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  • @Kathy -- I do backup periodically using E-Star's method, which is not automatic.
  • @Sunshine --Would still like to know what version of IOS you are using on your iPad.
  • @Sunshine @Burbman @Rdnzlrips82 @Lisko
    Self destruction in AB Space DZ-4 has definitely been changed in v1.5.1 (probably also 1.5.0). Total self-destruction may no longer be possible, but partial self-destruction can help you get above average.
    The scores for partial self-destruction depend on device and operating system. So far significant data has only been collected on IOS devices (iPad IOS 4.3, iPhone 4 and 5 IOS 6.1.3, iPad Mini IOS 6.0.2). The only one of these that seems to offer hope for total self-destruction is the iPhone, but different results might be obtained with IOS 6.1.3 on iPad and iPad Mini.
    iPad Space v1.5.1 IOS 4.3
    After hard close
    32 to 52 restarts all ended in 34010 (did rapid restarts after 24 and not sure if they count)
    iPhone 4 Space v1.5.1 IOS 6.1.3
    Different score every restart, but no total self-destruction yet. Does not repeat score vs. restart after hard close
    Highest partial in 29+ restarts 51560
    + 2 birds 121K
    iPad Mini IOS 6.0.2
    First restart 8910; but first after hard close and iPad restart still 34010
    2 to 23: 34010
  • @all -- Please also read main post update.
  • In ABO 16-5, at the start of the level (or reset) the left structure will start swaying slightly. After a couple of minutes, it will be quite noticeable and the left square stone block on the top will fall towards the middle next to the moustachioed pig. About a couple seconds later the whole structure will collapse.
  • Thanks @SweetP -- I was beginning to think we'd have to wait until new levels come out to add to the list. Will add yours later today, I hope.
  • @mvnla2 sorry for late reply! My version is 1.5.1
  • You're welcome @mvnla2. BTW, my Android is v4.1.2, ABO v3.1.0. I left you a reply on the walkthrough page for 16-5 also. Hope this helps!
  • @SweetP @Kathy @Rdnzlrips82 -- Thanks all for your help. ABO 16-5 added to list on p. 1.
  • @ABCrazy @marc987 -- Any more info on DS-40? I've just started trying it. After 1st shot and a few minutes, all I have left is DV and one tie fighter that is rotated ~90 deg, plus some blocks on platforms. Do you need to have 2 tie-fighters left for total self-destruction?
    marc987 -- It sounds like the one birder is fairly rare, even if you get the 1st shot you want? Your best guess at frequency and time required would be useful. Thanks
  • Added ABSW DS-40 to unstable levels. Would still like more info on how long it takes and how often.
    @ABCrazy @marc987 @petrit68 @bluevertigo
  • @mvnla2 confirm ABO M&D 17-5 on 3rd restart partial collapse right hand tower 23,890 pts.
    Need more research
    Also 17-7 right side partial collapse still working on it..
  • @Kathy -- When I just tried 17-5, the right tower was collapsing fairly frequently; don't know it this has changed, since first page said it may no longer happen! I changed p.1. Let me know if you see center crystal pop when level starts.
    For the record, tell me (again if necessary) what version of ABO you are playing. Thanks. I'm now running ABO v3.1.2.
  • Yes @mvnla2 it's happening quite frequently, just had a partial on 17-5 on second restart 37,560 i forget how to check version i am on Android Samsung galaxy s2 not sure when i last updated..but how do i check AB version?
  • Ok i got it version 3.0.0
  • @Kathy -- ABO 17-7 is / was pretty rare, but let me know if you see anything. Thanks again.
  • O.k will do ;) haven't seen the crystal pop in 17-5 but definitely instability still active:)
  • @mvnla2 - see my note on the walkthrough for ABSp Pig Dipper S-16 Re: instability Level can act in a similar fashion to S-15 with an anchor on the upper planet dragging the poor clamshells until they just plumb wore out. Added a good 6-7k to my point total for that shot over what I got for the shot alone.
  • @mvnla2 - I was just playing today's challenge which is AB Seasons Wreck the halls 1-14. Suddenly I noticed that the tower on the right (with two pigs and a gift) started to fall to the left. Too bad I launched the first bird at the same time so didn't get a chance to see how much destruction it would have caused. I'm still playing the level so I'll try to see if that happens again and how badly it falls :) I saw that WTH 1-15 is on your list, but didn't see this one :)
  • @Lisko -- Thanks! Any more info on ABS WTH 1-14?
  • @Lisko -- Did you mean the right tower leans to the right? So far I've seen the second tower from left lean to left, and third from left (with present) lean to right -- but nothing has fallen yet. What's worse, I haven't improved my score.
    Actually, just after I wrote that I saw 3rd tower from left lean to left, but still no destruction.
  • @mvnla2 - I played that level again and again but after that one time I only saw that the 3rd tower was leaning to the right. I think it's a bit weird 'cause when there was this self-destruction the same tower really did fall to the left. The third tower leaning to the right seems to be pretty common, I'd say something like 1/5 but the self-destruction seems to be really rare, almost impossible 'cause it didn't happen again.
  • @Lisko -- Did you actually see it fall, even if you had shot the first bird? When I've seen it lean left, it is pretty dramatic, but doesn't fall. BTW -- What device are you playing on, and what version of ABS?
  • @mvnla2 - Yeah, I saw it actually fall to the left! I had just flinged the first bird, but it wasn't even near that tower yet and it hadn't hit anything. I'm not sure how long it took from the last restart 'cause I went out for a cigarette after I had restarted the level so it's possibe that it doesn't fall immediately. I'm playing on PC and the version is v3.2.0 :D
  • @Lisko -- Interesting -- It sounds like it might take several minutes? I haven't seen any sign of motion after at most a minute, but maybe I'm impatient.
  • Yep, I've been trying to wait for a bit longer but after the shaking stops, I usually lose my nerves and press restart. And really I think that the most weird thing is that the tower leans to the right, but when I saw the collapse, it was to the left so there must be something else that's unstable, but it seems to be very rare, 'cause I haven't seen it since that.
  • In ABO Bad Piggies 21-11:
    the wood chuck and helmeted pig at the top of the structure rolls off to the left. This happens in about 1/14 resets.
    Also, in about 6-9 resets the vertical wood block supporting the square cement block shifts to the left, but there hasn't been any collapse...yet!
  • @SweetP -- Thanks for the details. I got 5580 pts when the pig and wooden block fell off to the left. Have you seen any more than that? Also, which vertical wood block supporting the square cement block are you talking about? There are 3 such combinations. Haven't seen any of them move significantly yet. Let me know if you get any more details.
    For the record, what device and version of the game are you using?
  • Got 5850 when pig smashed wood block, takes a few seconds; starts imperceptibly. Top of tower shifted to right and upper right stone block >50% off vertical wood block. Wood block shifted slightly to left. Now 6050, but not clear what difference is.
  • Noted today when playing ABO 3-5 on iPad no less that left glass diagonal on roof had fallen/collapsed on its own.

    I'd just restarted after multiple tries and it was just after restart. I'd done nothing differently and points were 360 (+/-). Nothing else fell and I'd guess I'd been playing (on and off) less than 30 min.

    I think I read that the report(s) of any collapse of this level on iPad (Retina up to date) are few so I hope this helps.
  • @Justpast40 Thanks for data. This will really help, since data is pretty scarce.
    I also have an iPad (not retina). Are you using an iPad Mini, or just the latest version of iPad? After about 20 restarts, both the left and right upper ice roof panel (horizontal) fell onto the wood, but did not break. The vertical stone to the right and below the highest piggy on the right fell, but did not break. 400 pts. Unfortunately, I wasn't looking when it happened.
    It sounds like you were referring to the left horizontal panel, correct? I would guess that you restarted 30 to 60 times, right? Can you estimate how long it took from restart to collapse?
    I used to think the device didn't matter that much, but recently there have been some obvious differences.
    ~40 restarts; upper right vertical stone next to piggy leaned right, 2 top ice planks and diagonal wood planks fell 750 pts.
    ~60 restarts; same as 40, but upper right stone plank fell; 800 pts
    ~77; right vertical stone plank fell; 280 pts
    ~105; ditto 270 pts
    ~108; 270
    ~111; 270
    ~113: both ice pieces and right wood fell; 480
    ~150; right stone plank; 360
    ~170; nothing more
    All the ones I've seen took ~10 to 20 sec.; haven't waited much longer
  • @mvnla2, you're welcome. It's not the mini, it's the 64gb Wifi only version, a Christmas present, so I'm playing all versions of "Bad Birds" as my granddaughter calls it, to try to beat my Android phone scores.

    I too was not looking when it happened. It was the left most diagonal/slanted glass that fell. I imagine the stone to which you refer also fell along with the top left horizontal glass, but I'm not 100% sure of anything other than diagonal I wish I'd taken a pic :-( . I know the diagonal piece wasn't on the ground, it lay on the horizontal wood piece.

    Your estimate of 30-60 restarts is probably right. I had not been playing this level very long but know from my hundreds to thousands of hours of shooting experience when a restart is needed after 1st bird misses and I think it was only a few minutes. I'm sure it wasn't 15 min & estimate it was maybe 10 sec between shots ... restart>shoot & miss with 1st bird>restart>shoot & miss>etc.

    As for time to "collapse," I had JUST restarted, looked up & back down, so I am certain it was only a few seconds based on my "restart > shoot & miss > restart > shoot & miss >" above. I'm to sure collapse is the best word since I only really recall the one piece & points were 360+/-

    Between ABO, ABR, ABS & ABSp I've only gotten thru about 75 of the levels on my iPad (not moving on until I have 3* close to or better than my phone score) and I believe that despite what I've read, there are DEFINITELY
    differences between the platforms!!!! With just these 75 or so, I know there's at least one much more difficult on iPad, but on 16 of 26 of the Poached Egg levels ( not done yet) my iPad score is higher than my phone score.

  • @mvnla2 I'm sorry I missed your call outs a while back. Those don't seem to work for me, at least not automatically in these forums.
    Re: DS-40, I have to admit its been a while since I played that one. I never did get the total destruction one birdie myself, but I did get quite a few partial self destructs. It happens pretty consistently when you have Darth and the 2 tie fighters left, and a platform for them to run into. I think it could happen with 2 ties, or Darth & 1 tie, but less likely. Your example of Darth & a sideways hanging tie would have caused me to wait a bit, but not too long to reset. I mentioned timings before, so check my memory, but the partial destructs I saw happened between ~15 min and ~2 hours.
  • ABS Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-2 on Android phone noticed that the VERY 1st time I started the level the ice "shelf" with boulder on top right was it's side, but NO points. I restarted about 50 times and could not recreate so I exited the App accessed the level again and saw that the boulder started to roll so I snapped this pic >

    It appears that the only time happens is when the App is initially opened and the level is accessed for 1st time, as restarting after its fallen for the 1st time doesn't produce same result.
  • @justpast40 -- Will try on iPad. Interesting, but since so far no points reported, won't add it. Only other report of instability in Abra-Ca-Bacon I've seen is on 2-12.
  • Understandable not to add to list since no points, but since smoke sometimes leads to fire I'm wondering if it's just a matter of time or actually just pointless
  • @justpast40 -- I'm with you on hoping to get some self destruction. I forget if you commented on walkthrough. If you comment there, more people are likely to look for it. Thanks for reporting.
  • @justpast40 -- Thanks for reminding me to try it. Playing on iPad; hard close, 1st time 2-2 opened, boulder rolled slowly to left and tipped over ice platform for no points. [Following statement is not correct: This probably makes level more difficult, since you want to get boulder to drop on right structure (I think).]
  • @justpast40 -- Actually, the boulder rolling to the left has no effect on your score, since you don't really need it for a high score. Wouldn't it be great if it rolled to the right though?
  • @mvnla2 regarding ABO Bad Piggies 21-12: Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Anyway, looks like you've seen what I was referring to about the vertical wood block shifting (I'm using an Android device, ABO v3.1.0.)
  • ABO Bad Piggies 21-15: In about 1/30 resets, before launching the first Terence, the blue balloon next to the helmeted pig popped on its own. The horizontal plank above it dropped onto the pig but nothing else happened. It gave a headstart score of 100 points.
  • @mvnla2 I noticed @Graypets reported a total clearance of 129k on the walkthrough page without firing a bird, on level 1-12 of Abra ca Bacon. At least that what I think he means!
    I tried, after about 30 attempts on my iPad, the second tower toppled to the right, 24k, but no advantage, this time. If it had detonated the TNT in the third tower, a total clearance is certainly possible.
  • @SweetP @Hunnybunny -- Thanks for the comments. Will try to catch up today, but real life is kinda busy today and tomorrow.
  • @SweetP -- Just saw balloon pop and top of left tower collapse; boulder fell on TNT -- 37550 total! Happened on 8th restart. 9th restart also collapsed for 27K. Then nothing more for total of 50 restarts followed by hard close and 30 more restarts. Added to p. 1.
  • @mvnla Abra ca Bacon 1-12
    Five restarts fell again, 45k, another 50 restarts nothing. Will keep trying
  • @Hunnybunny -- Added to p.1; so far have seen it fall twice for ~25 and 36K; about 100 restarts total. Hasn't improved my score. More info useful.
  • @mvnla2 about another hundred restarts, one collapse for 62k, one bird to finish off for 124k, which isn't far off my best score.
  • @mvnla2 Abra ca Bacon 2-12
    First occurrence:
    Demolished rightmost three towers with first bird. Two stone blocks demolished the middle wooden tower. Two left towers appeared to collapse of their own accord 120k
    Second occurrence:
    Demolished rightmost three towers with first bird, definitely no contact with first two towers, which then collapsed of their own accord. Middle wooden structure stayed intact until a stray blue bird got underneath it and bounced up and down until it collapsed. Convinced there was nothing that could have caused the first two towers to collapse. 130k
    I have never seen them go at the start of the game
    (approx 75 restarts)
    On iPad.
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