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  • Played yesterday Season's Greedings 1-15, and suddenly the top tower collapsed popping two pigs. I think I was zooming the screen when it collapsed. Didn't see that one on the list, so there's one.

    Edit: Sorry, meant Wreck the Halls. My bad. :)
  • Thanks! Don't have much on ABS, so send more if you find them. Do you have any info on how many points or how often it happens?
    I think most people were past Seasons when we started this, so if you're just starting, any more info would help.
  • I am suprised that 2-5 in Cold Cuts has not shown to be self destroying. All that movement seems like it should do something. I am going to let it sit for a few hours to see if I can get anywhere.

    Edit - Update after several hours of bouncing, I can say that i got a grand total of zero points and the level is actually stable.
  • @BL, Slim -- Hoping you can keep this updated for a few days. I will be mostly off the net for a while.
  • @Loox -- Levt VIII-2 as unstable until someone reports total destruction. Any idea how many points for either, how long it takes, or how frequently it happens?
  • Here you go, mvnla2. ABO level 4-7.
  • by the way, that was done on Mac.
  • Angry birds free III-2, collapses sometimes giving you total destruction.
  • The bubble object he/she means is the trampoline.
    EDIT:I refer to answer @mvnla2's comment.
  • ABS hallowen 1-2
    Pumpkin and secong tower fall down, but only a little destruction, no pig die.
    Tried on symbian and PC.
  • Need to add FMM 3-10. Top of Space Needle falls to the right quite often. Results can vary from debris blocks access to TNT and makes level more difficult to clears entire right side. At least one commenter has reported a full level clear.
  • no more update this topic?
  • On vacation will update later this week
  • @all Adding FMttM updates. Could use your help. Thanks. Also not sure older levels complete.
  • I saw comment on ABO 17-5 after update 2.1.0 jewel on middle will broke it self, will earned 3410 score, and i notice on right side is not stable, will also collapase sometime, get 23-28k.
  • Help, please! I'm sure there are many more self-destroying / unstable levels. If you notice any, please reply on this forum. Thanks.
    I think I've included all of the comments above. Please let me know if I missed / incorrectly described anything.
  • All known self-destroying / unstable level in FMttM are documented.
  • Fry me to the moon level 10
  • FMttM 3-10 is already on the list, as is 3-5. Do you know of any others on any episode, which are not already mentioned?
  • I am afraid not
  • @loox -- I don't see any other info on ABR 6-12 being unstable. Do you have any more into?
  • I think I've included everything mentioned so far.
  • @Bill -- How could I have missed yours? But as far as I can see it is a 1 birder, not an unstable or self-destroying level???
  • Ok
    ABSp FMttM -- complete through 3-10 as of 5/4
    Eggsteroids though #6 as of 5/6
    CC through 2-30 as of 5/6
    DZ through 15 as of 5/6
    DZ through 30 as of 5/7
    PB through 15 as of 5/7
    PB through 30 as of 5/8
    ABSp complete as of 5/8
  • @mvnla2 Bill's video shows that the bottom structure collapses before the bird hits it.
  • OK, looked at ABO 4-7 video closely and added as Mac only? Anyone have any more info?
  • I've been skimming through comments, so might have missed something, especially unstable levels. Any addition / corrections?
  • @mvnla2 Found an unstable level with AB-O Poached Eggs Level 2-5. The right stone tower drops 4-5 stone blocks on the right side. A score of 2790 was registered. This occurs within 5-10 seconds on about every 20 resets. I took a screen shot showing the score, the missing blocks and the 4 black birds at the sling. I can send it to AMslimfordy if needed. Have his email but not yours. Another found this unstable level but I do not think it was reported. Checked the two pages of comments and writing above and did not notice a post for this level.
  • wrw01

    I try reset about 50 time it work, right side will fall down.
    But it is very rare.
  • @wrw01 Screen shot not needed; added to list. BTW, I think we are "friends" so you can send me a PM if needed.
  • Reading through Seasons now. May be skimming too fast?
    No self-destroying or unstable levels in Cherry Blossoms?
    None in Year of the Dragon through 1-10, as of 5/12
  • I recall something just falling somewhere in seasons... I think it was a WTH level.
  • ABS Summer 1-12, when level start will slow movement, sometime collapes get 20-35k.
    try reset several time, hard to get high score without wait for it, 130k above.

    Cherry Blossoms seem to be a stable episode.
  • ABS Moon Festival 1-6.
    I was watching TV and my cousin was playing ABS on my Android.
    Suddenly,he called me.
    He said he completed the level with no birds!
    The problem is,he can't make it happen anymore....
  • @PJng -- Thanks for the verification / info. Didn't want to include it except maybe as a rumor, given that Enrico Carl Andrei didn't see it himself. Any info on how long it takes? Hope you got a really good score as a result!
    It actually happened for me! Maybe 1/150 tries for 59K; only right lower pig remained. Of course, I didn't actually see it, and messed up the next shots. Grr!
  • @mvnla2
    I'm not sure can get high score or not, i reset this level about half hour, only happen 2 time,
    and this 2 time i miss shoot using first bird (green).
    And on this half hour, i watch it what will happen when every time reset, also after collaps, right lower pig is remain.
    I notice this will happen when that 'rabbit' on middle is get impact from left side stone, cause it broke it self (3000 score), plus a lucky right side of 'rabbit' is in not stable status.

    Sorry, maybe my sentence is not easy understand, English is not my native language
  • @PJng -- Your English is fine. What is your native language? Those of us who are native English speakers are thankful that the rest of you generally post in English. It is possible to post in your native language, in which case we will use Google translator (since most of us don't speak many, if any, foreign languages).
    I don't think you've put your name and location on the comments to the map forum yet???
  • my native language is Chinese.
    Not understand last sentence, it's (YOUR input need for Map of ABN Members' time zones and locations) topic?
  • There are two places where you might want to enter your data:
    List of birthdays
    List of locations
    Also, you might want to stop by the Bloated Pig forum. Today is Slim's birthday -- cake and ice cream! Read the first page, be sure to check out level of the day, and last few pages to catch up on activities today.
  • I just watched 'Angry Birds Lesson 3 – Get to Know the Mighties' and found birdday level 15 got a little thing drop down, got 10 point. And whole struture on top is not stable, almost 100% will move to left side. I think it happen v2.1.0, v2.0.2 no this happen.
  • Thanks. Added to unstable levels.
  • @lilady09 Can you provide any more details, like how long do you have to wait, what % of time does it happen? Thanks. Will add, but more details would be useful. Actually already listed as partial. No one commented on total yet; will revise. More details still useful.
  • @lilady09
    Already in list, maybe cannot total.
  • 5 in 69 times (~14%) the left side collapses after 15-20 seconds.
  • When I've seen it the structure with the boulder on it leans to the right, pushes against the glass, and then tumbles to the left.
  • @lilady09 Actually, I think I misunderstood your post. Your screen shot is partial collapse of left side for 74280. Have you ever seen a total collapse with 0 birds on this level?
  • @mvnla2 - @lilady09 my have a different experience, but I've played that level a lot and I don't think a full level ending collapse (zero birder) is possible.

    Partial to total collapse of the left structure is possible, but the right side seems immune to the fall.

    Again, this is just my experience; others may have different ones.
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