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  • @mvnla2 You get even higher score if you used Terence rather than waiting for it,and it's around 10K to 14K
  • This fell off p 1. Has anyone found any self-destroying or unstable levels recently? Still need info on older episodes, which most people played long before this forum started.
  • Can remove ABO 17-5 middle of jewel broke? Because it is a PC and Mac glitch.

    And about paglantis 2-2 i didn't seen it happen on PC.
  • Just played ABO14-4 last night for the first time, started the level, then had to put my son to bed, came back to a near total collapse. I see it is already listed, but I am surprised to see the average score so low on a level that seems to self destruct pretty easily.
  • @Burbman -- I think near total is quite rare. What score did you get? A better description of near total would be useful.
  • After firing one bird to pick off the naked pig (i.e. nothing surrounding it) in the lower right corner, I ended up with 149k, I had just over 100k just from the collapse itself.
  • @mvnla2 - I just restarted 14-4 50 times, and 30 of those had some amount of self collapse. Score ranges were between 37k and 105k, with no complete destruction. Scores were pretty evenly distributed across the range of possible scores, with 5 over 90k.
  • @iamMighty -- Do you know how many points you got on ABS EE 1-5. Not shown in your photo.
  • @mvnla2 I think you can get somewhere between 1-2k depending on many eggs are broken.
  • @mvnla ABO 3-5 doesn't always total destruct, for me it just collapsed the ice and some of the wood
  • @mvnia ABO 3-5 - Out of 75 restarts (guesstimate) partial collapse of roof three times. Ice and some wood as angryboy and angrybirdlover2214 report. One time total collapse after I had shot the first bird. Structure had started to collapse before bird hit. Score was 115000. I play on a PC. Tried to replicate before sending this, but didn't experience any type of collapse. I would label this level as unstable, but not consistently so. Collapse occurs within 10 seconds of restart, if it is going to occur.
  • ABO 3-5 top triangle collapses on iPod. Haven't had total destruction as two of three times the bird was already shot. Third time triangle collapsex without total destruction.
  • @BetLib @ABeggerToo -- Thanks, list updated. Looks like I started to respond earlier, but perhaps system went down??? Do either of you know how many points you get for partial collapse?
    Can't really count it as total collapse if bird has already been shot.
    Please let me know if you find any more.
    BTW -- Have you joined the ABN members' map in the forum. Haven't checked recently; will update that next.
  • @iamMighty -- Sorry, but I've lost track of where you posted the photo for ABS EE 1-5. Please tell me again. Thanks
  • @foley200 -- Thanks; updated. Don't know why I couldn't find iamMighty's pic. But -- the one you posted -- was it yours, or were you able to edit his to show score? I can't see score on his pic???
  • Nope. This is @foley's pic.
  • @mvnla2 having a bit of trouble with photobucket, I've switched to an app called Imgupr so future pics should be clearer. Score in that pic was 7570
  • @mvnla2 Sorry didn't read your comment properly, thought you couldn't see my pic.
  • Playing with M&D 16-2 today. It is teasing me with the promise of a total collapse, but I haven't quite achieved it yet. I have had both right side towers come down, with debris leaning on the second tower from the left. Will post later with results after 50 attempts. (could be a while, this one takes some time)
  • Unstabile Level:
    Mooncake Festival Level 2-6. The right tower falls sometimes alone. This happens all 5 to 10 times repeat the level. (No High Destruction)
  • @burbman -- Just had the furthest right tower collapse, for 49K (second for 52K)! I think it took several minutes, since I went to check dinner. Does it always happen if you wait a few minutes? it was already on list, but not for second tower.
    @CC Jolly -- Right tower didn't collapse for me that often.
  • @mvnla2 - I have only restarted 16-2 20 times so far, and it appears that collapse occurrs about 90-95% of the time. The far tower will either fall to the right or the left (about evenly split), when it falls to the left, damage is limited to about 15-30k, when it falls to the right, I have had scores into the 70's, sometimes the wooden plank holding the "saw" ends up leaning against the second tower over, it will continue moving until it eventually falls down onto the rocks above the two TNT boxes. One time that detonation set off the box above, and nearly cleared the whole level.
  • @mvnla2 - I uploaded a couple of screen captures on 16-2 to my album. Don't know how to link them here, but if you would like to, you are welcome.
  • @burbman
    You have to copy the "Embed" below the photo, and here in post you have to insert the link !!!
  • @mvnla2 - update on 16-2, I have been running this one for a few days now, in the current run the rotating blade has not yet hit the stack of boulders, but...debris from tower two fell to the left and demolished tower one, this may finally be the total destruction that I was looking for. Funny thing is that I almost aborted the run because it started out so slow.
  • @all -- Will try to update p1 today. Have house guests, so pretty busy.
  • @mvnla2 Thanks for add in list (Mooncake 2-6)
  • ABR jungle excape 3-6, unstable
  • @angryperson -- Have you seen any points as a result? I've seen left tower shift noticeably right, but no points as a result.
  • @Burbman @CC Jolly -- Think I am now caught up. Sorry for the delay.
  • i think a couple points
  • @mvnla2. See my comment on ABO 5-11. The falling plank on that level is the result of unstable structure, and not the cart crashing into the structure. I posted two screenshots where I had this happen without throwing a bird (and I've had it happens many times since).
  • @gfish - I thought for awhile that self destructions on Android was less as well but I think it all just boils down to patience. ABO GE 3 I would let it run at work all day and I did this for about 6 months before I got a really high score, almost thought it would never happen but I don't think there is necessarily less destruction.
  • @mvnla2 - I had thought that the right tower on today's Challenge level YOD 1-6 should be listed as an unstable structure, but I just had it self collapse before I fired my first bird. (I ended up messing up the shot, so it didn't help me much)
  • @Burbman -- I added YOD 1-6, but do you have any info on points after destruction, or how often?
  • @DocTonyNYC -- I added ABo 5-11. Thanks. Do you have any info on how often this happens. In many tries (I don't remember how many) I only saw noticeable separation between stones once.
  • One time in all the attempts I made yesterday >200, so very rare. The time it did it, the TNT was not triggered, so it was not many points (~20k), but had it triggered the TNT, I have no way of knowing how much damage would have been done to the central tower.
  • Not sure if we should add ABS Cherry Blossom 1-12???
  • @mvnla2, yeah, yesterday callange that tall tower sometime shift to right, but i can't see it collapse.
  • i seen a time on ABS YotD 1-12 on left side got a wood fall down hit pig on 'hole', but i cannot see it happen anymore.
  • @PJng -- I restarted it 50 times, and saw nothing that came close to partial destruction. No one else has mentioned this either. I wish Rovio wouldn't change the parameters that cause partial or total self destruction!
  • Utopia 4-30, as fat pig eats unpopped kernels, they pop in his mouth which can bounce off the asteroids and drop them down to be eaten as well. Is taking forever, but he has eaten two already.
  • @Burbman -- Not sure if we want to call that an unstable level?? Comments welcome.
  • Well, I haven't gotten it to close out the level all by itself yet, so you can leave it off for now.
  • @Burbman -- I left 4-30 to run for a long time, maybe an hour, I wasn't watching, but when I came back, popcorn machines had stopped and fat pig was still looking for something to eat. Didn't help me to finish level at all, as I recall.
  • @mvnla2 - what was the score on that? I have been up as high as about 4k without firing any birds.
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