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  • Poachhed Eggs 62
  • 4 more here:

    Info Section
    All in One bundle in Shop
  • Credits at the name : Ari Arnbjornsson
  • sorry just to be clear, by info section, I mean the help section from the question mark, rather than from the 'i'!
  • Yes,The ? button on the sling scope page
  • Strange as it may seem but Easter Egg-5 does not need you to fling any birds and you do pass the level!
  • OK here's the official numbering system:
    1. Shop
    2. Avatar
    3. Credits
    4. Inbox
    5. ? Page
    6. SaT 6
    7. SaT 37
    8. MH 1-12
    9. Haven't confirmed, but assumed to be PE 1-62, as it's the only other egg!
    10. PE 1-3
  • Good job guys! We will be making a post shortly, and obviously videos thereafter.

    I copied Laurence's numbering to the top post.
  • Amazing work all! Curious, once you find an Easter Egg does it unlock a playable level?
  • @BirdLeader Yes! It appears at the episode-selection screen everytime you find an Egg and it's playable too.
  • Awesome! Thanks.
  • I was going to say that the Facebook Easter Egg Levels are the same as the regular level, but not so. Some of them are very similar, but have noticeable differences, and some are totally new!
  • thanks everyone, this is great.
  • I'm confused. I only had 8 "?" eggs on the title screen to start. I found all 10 easter eggs as described above, but still only 8 eggs appear. Egg levels 1 and 9 seem to be not showing up. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • Extreme left or right?
  • Probably. The egg I have nearest the left side of my screen is level 2. Level 1 egg might be further to the left and I can't see it. Is there a way to adjust the screen. I've tried three different browsers and they all look the same. Level 8 egg is on the bottom left corner of the Easter Egg Hunt sign and 10 is at upper right corner, but no egg level 9. I've tweeted Rovio but no response yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Same problem here. =/
  • Thanks for the list peoples. Did you all notice you can also now add (for free) ears and a basket of eggs to your Facebook Avatar?
  • @upsidedown, you should use the "Zoom Screen" button, just above the "Sound" button on the main screen, otherwise the other eggs are partially obscured.
  • Egg-6 seems crazy hard until you practice it a lot.

    First send little red into king pig. Next, split the blues into the 3 glass partitions above. Getting the blue bird to work right is tough, and using powerups don't really help, so don't bother wasting any until after the blue birds worked correctly.

    Now, assuming you already practiced the following several times, turn on the Super Scope for the remaining birds to help make these easier.

    For the 3rd bird, loop the green bird above where the king pig was and quickly pull it into the wood door to the cave on the right. Fourth, shoot the yellow into the top of the wood door on the left cage, so it rolls fast into the piggy. Fifth, aim the white bird down and right and pop the bird up to the piggy on the arrow. Sixth, send the black to the piggy in the box above the left cave, blasting the bomb at the right moment. Lastly, bounce the big red bird off the flat, vertical portion of the left cave so it bounces to the piggy under the slingshot.

    To get 3 stars, try to send the red bird to the high part of the vertical section, leading to more ice cubes getting crushed.
  • @rjohnson8ball -- Your comment should go on the walkthrough page for facebood E-6
  • The 8 egg issue seems to be fixed this morning. The levels seem to have shifted for me. What once used to be the egg I clicked to go to level 2 is now the egg I click to see level 1, a brand new level 2 egg has now appeared and also a level 9 egg has appeared in between 8 and 10. Hooray. I can now play the last two levels. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.
  • Not sure if anyone has got video's up yet but I can't seem to find the egg in PE 1-62
  • All the videos are online. I'm gonna close this discussion, and redirect everyone to the main post at least.

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