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  • Speaking of Rio Achievements - I can't seem to get Birds of a Feather (Blue and Jewel unlocked). I've played that level many times and smashed their cage up but no achievement. Is the achievement unlocking or actually using them on a level?
  • @ladycrumb, you should get that achievement after reaching level 4-15 (the last current level of Angry Birds Rio). That's when you can actually use Blu/Jewel as a playable bird.
  • Thanks @RLZIII. I normally play with no wi-fi connection and it's sometimes a bit tricky to get my achievements uploaded to the game center when I do connect. Glad to know there isn't a problem.

  • Just joined the community. This is a great site for Angry Bird addicts!

    I'd have to agree with those who say Rio is too easy. One of the main attractions for the original game for me was the countless hours of fun while still being difficult-ish.

    I no longer have the patience required to go back and re-do daunting tasks to get to an end of a required level. I spent way too much of my life having Mario re-do things that I found painful, just to get to the next level.

    So, Angry Birds provides a way for me to have the challenge without taking a painful amount of time to try to accomplish any one task.

    So, lol, all that said, I love the new upgraded feel of Rio, but, I'm only on day 3 and I have 3 stars in MOST of the levels already? There's still some Halloween stuff (and Christmas and VDay) I don't have three stars in....
  • I agree Kathilliana.
    I thought the fruit challenge wasn't that challenging at all to be honest.
    They could have given us some sort of "extra" difficult or crazy level for finding those fruits.
  • @sal9 I agree, I am disappointed in that regard as well. Finding all the fruits should yield present you with a final challenge. Those could have been fun.
  • does this not work on the first iphone? I want it and it tells me I cant get it HELPPPPPP
  • Random Thought about Rio. I just defeated level 4-15 with 66490 points using only the blue bird. still only have 2 stars. I know stars are awarded by points, but 1 bird should trump it.
  • After Jungle Escape, there are these columns which read May 2011 and so on. Are there extra levels in that or will it be like an expansion pack that we can download later?
  • @kulyatushar
    Those are when the level updates are expected to be released.
  • What is your impression on ABR Beach Volley update ?

    The fruit challenge is even easier than the first two levels ( warehouse and jungle ). A bit disappointed there.
    I thought the levels were slightly more challenging ... I'm still stuck on 5-11 lol
  • Some of the levels were rather tough. I enjoyed the gameplay more than Jungle Escape, but perhaps I'm just a sucker for the beach.

    I agree that the fruit search was a bit too simple, but we still have a lot of people with difficulties getting all 15.
  • It was remarkably easy to get the score achievement though. I got mine while I still had three or four levels to complete. Some of the levels have been very interesting and fun to try different things to get high scores on. while others are real difficult to get an improvement or figure out why so many people are doing better.
  • Here is an oddity that I have noticed -- in all of the other AB games, I have beaten all average scores, and that has placed my ranking fairly high up (AB 18/812; AB Seasons 19/506). However, I have done the same thing with AB Rio, and my board ranking here is only 53/782 (game center rank is relatively good at 347/2,345,283). So, my question: why does this board have so many good AB Rio scores, but not a similar amount of AB and AB Seasons scores that are above mine? I would expect my ranking to be similar across all three games, and I would assume that the good players from AB Rio currently kicking my butt would also be kicking my butt at the other games.

  • My thought would be that people aren't going back to their AB scores like they are pursuing the new content in Rio. I'm slowly backfilling my way in AB and Seasons (on Android) to try and clear the averages and I have the same issues you do.
  • There's also A LOT more chatter about basically every level in Rio.
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