I leave you with this, which takes your mind off manky feet, poor flinging, and the drudge of house cleaning:
  • @hunnybunny :( sounds terrible and don't forget Wednesday night is Blues night here in the BP :) thats always good for cheering peeps up
  • @kathy Or maybe I should try for a puppy I am 2nd highest challenger and 7th overall already. ??? that didn't take long
  • Go for the puppy @gumby!! I would but i think I'd have to filing through a few levels, no interest lol:) good luck
    OB it seems @sweetp indirectly fixed my auto correct, so I'll have a refill on the Irish Coffee please:)
  • @kathy it may have been a fluke, I haven't gotten over 130k since.
  • Mrs. Bunny, I know your foot isn't as bad as my friends was but I thought I'd tell you her story anyway. She was in an accident years ago that broke bones in her foot. She suffered for years through surgery after surgery, infections, and pain. It wasn't until she finally had it cut off that she got her life back. Now you can't slow her down, lost the weight the injury had put on her, and is just a much happier person.
    Moral of story: You don't need a manky foot. Less Bunny is a good thing. he he

    Edit: Can I have it for a good luck charm?
  • @rat you can beat Romo without hunnybunny lopping her foot off :)
  • @Pa !!!jeez all the men are fresh tonight!! I fractured my foot years ago, while trying to comfort a dog that was hit by a car, i heard a screech and a yelp!
    I flew literally down 3 flights of stairs, never hitting a step until i got to the outside front 2 stone steps, twisted my foot, but proceeded to get the dog out of the to road and call 911. All said and done i walked back up 3 flights of stairs and went to bed, the next day my foot was swollen and black (no blue) had a cast for 9 long weeks of summer, the doctor said it wasn't healing properly,, 3 hairline fractures right below my pinky toe. He said I'd need to put the cast back on then would need surgery, i said No Way Hosea !! It still hurts sometimes when it's damp but I'm happy i have my foot, manky or not!
    But good for your friend to be able to keep on keeping on!:)
  • Haha @gumby !!
    Oh and it was the red planet challenge i think i mentioned @sglouk , thanks for the tips, but i won't be going back to Space for some time!
  • @kathy this challenge is actually pretty tough
  • I can imagine @gumby good luck,, seems you've done well, who's the trophy holder?
  • @Gumby I can't catch Romo if I'm not flinging. But thanks for the confidence boost just the same. My pain seems to go in cycles. I hit bottom about four days ago and seem to be improving ever since. Barring any unforeseen setbacks I might be fling capable by next week. Fingers crossed. I don't want him to get too comfortable with his lead in Cold Cuts. lol He might mistake it for fear. LOL!

    Btw @Ma, that was Red Planet level 22 you were trying to remember. Ugly level. It takes skill and luck.
  • @kathy

    1 smonard88 133,210
    2 hayesmccarty 133,140
    3 manu malin 133,050
    4 swanz 132,400
    5 OldDog 132,210
    6 asher 131,950
    7 gumby 131,920
  • gotta run out soon for a couple hours, I'll be back
  • Kk @Gumby see ya soon:)
  • Hmmm unusual for anyone to be that much above the mighty Manu ? But maybe it's a 'got easier' level @bonneypattycat?
  • It's only 170 points @Ma. That's not so much.
  • True @Pa i didn't really look at the point spread, my bad: (
  • Oh yeah ,i knew it was Red Planet but couldn't remember the level, i think All of Red planet is ugly lol
  • On the other hand, he only has a handful of scores less than 100th place except for his 1st place on the challenge. Most of his scores are in the 200-400+ range. You might be on to something @Ma. But even the blind rat finds the cheese occasionally.
  • @kathy @rat Im in Brookline atm, the only scores in the 7 I listed that are from the challenge are Old dog and mine. Im sure if had gotten easier comex666 would be getting another puppy. So far no puppies for anyone.
  • Ill be heading to Watertown in about 20 minutes, then back home
  • I thought it was you @gumby
  • Well if he has first place on the challenge he'll have to provide a screenshot for @Sweetp so maybe he'll be proven wrong, but hmm then what happens to those who are in second or third that didn't bother with a screen shot because they didn't think they got a puppy?
  • Book time :) I'll be lurking!
    OB no more coffee I'll be up all night,, I'll have a nice cool Long Island Iced Tea thank you light on the tea heavy on the Long Island business:)
  • @kathy how the heck do I find this Pig days challenge level?
  • I'm out guys it's almost 11:30.
    * sets out baskets of earplugs on the bar, all booths and the table by the door for Whine Tuesday:*
    Short lesson , you gotta make it count goes like this... SMHm level #8
  • Wow @gumby I'm surprised they finally included pig days in the challenges, just go out of the forum, say to a walkthrough click n on the challenge on top off the page, that'll bring to the leaderboard, then click on the top where it says 3 star w a walkthrough
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