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  • Sorry, i don't mean 14% i mean 7%.

    @mvnla2 and @PlayDBird I also think that 0 birds isn't possible but a one birdie with a score of 150k is possible.
  • @all If you notice self-destruction (partial or complete) or instability after a bird(s) shot on any level, please post details. Especially need details on older levels. Thanks
  • Playing ABO 8-9 right now, and am getting significant movement of the central tower it can move either left or right at initial start. So far no collapse, but sometimes I wonder how it can stay up.
  • @burbman - the castle in that level always makes me think of Lord of the Rings - it just looks
  • ...and as soon as I hit post, the tower falls to the left this time for 40k.

    @PlayDBird - Never thought of it like that, but I can see the resemblance.
  • @mvnla2 - I just added some detail to the walkthrough notes on ABO 8-6 possible zero bird level.
  • Telepizza Level 3: the first tower rises slightly, then starts to shake.
  • @Burbman -- Any idea how often the tower falls in 8-6?
  • Meant 8-9; sorry, didn't realize you were talking about different levels.
  • Trick or Treat 3-13.
    First floating platform falls down.But no pigs killed.
  • ABS Easter 1-13
    80% all tower when level start is moving, 5-15% middle tower will fall to right, cause too many 'rubbish' hard to clean. And 40% middle tower will shake 1-2 min, after some time it will stop shaking, no point is earn while it shake.

    Why double list ABS hollowen 1-12?
  • @PJng Thanks for catching duplication. Will update new levels later today.
  • AB Telepizza 5
    The right side of the structure will lean to the left, causing the whole structure to shift. No significant damage.
  • @Enrico Carl Andrei -- How often does it fall, seems to me it must not be that often, and what score do you get?
  • @PJng How many points when tower collapses? I must have restarted >100 times, with no collapse. What platform are you playing on?
  • @blahalb09 Can you exploit the shift to get a higher score? Unstable generally means that after a specific shot, something collapses.
  • @mvnla2
    about 18k, i playing on platform Nokia/symbian. I restart more than 20 time. But i try on pc no does not happen.

    Edit:i verify again, take nearly hundred of time restart to happen
  • @mvnla2 You don't get any points when the structure shifts, but when you kill the middle-sized pig with out the helmet, the whole right side of the structure collapses. Also, if you break the glass on the left side, that side goes down too.
  • Hey @mvnla2... Loving your upkeep of this list. You can add
    ABO: 6-11... Highly unstable...partial collapse obvious after looking at level for a few seconds. Usually stabilizes but even so it causes higher destruction after you wait for the structure to become unhinged a little. Full collapse seems possible but have not seen it.
    ABO: 6-9... Update to include Full collapse nearly impossible, but nets 119-120k. Happens once in about 1000 tries. But after 10 seconds u start to recognize when it's highly unstable. However, partial collapse much more common.
  • @loox Any idea what score you get for partial on 6-11?
    What about score for partial on 6-9?
    @blabalb09 -- Will look at telepizza 5.
  • @mvnla2 - 8-6 falls to the left about once every 5-10 restarts, 8-9 has only fallen for me once in many restarts, it usually moves either left or right though, which can change the approach needed for the first shot.
  • @Burbman -- Both levels already listed. Changed words slightly for 8-9. If you think 8-6 should be changed, what change would you make?
  • @mvnla2 - I was answering your questions from above, as far as 8-6 goes, I have had 50k scores from the initial collapse to the left, I did not note my score the time the right came down as well.
  • ABS Moon 1-13, no birds is shoot, total destruction.
    Keep restart, until after 10 second got slow motion, and wait 1+ min.
    1/20-30 change.

    Same episode 1-8
    1/10 happen, partial, third tower stone fall down, 3-13k, not everytime hit right side pig. Screen/ABSmoon13-1.png

    Very interest on this topic, just replaying older level.
  • Would an unstable level be one that gives you points without throwing any birds?
  • Self-destroying levels, listed as total or partial destruction, give you points without throwing any birds. Unstable levels have some amount of destruction after structure has bee destabilized by a specific shot. Reading some of the examples of each might help you figure out what info is requested.
  • @mvnla2 Unstable level AB-O Might Hoax 5-6. Structure falls with different patterns. Launch the first bb into the glass blocks. Then wait. The right side appears to fall first then the left. One time the left side fell first but not the right. Watch the pigs eyes and their movement in the boxes and sometimes one can tell if the structure will fall. Movement usually occurs within 1-3 minutes after hitting the glass blocks with the first blue bird.
  • @mvnla2
    Check my post. I got total dest. level.
  • @PJng -- Please tell me where you post is. I can't find it.
  • i posted on 30may, above massive eagle question.
  • @PJng -- Sorry I misunderstood. I haven't done any updates since 5/29, and I have been away from AB for most of the last few days. Updated now.
    I obviously agree that it is an interesting topic.
  • @wrw01 Thanks, added your level. Do you have anything more specific on aim-point? Also how many extra points do you get?
  • partial:
    ABO GE 16:
    the front half of the bus will occasionally (1/10 chance) fall down taking the pig with it.
  • @massive eagle -- How many points do you get? How long does it take to fall?
  • ABS go green get lucky 1-8
    unstable level, 70% upper and wood on middle is move, no point earn, even move enough space for some wood fall down.
    Not yet see any destr.
  • @mvnla2
    1. 5170 points last time
    2. 5-15 seconds
    if the bus doesn't move, it won't work
  • @pjng
    ABS GGGL 1-8
    30 points by waiting 10 seconds (watch the second from top layer)
    UPDATE: does not always work
  • Note to self -- See comment on GGGL -5
  • ABS Wreck the Halls 1-9
    only movement.
    no destruction
    cc: @mvnla2
  • I think this is up-to-date except for GGGL-5, for which I don't have enough info, and couldn't see.
  • Nice topic!
    ABS Summer Picnic 1-27 Partial collapse no birds fired.
    Right hand structure collapses on its own. Happens every 20/30 resets but I have had it happen twice in a row.
    Pig in the hat on the right will roll left and structure will fold in on itself , yielding 25/30k.
    This can be exploited for higher scores.

    Don't think I saw this one mentioned already, apologies if it has been!
  • Added GGGL 1-5 and several other GGGL; also SP 1-27. The daily challenge is helping fill out this list! So keep them coming, especially for older levels.
  • ABO 10-4.
    Right side pig pop itself, 1/20 change
  • Piglantis 2-2....Occasionally the pigs on the raft on the far right will pop or break loose. I have even managed to get some sort of mini explosion when flinging a bird up by the raft (a la exploding santa hat?). Will try to repeat but have only gotten this to happen once. The raft seems to fall on its own fairly often and will happen within 10s or so
  • Updated 6/14
  • Piglantis's Golden Egg (Not the Shell one),Helmet Pig falls to the left (Rare),but to the Right (Very often),if he falls to left,TNT explodes,creating Chaos... xP
  • @alfredhartojo -- Any idea what score is after pig falls to left? Does it destroy everything?
  • @mvnla2 - I am letting the PL GE run, and even when Helmet stays on his pillar, the other pigs have been popping one by one as they get bounced into stuff in the surf. So far no TNT has been detonated, but score is over 25k with a pig popping every once in a while. Will keep you posted on this one.
  • @mvnla2 Piglantis 1-15

    The TNT falls on its own about 3/20 times. See my description in the walkthrough (I included a screenshot).

  • @DocTonyNYC @loox I think Rovio has added a higher level of variability. On Piglantis 1-15, after DocTony told me about it, I got the TNT to fall within 10 tries (but wasn't able even to match my highest score). After that, I tried >20 times, with no fall. I exited ABS; started another app; went back to ABS, and again nothing within >20 tries!
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