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  • @hunnybunny -- Thanks for info; will have to take a look at this one.
  • @mvnla re gyspiebird comment, cosmo2503 reports similar on walk through. My next investigation! I love this self destruction, glitch, instability stuff, all the fault of Donnmega who gave me a big tip on one of the bonus levels, that just collapsed without firing a bird. Each has their own obsession :-)
  • @Hunnybunny -- Glad you share my obsession. Help is definitely appreciated. I got into this because there was a lot of discussion early on about the possibility of random variables in the AB code.
  • @mvnla2, after 3* the first 30 Abra-Ca-Bacon I moved to the 3 Bonus Levels & then in search of Feathers. I opened 1-9, looked up from phone for a split second and as soon as I looked back down a piggie had fallen...turns out 2 had fallen for 10,580. This never happened on 5/17 when flinging for my 3*, so perhaps a certain degree of progress or completion is necessary
  • @justpast40 -- Which pigs fell? I've restarted a few times on iPad, and so far can't even tell which pigs might fall. A while ago, we had solid evidence that the amount of self-destruction was a pre-determined function of the number of restarts since a hard close, although it also depended on device. More recently, this does not seem to be the case.
    Edit -- There is a pic and more comments on walkthrough page.
    Adding to p. 1
  • @GypieBird @cosmo2503 -- Adding ACB 2-9 to unstable levels (not self-destroying). Haven't seen it yet, though.
  • @mvnla2 I thought about posting pic link here, but decided to post on Walkthrough & didn't want to violate and TOS for this site by posing pic link on more than one page. Would it have been permissible to post pic link both here & on Walkthrough?

    In the future, if I happen to again be the 1st to note something like this, should I post same info on Walkthroguh & here? I'm glad to help :-)
  • @Justpast40 -- No way am I going to presume to tell you what's OK with the admins! I've sinned far too many times. ; ( I will say that I, personally, would appreciate it if you posted as many details as you have here, but not necessarily link to pic.
    It's fine if you just post a note here like you did mentioning the level and what happens. Telling me that theres a pic and more comment on the walkthrough might help, but is not necessary. I asked which pig fell, because I tried it a few times before going to walkthrough, and there was no sign of motion. That seems to be how this one works, absolutely no sign of motion and then it happens.
    I often miss comments on self-destruction when people just post them on the walkthroughs and don't say anything here. At one point I was trying to methodically look through walkthroughs for comments, but that didn't last long.
    There is a list on p. 1 of nice-to-haves for the description, but I know it's not always possible, so any info is good. I appreciate all the help I can get. So much thanks.
    BTW -- what is TOS? (terms of service)? Is that a common acronym for internet sites?
  • Yes, TOS is Terms of Service...I think it's a pretty common acronym for sites nowadays. The 1st time I recall having to agree to a TOS was about 20 yrs ago when I got my very own email address...LOL I can't believe it's that long ago. I'm no longer "justpast40," I'm way way way past 40 ;-)
  • There seems to be a suggestion by @bird-tester of significant instability on Seasons ACB 2-8, but I haven't yet seen a collapse. I detect swaying at the bottom end of the structure and the hanging pig, but that is all. Maybe you can get more details from Bird-Tester. Instability might explain a few of those high scores, but so far Bird Tester is the only one to suggest he had assistance.
  • Never mind my post above regarding 2-8. Bird-tester clarified in the walkthrough page. No instability, just a timing thing.
  • ABS SG 1-2 -- Left tower fell for 6830 pts. Maybe on 5th restart. Happened twice in a row.
    Both left and right towers fell for 13830.
  • ABS Summer Pignic level 1-25

    I was working on my computer when I heard explosions happening on the game. I know I hadn't fired a bird yet, and the pigs popped. I still had 4 birds left. Score of 106260, but the TNT at the bottom of the crevasse didn't blow, so there is a possibility of many more points. Because I wasn't paying attention, I do not know which side fell first.
  • @Xanadude -- Thanks for pointing this out. There is some discussion of instability on p. 1 of walkthrough comments. Seems like either the right or left tower or both can collapse. So far I've had 1 partial collapse of left for 8K in ~20 restarts.
    I do appreciate people telling me about comments on instability on walkthrough pages, because I often miss them. So thanks again. Will update post later today when I have more time.
    Right side collapsed for 26K after additional ~20 restarts.
    Left section of left fell left for 9.5K, 3.7K
    Left section left and right 34K
  • See ACB 2-4
  • ACB 1-12 -- Just got 60K from self-destruction, but still not able to improve score -- Shear incompetence, I expect.
    Now >70K -- see walkthrough
  • Just added ABR Trophy Room Mango Trophy to unstable levels (see video by @crazy-rider on walkthrough). Noticed that there are very few self-destroying or unstable levels listed for Rio. Does anyone know of any more?
  • @DZ47 -- I've tried ACB 2-5 maybe 100 times tonight, and have come to the conclusion that by central tower, you might mean the left-most one??? I saw it collapse once while the 1st bird was in flight. Until then, I thought you meant the central rocket-ship tower, which has never shown much instability. I play on iPad, and I would say the self-destruction of the left tower is not "right" after restart, but maybe even 30 sec. Please let me know if you can provide any more info.
  • ABS-Abra-ca-bacon, level 2-5, centre tower collapsed on opening. (Re-report from bugs forum)
    Sorry I did not note if there were any points after the collapse-I was more concerned with trying to replicate it-which I was unable to do. All I can say the tower fell from aproximately the middle and left right-where the first yellow bird should have gone to complete the level as per video.
  • Correction: the tower fell to the LEFT from the middle.
  • @mvnla2 & @DG47 - I took about 50 restarts and all I saw was the first tower (in the left, right next to the first pig hanging in the balloon) was shaking for a moment, but then it got back its stability. So no self-destruction for me. And I'm playing on PC.
  • @DG47 and @Lisko -- Thanks for the reports. So, DG47, if the center tower collapsed, it must have been quite a few points, like 40K maybe? Did you need to fire a bird? Did you get a really good score? Will check walkthrough again.
  • ABS Seasons Bonus WWB#1

    3rd and 4th towers never steadied on one play. They both collapsed separately, giving me 20980 points
  • See Mooncake 1-11
  • @mvnla2 - About 8 restarts and then the tower on the right collapsed and gave 26490 :D

    Edit: After maybe 40-50 restarts:

    2x The right tower completely collapsed - 22-26k
    2x The right tower partially collapsed - 15-18k
    1x The right tower was shaking, but didn't fall - 0
  • WW B-1
    ~500 pts center tower partially falls left
    ~8800 top of right tower falls right
    28780 right tower falls left, ignites TNT
    All this happened in ~10 restarts
    Slow and jerky, may take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • @Lisko -- Are you talking about WW B-1 or Mooncake 1-11? I haven't looked at Mooncake yet.
  • @Zebung -- Of course, next restart after second post on walktrhough, the right tower fell right for 28K. Not entirely sure what to do next.
    Can take a while for the ice to melt, but sometimes happens quickly.
  • @mvnla2 - Oops, I forgot to mention that I was talking about Mooncake 1-11 :D
  • A very rare instance of level instability on Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-15; The stack of glass and stone blocks to the left of Zoltar/King Pig slide out from under the pink snow black and kind of hang there, jutting out from the side of the building. No points made; it doesn't seem to help but I'm sure someone could utilize it. Extremely rare; 1/175?
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster Yep, The stack of glass and stone blocks bends to the left of side. But I could not fall it, after more than 50 tries.
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster @Aman -- Thanks for mentioning. I think there are some comments on the walkthrough. I have seen it also, probably much more often than 1/175, unless you are talking about a severe lean. There is some amount of lean ~1/10. Some people claim it is easier to get a 1-birder with the lean. I don't think anyone has seen it fall, or at least if they did, they didn't report it.
  • Oops, wrong forum.
  • ABS Trick or Treat 3-11: The main structure starts to sway just slightly then the top of the right vertical wood plank holding up the roof slid towards the middle causing the cement planks to collapse. This happens in about 2 out of 40 resets. Points varied between 30-300+, very random.

    Also reply to @mvnla2's query about Androids, I do notice a significant difference as I don't experience as much self-destruction like others with different devices. Scoring higher is difficult on an Android, as mentioned by many other flingers in comments throughout the walkthroughs. @gfish is not alone and I feel the same frustration and impatience!
  • Thanks @SweetP. Will check it out.
  • ABS ToT 3-13: Once in about 25-40 resets, the left tip of the plank in the gap between the left floating rock and the mustachioed pig will slide down causing partial collapse. This happens within 5 seconds when restarting the level. I've gotten between 6k-9k before flinging the first bird.
  • @PJng @SweetP -- Will try to update later today, but may not have time.
  • ABS SG 1-2: Within 10 secs of reset the left tower will begin swaying. If it continues swaying a few of the blocks will fall to the right, taking out the pig next to the middle tower. This happens often, about every 8-14 resets. You'll get between 6200-6800 points.

    A few of the times I reset the level, the extreme right tower swayed instead of the left but there was no collapse. It may be a rare instance if there is any destruction.
  • @Pjng --Which level is this? I recognize it, but don't want to search for it. How total was the collapse? How many points did you get? How long did it take? Any additional info appreciated. Thanks.
  • @sweetP -- I was wondering if you had the wrong level, but then after about 50 restarts, it collapsed for 6K.
  • @SweetP -- Again I was doubting you, but then part of the left tower collapsed for 7K after ~25 restarts.
    What platform are you using, and what version of ABS?
  • @mvnla2, that level is everybody don't want, ABS ACB 2-12. I play it almost everyday with 15 min to get 3 star in one week, so i cannot know how many restart is required, but only see it happen twice.
    It happen in about 10 second when level start.
  • @mvnla2 - I'm playing on an Android, ABS v3.3.0
  • @PJng -- Please check what I wrote. I put frequency as ~1/100. Do you think it should be a lot less, like 1/500 or 1/1000?
  • That frequecy 500 is to much, i think 200 is ok.
    That happen when third tower from right side is lead out, then it pull down second tower from right.
  • See comments on instability on EE 1-11 on walkthrough.
  • @Aman -- Thanks. I don't remember seeing notification. Will check this out later. Leaving on vacation Wed, so pretty busy, and may not have time to update list until I get back.
    @all -- Please continue posting and I will update when I have time.
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