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  • @burbman -- Maybe that high, but then it was very difficult to finish with a high score.
  • Interesting -- I can't see 4th machine on my iPad; even zoomed all the way out. Can you get it to do anything?
  • I try using lazer bird, nothing happen, bird only bouncing like shoot other 3 machine.
    Only full screen can see it, my PC resolution 1920×1080.
  • ABO SaT #24: Right side of top tower topples over by itself every dozen or so tries.
  • same happened to me @dorito
  • have I mentioned in here that DZ-4 doesn't appear to be self-destructing? looking at the walkthrough I can see certain sticking points listed, but I think those are all in the low 000's. I've waited seven nights straight and the level will not tear itself apart beyond 12000 points. Anyone know if this has been "fixed" in 1.2.2?
  • if so, then they would need to change the average
  • I should reckon so, because the very highest scores wouldn't be attainable any more, would they? That sounds like a lot of work but everyone who's not able to repeat this would effectively be marked down.

    Not too big a worry in general, I would have thought, but in achieving the DZ score addict badge those extra points accrued due to the level destroying itself would certainly help!
  • I think Burbman and rd have gotten total destruction since the latest update. I got total destruction on DZ-4 9/14/12 [I think I edited this post after 14 Sept 2012]. Never had it before, so think it is OK. @hinarei -- I tried many nights for TD, with all sorts of results, none TD. Sometimes it stalls at very low scores, you just have to restart.
  • rightio then. I appreciate that. Means I can give it another go then. Just that every single time I've tried this level (and it's not exactly cheating if it's built in. It's definitely not cheating if it helps me get a DZ badge!) I've got stuck on 12k.

    Onward to try again this evening! :D
  • DZ4 gave me a complete destruction on my iPhone on Aug 1. (six days after installing the latest update) It did require three restarts to get it to begin the process vs. every single time, but it does still self destruct. (I think @rd is still working on getting a self destruction)
  • Thanks @Burbman -- What do you mean by "begin the process?" Do you mean get above some specific score? DZ-4 never came close to self destruction for me. I think my highest score was with decent partial destruction and 1 bird.
  • @dorito @angryperson -- Do you know how many points you get when tower falls? How long after restart does it fall?
  • I meant that it was not scoring any points the first two times I started the level. Third time was the charm!
  • between 30 secs- a minute, not sure, about 4k
  • Here are my findings. I am an Android user (Samsung Fascinate.):
    1. I have not achieved a full collapse because I am impatient. I think I am going to run it tonight and see what happens after the partial collapse.
    2. The partial collapse usually starts between 1580 & 1640.
    3. This usually happens within 40-50 minutes of starting. It seems to have gotten faster since they gave us the first Utopia update. It used to take a lot longer for me to happen before that. Maybe an hour and a half.
    4. After partial collapse, I have had anywhere between 12-36k.

    I will post any updates if I get further than the partial collapse.
  • Updated. Why does Rovio change the instabilities? Makes top scores no longer possible.
  • again, I report that DZ-4 does not like me and will not completely collapse! I improved by actually playing the level after my latest 12k stuck score, so that's something, but this one will not topple for me :(
  • @hinarei -- DZ-4 never reached total destruction for me either, but it did get into the 70's or 80s. I tried it a couple of days ago, and it stopped at 3 or 4 K!
  • @mvnla2, today's challenge Hogs & Kisses 1-12 seems a bit unstable. I saw the left side of the roof slide left & collapse down a bit. Happened to me twice in about 45 mins of playing this level. I was never able to get much of an advantage scoring wise, though someone else may be more lucky.
  • @mvnla2 - I think the latest update may have stabilized the top of the space needle in ABSp 3-10. I have restarted ten times and not gotten a single collapse.
  • @swellD Wow! Any idea how often this happens, or how long you have to wait? Were you able to get a high score after the collapse happened?
  • @mvnla2 I literally reset after I had posted a reply on the other thread and it collapsed almost immediately. That is the most I have ever seen it do. Usually I see it moving by the time I draw back the sling. I usually reset because that first plank only ever ended up blocking my shot.
    That kind of movement happens maybe one in fifty resets. I reset a lot and fast if I know the trajectory is wrong.
    Now, I could theorize that if it happened just so, that the RB could go through that ice pane into the area where you would want it to be for the first shot, albeit with a little better oomph. Rovios physics sometimes defy what you expect.
    As to did I get a high score that way, the answer would be no! I was freaked out and studied it for about 10 min but the RB stopped dead in its tracks so didn't help. As I commented over there, it's slightly unfair that different pieces of wood behave differently even within the same level, when they look identical. Same with those pigs. Rovio should make a little S on their chest to let us know that they are hard to kill. Ever seen one that seems to be superglued to the wood? That's my all time fav.
  • @mvnla2, after reading PJng's post about ABO 6-6 last night, I checked the level and on my level, there is no little wooden block next to the lower helmeted pig. This morning I updated to the latest version (2.2.0 i think) of ABO. Went back to check ABO 6-6 and the little wooden block IS there. (android version so I could not update until today)

    Not sure which platform PJng is on, but it now appears in Android. (if I remember correctly, this level can be completed with one bird so whether or not that pig falls, I don't think it will make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things)
  • ABsp (Utopia) 4-24:

    unstable: several times prior to 1st bird, the chain holding the ramp (far right) snapped, causing the boulder to roll down with partial damage.

    self-destroying: Once, boulder detonated tnt and entire structure tipped left for total destruction. 0 birds flung for score of 159,110.

    Using Motorola Xoom with Android 4.1.1

    screen shot with score:

  • @pourpete - you should enter that score - it'll put you at #1 by a wide margin!

    Good non shooting!

  • @mvnla2, that's an ouch. 3 or 4k is nowhere near enough. I've tried DZ-4 again twice the last two nights and again am getting no further than 12k.

    Cheers for that, @pourpete! Another one to investigate. I've played the level and got nowhere near a score that good xD good job with the non-flinging!
  • OK, just had a second no-birder on ABsp 4-24 for 140k points.

    @PlayDBird thanks! Score will be entered in a while.
  • Will try to update list tomorrow. Thanks all!
  • @pourpete congrats! I can't replicate it on IOS on my Ipad :( might be android only
  • @PourPete -- Updated ofr ABSp 4-24 (and H&K 1-12). How often do you get either partial or total destruction, and how long after restart does it take? I tried more than 30 restarts, and did not get chain to break, but I'm assuming it breaks within a few seconds??? I'm also using iPad.
    Is it correlated with the green bush moving?
  • @mvnla2, I've been replaying through Summer Pignic, & there are comments on the pages for levels 1-23 & 1-24 about partial collapses, & they aren't on your list. Neither one happened to me, so I can't help with descriptions. Sorry about giving you more work :)
  • @karen68 -- Thanks! I haven't been through all the old posts (yet???). So thanks for telling me. Please let me know if you find more.
  • Surf and Turf 23,Center tower collapsed,fall to the right side,destroying the right pig and the one in the hole,leaving just one pig,reseted almost 30> Times,only happens once,and for some evidence,the tower usually leans to the right in every 5-10 resets :D
  • Has anyone on an iOS platform been able to duplicate the ABsp 4-24 collapse? I'm on an iPhone and have had no luck after a few hundred attempts.
  • @chaostsar - I've tried about the same number of times with no success. I use an ipod touch.
  • @mvnla2 on ABsp 4-24:
    1) have had total destruction only twice, partial destruction maybe a dozen times.
    2) the chain moves/ramp bobs every time. Just watched it 10 out of 10 times.
    3) Do not see a correlation with the bush moving.
    4) This happens immediately after restart.
  • Check S&T-23 -- reported by rd. S&T 17 reported by Kathy.
  • Also check S&T 20, per wrw01. Boy -- getting lots of reports of total /partial destruction on S&T!
  • Hope I've updated everything correctly. Please let me know if I made mistakes or left anything out. Thanks all! Keep the reports coming.
  • Aren't there any new reports of self-destroying levels? Seems like DZ-4 still works if you are lucky or patient enough.
  • Unstabile Level AB Seasons Back to School Level 1-6 The middle Tower falls restarting After 10 Times. @mvnla2 Please Take a look
  • @CCjolly -- Looking, but nothing beyond movement so far. Do you have any more, details, like: how many points, which way does it fall, how long does it take? I think I've tried more than 10 times now; top stone structure moves either to the left or right. Have you seen it happen more than once? What platform are you on?
  • @ccjolly - I agree - stone pieces fall to the right, killing pig there. Not much other damage.
  • @all Just saw (out of the corner of my eye) left tower on 1-20 collapse for 17K ? Wasn't watching at the time so don't know details.
  • @all I will be on vacation until the 27th. Not sure if I will be able to update this until then.
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