Millenium Falcon and Space Eagle
  • I finally got an android phone and was looking forward to getting all stars and feathers in every level of ever version of the game, but the price for the millennium falcon and Space eagle is waaaaay too high. Right now it is $19.99 for only 225 space eagles/ millenium falcons. I would guess it would cost me hundreds of dollars to get a feather / falcon on every level. This is crazy, and I am very disappointed. They must have raised the price because I've seen screen shots of 1000 space / millennium birds for $19.99. This is still very high, but not terrible.

    Does anyone know if there are any plans in the works for rovio to change this?

    I know you can earn them in game, but they are very few.

  • @doodie yes You're right. The prices are very high and tooooo expensive. In Original, Seasons and Rio i bought the Mighty Eagle once for EUR 0,89 and it is for unlimited use! In Star Wars and Space Rovio can't see enough Money :-(

    It is something for the Big Wishlist for Rovio :-) Please post your opinion also here:

    Thanks CC
  • @Doodle -- Interesting. It is true that the Space Eagle was originally $19.99 for 980; however, the Millenium Falcon was always $19.99 for 225. Not sure when they upped the price for the SE. I have 176 SE's and 92 MFs, none of which I bought. I have 14 SE feathers and 10 MF ribbons / medals, all of which were earned with free SE and MF. It is true that even if you follow the SE/MF walkthroughs, you may spend more than one SE/MF per feather / medal. I think you get a certain number of SE/MF through gameplay, and you can still get SEs once in a blue moon as a daily reward. Not sure about SW.
    In the other games I usually get all the feathers without watching the walkthroughs, but if I try for more in Space or SW, I will use the walkthrough. I will try to remember to send a tweet to Peter Vesterbacka.
  • If I didn't do it immediately, would forget. Will let you know if I get a response.
    @pvesterbacka How about a sale on Space Eagles and Millenium Falcons? Unlimited use for $1.99? Please make sure I know if you do.
  • Peter Vesterbacka

    @MVNLA sounds good. Need to figure out how we could do that
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