The Bloated Pig - A Place for Weary Flingers
  • @rdnzlrips82... thank you for explaing so.well...sorry I had to step.away
    ....I hope everyone joins us this would actually make a pretty good angry birds side story as they have the comic strips and such:)... an extended little part of a movie or something..
    Or am I getting carried away.
    Now can we invite people to join us?
  • @kathy I posted a status update on my profile with a link here. It would be cool to get more patrons. All the good folks around the nest that are friendly. Like sunshine, laurence, iammighty, wanda, AA, E-Star, wrw01...people like that. Everyone is invited, as long as they are nice.
  • This is really cool, creative, well written, and a great idea. I would love to see this on a map. We could then turn it into a role playing game. Now that would be fun. Anyhow, I have to head over to Swine Hall to meet the Joker Pig. He's furious about the poor building codes in Pigham.
  • Oh boy!! That guy is a hard one to deal will get him way or another:) I had a little too much at the Bloated Pig..oh boy you gotta try the "Pig Killer" itz a mystery drink. Orange bird ( the current Barkeep made it up.. not bad ..but its a kicker lol. Thanx for joining us:) see you tommorow...same bird time..same (only) bird site:)
  • Cool could we do a role playing game
  • Now driving off to Pigham City to hunt down some Pigs. All locked and loaded and great idea @rdznlrips82
  • @BirdLeader & iamMighty - Thank you for the kind words.
    I have more ideas about this and with a little more time, can edit the story to become more functional. As far as a map, my drawing skills are very crude. However my descriptive capabilities, partnered with a more apt artist, could really make this thing take off. So if we have any artists in the nest, we can make this work. I would love some suggestions, especially if I get stuck with character development. So until next time, continue to keep fighting for justice.
  • me too! die Piggies!
  • @rdnzlrips82 Mind if I join you guys? :)
  • Just an idea for a pig name: Mr.Oswine Crockpot, The Pigwin
  • @kartflyer Of course you can join us! Have a seat. What's on your mind?
    @sal9 Yes! That's what I'm talking about. I am currently writing up some character developments along the same vein. Feel free to continue input, everyone.
  • Could I join to?
  • @Harrystar6 You are already here, friend. Take a load off and relax. Feel free to order some breakfast. Everyone will be glad to know that we use EggBeaters here. No real eggs. And we have lots of bacon!:)
  • This is so cool!!! I can't believe my one simple post for help could have come so far:) I am soo excited:)
  • @kartflyer I owe u a drink...order it up:) juzt put it on my tab;)
  • @kathy Whatcha guys serving? :)
  • @kartflyer Orange Bird has anything you want.
    @kathy Just wait until you see what I've been working on for character development. :) This story is going to be taken to a whole new level.
  • I have a feeling its gonna get busy in here, so I hired blue bird as a waitress:) she should work out well with the ability to b in 3 places at once:)
  • Rd I can't is getting more exciting by the minute..I would send out a general invite to freindz but I don't know how lol!
  • @kathy are you sure blue is old enough to serve in such an establishment?

    Space Needle just fell on the piggies again, and I am back above average in all of space, what would you all recommend to get my nerves back down to earth before I go tackle the final two levels of Mighty Hoax?
  • @Kathy, @rdnzlrips82, thanks for being so creative! This is great!! What teamwork!!
    It's been a long stressful week, may I have a greyhound, made with Skyy Vodka?? Please, Kathy said the first one was on the house!!! :)
  • Maybe you can add 'Robbird' as birdman's sidekick!
  • You people are too funny! Remember, at a bacon and eggs breakfast a bird is involved, but the pig is committed. Sounds about right! ;-)
  • @ Burbman. Its ok she's paid under ths does anyone know if there is a way to be notified of comments here?
  • @kathy - I think you subscribe by clicking the star of the post on the main forum screen.
  • @kathy I don't think there is a way to be notified. I thought the @ tags would work in here, but I was mistaken. I guess you just have to keep checking. Which, it seems to be busy so far today. It's good to see everyone here. May the stresses of your week and your flinging be drowned away by whatever you wish. We are here to make your life fun. Okay, I've gotta get some of this stuff typed out for an update to the discussion. Have a good time!
  • @rdnzlrips82, like PlayDBird said click on the star in the upper right corner, you will ge notifications!!! :)
  • Thank you @PlayDBird. I didn't see that post. My browser was viewing an old version.
    @sunshine You may have anything you like here. I'm sorry you had a bad week. Hopefully we can help make it better, just tell us what we can do for you.
  • You're welcome - but you may not thank me when your email inbox starts getting filled up with messages from rowdy flingers ;-)
  • Hmmm. Mind if I sit down for a bit and have a Jack & Coke? Just worked through Mighty Hoax and my fingers are tired! Now I need to figure out my next project. What are some favorite episodes to go work on?
  • @sunshine ...sit back relax and enjoy your drink:) orange bird will bring you and ty and playbird for helping me with.the notification button:)
  • Thanks Kathy, I will!! :)
    @Burbman, I must say I'm very impressed with your eye for 0-bird levels!!!! :)
  • @sunshine Thanks, but I just pay attention around here, and those zero birders keep me out of trouble at work ;) Hard to get in trouble for playing games at your desk when the game is just playing itself.
  • @Burbman, very true!! Lol :)May I buy you a drink? ;)
  • I am off to pigham city now that I am out of work, had my pigslide, and relaxed: have fun all :) enjoy I still have yet to conquer 3-7 lol, back to where it all began lol!
  • Hey all, since this conversation is going pretty well here, would anyone mind if I removed the thread from 3-7 walkthrough page?
  • @sunshine - why thank you! I will have the special. Waiting on the piggies in S&T 12 to fall down as we speak.
  • @kathy - go get 'em! Took me a few tries to get the hang of that one.
  • @Burbman, I have only had that happen one time, and it was not a full collapse. :(
  • @Amslimfordy don't mind at all...why don't you come back and relax when your done...ill buy you a drink:)
  • This is awesome
  • I imagine that The Bloated Pig has free wifi to help keep track of any pending pig issues. Since I'm currently on vacation in Mexico, I believe that a Piña Colada would help me through Fry Me to the Moon. Can you believe I was stuck on a plane when it was released and had to wait to be able to download?!? Oh, the trials and tribulations of being an AB addict.
  • Let me get you another drink, cats.
    Harrystar6, do you need anything?
  • @catsnbirds ..of course we have free wifi...can't guarantee the signal is constant..but better than the plane..I would have went into withdrawals. Hope your vaca is awesome...I am not sure if bluebird can make it to mexico but she will try pina colada on ice:) send her right back though we will be shorthanded..don want to overwork orange bird:)
  • @sunshine nope but beat up pigs!
  • @Harrystar6! you beat up the pigs, we will have breakfast for everyone!!!! :)
  • Wouldn't it be cool to turn this idea into a chat room? Then you could sit around and talk with others, and you could assign yourself a virtual
  • Die piggies
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