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  • @werewolf69 -- Thanks! This is the second reported level with self-destruction in ABSW! Any idea how often this happens? I would assume it's 5K points. Does it help your final score? Not clear to me if it would. Are you on a PC or Mac? I've been watching while typing, and nothing so far.
  • @werewolf69 -- There seems to be little or no settling immediately after restart. The most I've seen is an almost imperceptible motion left/right of the horizontal AT-ATs horizontal plank on its legs. The pig riding the AT-AT does snore sometimes, but haven't seen anything happen as a result.
    Let me know if you have any more details. Otherwise, I will report it without them. Thanks again.
  • Edited version of my comments on walkthrough; will edit more for 1st page:
    ABS Winter Wonderham 1-1; partial, 50 to >5000 pts; pig on left with hat rolls off and sometimes pops, pig on bridge right gets 2 black eyes, and arches cave in a little; should make it easier to obtain top score; look for pig on right of bridge to go up more than usual on reset; watch center fenceposts carefully to see if they start moving apart; both pigs on bridge should then get black eyes; wait ~30 sec for left pig to roll off and hopefully pop; something happens ~1/20 times; pig pops ~1/100 or less; takes 30 sec to a couple of min.; initial motion of fence-posts barely perceptible; requires the patience and sharp eyes of a Jedi.
    0 pts = Both pigs get black eyes
    50 pts = Pig on left rolls off, keeps hat
    110 pts = Pig on left rolls off, loses hat
    140 pts = 110pts plus right wood fell off center square block (after I thought everything had stopped)
    5110 pts = Both pigs get black eyes, left pig rolls off and pops.
    5250 pts - 5110 plus more flattening / destabilization of arches and bridge.

    Don't really understand what starts motion on this level:
    Snow melting?
    Black ice on bridge?
    There is obviously a different amount of settling from reset to reset, so different slopes on bridge, but it is SO slow.
  • WW 1-2: 4th reset — 13K level starts rocking slightly ~30 sec after reset. Top pig rolls off to right and pops, long ice planks on left slide off. Pretty slow, and not constant motion. Top of tree on left offset to right, probably interferes with 1-birder.
    2nd reset after reopening level (total now ~2/50). 38760K Right structure collapses; no pigs left right of tree in center, very slow and jerky. Tree not offset. Can I convert to high score — of course not.
    I don’t understand this level at all. Right structure seems to grow noticeably taller then start to settle back down in jerks. Look for increasing gap between lowest pair of horizontal wood planks.
  • WW Intel egg level 3: sometimes the top of the leftmost structure falls apart.
  • Not sure how you want to classify this one, but in Angry Birds Seasons, Winter WonderHam, Intel level 1-2. The brick on the far upper right will sometimes fall to the right taking out the presents.
    Yeild: 10 to 12k
    Occurance: 1 out of ~ 20 times (maybe less frequent)
  • @theanonymoussomeone @sparty83 -- I can't play the Intel levels, so it would help if you can provide more details. So you are saying both 2 and 3 have self-destruction (just want to make sure there are no typos)? Does self-destruction help or hurt final score?
    TAS -- Do you have any data on number of points, frequency of occurrence, how long it takes, how it starts?
    Sparty -- How long does it take, and how does it start?
    Thanks for the input; will include in list, but more info would help.
  • @mvnla2, I would say that the collapse helps the level. I found it difficult to get the presents without the collapse.
    It starts at the beginning of the level, just after a restart, with the 2 wooden blocks wobbling. The brick does not fall every time. But if you start and see the wood moving, just be patient, it may fall. Not sure I am the best at stating how long it takes to fall. I have a slow phone, so it may take longer in my device than others. Roughly 30 seconds or so.
    Hope this helps.
  • @mvnla2 I am not really the expert at tracking down levels like this, not all that patient for collapsing structures that take awhile. Intel egg has four levels in case you didn't know. This collapse is only for a tower next to one of the structures and it does not happen often (although it happened to me the first time I played the level) but I think it takes about 20 secs and I am not sure how many points it gives. And another thing. A platform hanging on the right side of the main structure has a pig on it. Sometimes the platform gets a bit shaky and gives the pig a black eye and 50 points. This happens about half the time.
  • ABSW 3-11, sometime level start wait about half minute will get 20 point, not sure where destrution. 1/?, not know yet.
  • @PJng -- I get 20 pts all the time; I think maybe the black droid is hitting the storm trooper, but not clear.
  • @werewolf69 @theanonymoussomeone @sparty83 Think I am up-to-date. Didn't realize I hadn't done some of this earlier.
  • Wreck the Halls 1-1: Left two towers lean away from each other. All pigs in towers get a black eye. ~30 secs, 1/3 tries
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster -- Do you get any points? Probably small? Haven't seen it yet during 10 tries. What platform are you playing on?
    Interesting -- pig on bottom of second tower from left started with 2 black eyes, but no points. That seems to happen ~1/10. Large pig on far right also started with black eyes, no points.
    Second tower leaned right, touched 3rd tower, large pig in 3rd tower got black eyes; left pig with santa hat also has black eyes. Now little pig getting black eyes at every restart.
    Amazing variety of no-points options
  • WW-11 left side of tower with blue ornament peeled off and toppled left, taking out two shorter columns to left. ~5 sec after restart
    The third tower with the blue ball occasionally will collapse of its own accord.
  • ABO BPgs 21-14 see walkthrough
  • @mvnla2, on bday new level 19-13 when level start will get 40 points, and 1/5 right tower will fall hit 2 pig, 13-16k. Seem all 3 tower will shake, keep monitor whether will fall or not.

    And your old BPS1913 you need to change it.
  • @PJng -- Thanks! I didn't notice that at all. First time I got 40 pts immediately. Do you mean second tower from left? That is the one that leaned this time.
    Interesting: I don't always get 40 pts, and the towers seem to take turns rocking. On 3rd restart top of right tower fell and popped one hanging pig and one below; took ~30 sec. ~14K. Second time 16K, maybe 2/12 to 15? Only got the 40 pts first time opened. This time took at least 1 min.
  • This time 2nd tower from left fell to right for 13700 pts. Now if it would just all happen at once.
  • i always get 40 point. Yes, most right tower, top rock will fall down hit hanging and below pig.
  • Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 1-19. the middle and right Tower falls!! High Destruction !! Please take a look
  • @CC Jolly -- Thanks! I was wondering about it, but haven't seen it yet. Any idea how often; how many points, or how long it takes to happen?
  • 4th -- 4890 top of center tower fell left; moves immediately, but may take 30 sec to fall
    8th -- 20070 right tower fell right; happens in a few sec
    9th -- 24330 left tower collapses (both left and right); starts by leaning far right; so far this is the slowest; starts leaning immediately, but may take 1 min to fall.
    15 -- Left and center towers leaned right, little wood block fell, nothing more
    25 -- block fell 10 pts, pig fell total 5260
    26 -- 14470 top of center tower fell left; pushed rest right
    30+ -- 45000+ Top of central tower fell right, destroyed right tower and TNT. One pig left on central tower. Unfortunately, comments I tried to post during that run got lost.
  • I would say One of the two towers (middle or right) after replaying 5 times. Sometimes both towers collaps !!!
  • See comments on ABO 19-4
  • @mvnla2 nothing i see comment on 19-1? typo?
    and I cannot see already update to list
  • @PJng -- Oops; should be 19-4
  • I'm not really sure about how to do this but it would be totally rude to ignore my good friend @mvnla2 who asked me to contribute in this forum. So here comes my review on ABS Winter Wonderham level 1-19. Please note that to make this post shorter, i'll just write down about certain attempts which recorded certain degree of movements. Any minor "wobbling" will not be included in this post.

    2nd -- scored 40,840 with both tower collapsed, 1 pig inside middle tower survived, glass plank in the way to the TNT didn't break.
    7th -- no point with middle tower significantly leaning rightward, tiny wooden block near the pig in the open (safety railing?) fell.
    14th -- no point with middle tower mildly leaning rightward.
    17th -- scored 5,250 with middle tower significantly leaning rightward, pig in the open and tiny wooden block near it fell. Worry not, the pig died while the wooden block survived, LOL.
    25th -- scored 15,360 with middle tower fell leftward, came down crushing against right part of left tower, both middle pig survived, left pig in the open (the one with Santa's hat) killed.
    34th -- scored 5,430 with middle tower significantly leaning rightward, pig in the open with vertical wooden plank and tiny wooden block near it fell. The pig (again) died while the woods survived.
    47th -- scored 82,780 (122,780 plus 4 unused birds) as every pig killed for a 0-birder completion, bar the gift boxes. Wait a second! Wouldn't that be 130k+ if i "exchanged" a bird for the gifts?! Darn, it slipped my mind... :(
    50th -- no point with middle tower mildly leaning rightward.
    52nd -- scored 17,820 with middle tower fell leftward, came down crushing against right part of left tower, both middle pig survived, left pig in the open (the one with Santa's hat) killed. It was like 25th attempt just with slightly better score.

    Footnotes :
    * This review was made after 100 attempts with each attempt equally given a 60 seconds time to settle before resetting except the 47th attempt which took a little over 60 seconds between resets.
    * The entire run was made on a single playing session which means i only pressed the reset button to mark each attempt without ever gone out to Level Selection Screen.
    * I'm a PC user so it's obvious that this review was collected from the PC version of the game.

    I'd better call it a day for now. The wife's been yelling for the last hour or so... :D
  • ABS WW level 1-21
    Partial collapse of section under helmeted pig. Falls to right, yields between 5.5k and 10k.
    Occurs 1 in 30 on my iphone 4s.
    Not really a points gatherer in this case so have stopped pursuing at this stage.
  • @BirdJo -- Fantastic! Thanks, and thank your wife for me. May I suggest, however, that completing this detailed list is probably not worth having your wife yell at you.
    Maybe I can catch up on this list today; been pretty busy lately. Lots of guests, and it is almost Christmas, after all.
  • @mvnla2 - Hopefully the review will provide us with more detailed information regarding the corresponding level's behavior. And don't worry, man. She's already sleeping when i entered the bedroom... ;)
  • WW - 21 See walkthrough.
  • Next on list to update: WW-11 -- Can't believe how far behind I am.
  • Oh yeah, now I remember why I'm so far behind. Between several long power-outages at our house in the last few weeks, plus all the site problems, it's been hard to keep up. And there's that minor event called Christmas, and lots of house guests, and... Will see if I can catch up later today.
  • Minor? Nice... :p
  • @all -- I think I'm up-to-date, but with all that's been going on, could easily have missed something or got something not quite right. Please let me know, and keep the reports coming.
  • @Brave1966 -- Thanks, however, I'm much more likely to see your report here than in the BP.
    instability alert! WW 1-24, the boulder in a tree rolls off to the left or right, every 25 resets or so. Right roll stops next to the TNT without detonating it.
  • WW-24 Long vertical stone plank may separate and fall. Saw it fall once, but was shooting at same time, so don't know points.
    30 restarts: No self-destruction; vertical plank separate a bit ~5 times, but did not fall; stone boulder on tree at most show a barely perceptible rocking.
    Vertical stone plank fell for 850 pts ~1/100, probably hurts final score. 1500 second time.
  • BDP -19-13 -- See more comments on walkthrough pages
  • ABO BPgs 21-15 Blue balloon pops and top of left structure tilts right; not sure how many points since I had already released 1st bird
  • Just remember this, ABr 2-15, if you didn't 'catch' fruit, will no point earn, after get it will get 70 point when level start.
  • @mvnla2, i haven't played ABo Bad Piggies 21-15 yet. But if only a single balloon pops without any other casualties, it should be 100 points, right?
  • @BirdJo -- Since I had already released bird, there may have been more that a single balloon that popped. It's happened to me at least twice, but didn't see points or what really happened either time.
  • @mvnla2 - when said balloon pops in ABo Bad Piggies 21-15, part of the structure atop the balloon will (unfortunately slowly) collapse left and right, killing top 3 pigs on left structure, exploding bottom TNT for scores around 35k. I've done 3 separate "exit game and return" sessions which scored sequentially as 35,190 - 35,210 - 35,270, each on 20th attempt. These occurrences didn't happen when i just exit the level without completely exit the game (to Level Selection Screen, Episode Selection Screen, nor Title Screen). Oh, and we should immediately notice this behavior right after starting the level (less than 5 secs)... :)
  • Has anyone seen self-destruction on ABO BPgs 21-4? Seems like it could happen.
    Will try to get back to updating this soon. Too much going on over the holidays.
  • @mvnla2 I'm in ABObp 21-3 and I know you'll want me to tell you here as well as I did in the walkthrough, the second tower of pigs next to the brick tower (I've only just started to play this one) I've opened it 4xs and so far the first and 4th time the pig on top rolls over to the left and eventually pops, but both those towers move so more could possibly happen. The score was 5200 both times. It happens in the first few seconds of the game starting so there was not a long waiting period. One time they both merely teetered but that was it. I'll let you know if anything else happens.
  • Ok mvnla2 it doesn't seem to happen all that often, I was kicked out both times it happened so I was wondering if that had something to do with it. I had to hard refresh my iPhone and when I went back in to see if it would happen again it didn't. The only consistent thing is the pig rolling left, but unless the other tower is teetering left at the same time the pig won't pop, just sits against the other tower. Not sure it's even worth mentioning in your self destruct line up. If it changes I'll let you know but it's not looking very promising!
  • @Kimmiecv -- Thanks! I am really behind in keeping this up. Lots of guests over the holidays; should quiet down after tomorrow (I hope).
  • Good luck @mvnla2 I totally understand!! :) I have had it happen two more times so it does happen but I'd say 1 in every 20 to 50 times and only the one pig pops and the tower leans towards or onto the brick tower, total score 5200 to 5260 in points. If you think it's worth posting, great if not, no matter but I wanted you to at least know it does seem to happen. More frequent is the pig rolling into the left tower with the other pigs and laying there, sometimes you get 20 points for the roll. Those are all the details, besides the two towers 95% of the time teetering. :)
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