Does Rovio answer on e-mail?
  • Does Rovio answer on e-mail? I have sent two emails to Rovio, but they have not answered me? I have sent the e-mails to [email protected]
  • Remember, Rovio gets a lot of e-mails everyday. It could take a while before they get to your e-mail
  • I know, but I have been waiting since Christmas and I have not been answered yet. I sent a e-mail on Saturday, when will I get a answer?
  • It may take a while. Make sure the request isn't marked as solved or closed. Rovio answers via
  • @blahalb09, my request is marked as solved. How does I change that?
  • @MUFC If you have simple questions or about release dates then Twitter is the best.
  • @iamMighty, I don't have a twitter account.
  • It took Rovio about a month to answer an e-mail I sent, and that was before the ABOS madness started. They should have sent e-mail acknowledging receipt of yours. Signing up for Twitter is free, but not good if you can't fit your question into the character limitation. Best to send when they are on-line, otherwise it takes a while, and their answers tend to be terse and sometimes flip.
  • @MUFC, just make another comment and it should be marked as open.
  • Ok. Thanks @blahalb09!
  • Or you have to ask AMslimfordy. I think he knows everything :-)
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