What do they say?
  • Welcome and well met everyone!

    I am proud to call myself a Birdie and love ALL Angry Birds games.

    I apologize if this has been asked already, I didn't see a post though... My question is this: What do all of the characters "say" in ABSW2? For example, Qui Gon Jinn when he's launched says... ????

    Does this make sense even?

    Thanks and may the Birds be with us all!
  • It's never really anything specific, just "ha-ha" or something... I think it's intentional that what they're saying doesn't make any sense. In AB Toons they don't speak a specific language, so it's only fitting.
  • Yes there is a thread, currently on page 8 of Forums, called "Angry Birds bird sounds", which I think you'll find of interest.
  • I think Qui-Gon sometimes says Kenobi! And something with Jedi!
  • Thanks all for replying. The forum thread on bird sounds was fun to read!
  • Sounds like "I'm chillin'!" to my 7-year-old and me!
  • TomPuss:where is the thread you referred to above?
  • eggnack = egg play eggnack = get egg sola = unknown
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