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  • ABO GE 13 - bouncing bag of pigs will eventually cause enough damage to pop all pigs approx 10 min, score about 117k
  • This is a great idea!
  • I know there are numerous comments on level about spontaneous self destruction or partial destruction. It would take quite a bit of work to find them if someone went through all the level comments. I know I commented on a level that fell down on it's own, but I'll be darned if I can remember which one.
    @BL, any way to search the comments from your end? (more curious than serious, know that may be difficult, i.e what exactly should be searched for)
  • We can, but the point is the same concern you have: What's the search term?
  • Maybe you could search for "0-birder"?
  • ABO 3-16 The right tower occasionally falls over before you release any birds.
  • ABO 6-6 The helmet pig will occasionally fall off.
  • @chicadee -- Please help! Can you please provide more details? I tried it several times and didn't see anything. How often does it happen? What is the score? As far as I can see there is nothing in the comments about this.
  • I have iPod and Pad, and I've noticed that some Mac players have unstable structures in some levels that I don't get. I don't have a whole lot of info, but check out ABO level 4-7 by theater333. It's a one-birder for him, usually takes at least two. He easily gets a much higher score than the average person (102k). The only reason I have higher is because I played the level enough times to get lucky, and I think the potential score for that is higher than on the Mac, but Mac users will have a much higher average for it.
  • Hi mvnla2,
    Re ABO 3-16 and confirming we’re talking about Angry Birds Original, Poached Eggs level 3-16 being played on a PC from a store bought CD-ROM with version having been upgraded to v2.0.2. I went back and found the right tower fell 3 times within about 30 goes. (So about once every 10 tries.) A pig dies each time but the scores varied – being 21,070, 18,850 and 11,920 so there’s certainly nothing consistent happening there. Also I saw it just lean out a bit and not fall a couple of times and although no score results from that I felt when it did this you could have an advantage re aiming birds between the towers. Just before I posted these comments, I reset the game and then wandered off and when I returned both towers had collapsed and the score was around 36,000 – I didn’t write it down. Unfortunately, 2 pigs remained and I couldn’t take them out with the first red bird so I didn’t get the good score I was after. There’s possibly nothing in the comments because I suspect this may only happen on the PC games and needless to say, I haven’t posted anything there myself yet.
  • Very good idea...I will see if u can help add to your list
  • This is another gap-filler that will be down on my list of priorities for a while. But please continue to add, and I will get back to updating list.
  • @Bill Can you please provide a link?
  • 15-7 ABo, pig on strings sometimes tilts to the right when starting the level, causes the swing to shake wildly until the platform breaks off and pops pig in process.
  • ABO S&T-4 right tower can spontaniously collapse taking down entire level scoring 90k+ Mine looked to be falling from the get go, others have said to wait for it.
  • @burbman -- is SaT-4 the right level? How frequently does this happen? What device are you playing on? I can't get this to happen at all.
  • @mvnla2 Yep, could confirm that. Rarely happens, but you could notice the movement at the start of the level when you zoom out. Just keep restarting.
  • Here, some other levels that fall down at starting:

    AB0 1-3: the smile falls down on the pigs, almost impossible!
    ABO 2-2: the right pig falls in the swimmingpool
    ABO 3-9: the tower falls on the right, very rare
    ABO 4-2: the center structure moves, destruction at sides
    ABO 6-9: all falls down, almost impossible!
    ABO 12-14: the stones might fall down, very rare
    ABO GE 1-14: the structure falls down itself, I don't know exactly where, very rare
  • @mvnla - I got it to happen on my iPhone. It took about ten tries, and I have not had it happen again, but others here have confirmed on the walkthrough page for that level. Tower seems to always start with some movement, but usually stabilizes, this time it did not and the whole thing came down.
  • Thanks! Keep the input coming, I will update main post after some more ABOS. : )
  • Any self-destroying or unstable levels in ABOS? I think I saw mention of partial destruction, but didn't keep track of it -- too absorbed in game!
  • Added levels from burbman and bastieroxxor
  • Added
    ABOS PB 1-23 reported to have tall tower collapse
  • Added I would say the behavior of ABOS 2-5 is unstable; more later
  • No instability noticed: ABOS 2-3 Sometimes the closest large asteroid is stationary, sometimes it rolls clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise.
  • Don't want this to disappear if people are still interested. Any more interest or input?
  • Added: Have not seen tower collapse on ABOS 1-23. Anyone else seen it, or have more details?
  • I remember one: ABS Trick or Treat 3-3. I'd say it happens about 1 in every 20 tries. If you wait a minute or so, the right half, about everything right of the exposed pig collapses. Usually somewhere in the 50K's, max I ever got was 61K, never total destruction.
    You can see it might collapse when there's just a few pixels more space between the rightmost diagonal-placed plank and the one that rests on top of it, tough most times nothing will happen. I think the succes rate is about 25%. If the plank has dropped or significantly shifted and nothing happens within 20 seconds, reset.
    I play on ipod touch.
    And I just improved my highscore while testing it :p
    Edit: ABOS 1-23 tower confirmed. It happened just as I fired my first bird but I didn't touch anything yet. Haven't ever seen it happen before tough.
  • ABOS 1-30: The buggy will occasionally either fall off the platform or turn upside-down. This usually happens when the buggy has been hit 3 times in a row and happens very rarely(about 5% of the time). This will only increase your score by 180-2000 points. It's pretty funny when bubbles get under the buggy and it starts floating.
  • Little bit behind in updating this; maybe this weekend. : )
  • Yes you can. DZ 4 details available in the walkthrough section for the level.
  • @Burbman -- yes, that is why I posted a link to the walkthrough section for that level a few comments up this thread.
  • Some comments added; not finished
  • I read somewhere that the right side of DZ 15 is unstable and can collapse. Have not seen it occur personally.
  • I think I've caught up with input as of comment above. If I missed something, or something should be corrected, please let me know. Thanks
  • angry birds space 1-30, do nothing and wait for an hour, the score will go to 1600. which isnt a big deal...but ive only tried once..i OWN this space thing, 30th in the world in pig brain now. just a matter of time before i beat all of you.
  • @silentassassin -- really? Why then are you not ranked in the top 50 of the leaderboard on this site for Space? Post your scores and we can see if you can still brag....
  • @silentassassin I'm very much not a fan of your attitude. Please change your tone and perhaps I will approve some of the comments you have made on the main site.
  • chaos im already 25th in pig space, i just started cold cuts. read the end of my message..."just a matter of time". AMslimfordy, my attitude is even better than my skills.................lllol
  • @silentassassin -- yes, I do see that you have done really well on Pig Bang -- nice job there. However, you have a long way to go for the entire Space game, as you are only ranked 373 out of 796. Let me know when you reach the top 5 or 10% for the entire game.
  • you should check back in a week. i just started cold cuts, im afraid of what im going to do to the piggies here.
  • @silentassassin Thanks not a good way to gain any sort of favor when I'm issuing you a means to redemption. So I say again, please change your tone and attitude.
  • The Angry Bird Rio Carnival Upheaval last level sometimes by luck after many retries, the boss marmoset will fall onto the bubble object and it will keep jumping until it died. About 1-5% of chances it will happen, and will have a high score of 99570.
  • Another glitch on the same level, the boss marmoset, by only 1% of chances, hit the glass that hold the TNT beside the top platform. And after the boss leave the platform, it explodes and cause the marmoset lose a huge amount of health. The bubble object is an object with 4 colours, and will bounce everything that touches it.
  • It seems like there's much less selfdestruction on Android. ABSp CC 18 gets me nowhere, nor does ABO GE 3.

    But it may just be my impatience, though.
  • Anyone else notice differences on Android?
  • @Hii Zhe Xi -- Thanks. Not sure what you meant by bubble object -- The green pig balloon? Sounds like what you are describing is different than ABR Carnival Upheaval 8-15 described above? Do you agree? Will add if you agree it is different.
    Added your second comment to main post.
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