Achievement friendly fire in AB Rio? Page 1
  • How to you achieve this? I have hit birds together with no luck. Do they both have to be in flight? What is the secret?
  • Yes, they have to be in flight. You have to hit a bird that's in mid-air with another bird. This achievement is also a little picky, so you might have to do it a few times for Game Center to get the hint. Make sure you're connected to WiFi for sure (if you're not on an iPhone, that is).

    This is easiest to do with throwing a regular bird almost straight up, then using a yellow bird to hit it in the air. Might take a few tries, but keep with it.
  • My strategy is to find a level where you get a blue bird followed by a yellow one. Toss up the blue bird and split him in three so you have more targets, the yellow bird will help with the aim. Good Luck!
  • Red bird up + Aim blue bird = 3 chances
  • I just got it on my first try with 2 blue birds. Level 2-2. Tossed one up and split it, then aimed another one and split it. You have 9 chances.
  • another way to do it is to shoot a yellow bird straight up, so that it goes into space and then get any other bird ready so that when it comes straight ddown you can just shoot your other bird at it.
  • If you make the blue bird in the carnival levels flap its wings right by the slingshot then this becomes really easy
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