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  • Since Angry Birds Rio is coming out in various countries now (for iOS devices it will come out at midnight, when the day changes to the 22nd, in your country), I thought that this would be a good place to keep all of the impressions and discussions about the game since there will likely be a lot of comments and questions.

    I don't have the game yet (not until the US gets it), so do anyone have it so far?
  • I think you have to purchase this thru the amazon app store.

    has anyone purchased any apps this way before?
  • The Amazon Appstore isn't out yet, and therefore Angry Birds Rio isn't out for Android devices yet. Rovio has said that it is out of their hands; Angry Birds Rio for Android will be out when the Amazon Appstore launches. This is expected to be soon (hopefully within days) but has not official release date.
  • I'm very curious what the differences and similarities are between the normal version of Angry Birds (this will go into an announcement I'm creating). Looks like:

    1. Golden Eggs are to be replaced with Hidden Fruits
    2. Still going for 3 stars
    3. New achievements (uncertain if it's using Game Center or Crystal or both)
    4. Boss Battles
    5. Pigs are replaced by rare birds in cages

    Anyone have anything else they'd like to add?
  • -Pigs are also replaced by monkeys in some levels (can't confirm, but I think the first "World" is freeing the birds, and the second World is fighting the monkeys...I think we can expect other enemies in other Worlds are they become available).

    -Angry Birds Rio has planned new Worlds, making it more of an episodic game (the first game is also episodic, but without planned dates).

    -Improved graphics (seems like all sorts of Retina Display and iPad/iPad 2 HD stuff goin' on).
  • There looks to be a new bird as well. It's blue and looks like a parrot. Do you know if it's a Macaw from the movie?
  • I would like to ask which Country are You from? i Know angry birds is an ınternatıonal game which every player enjoys, Even in MY COUNTRY TURKEY People Know Angry Birds! When You make its models People go like "ah... That's Angry Birds! That is coool!
  • @BirdLeader, I can't confirm, but it does look like a Macaw. I'd have to guess it's Blu from the movie.
  • @canor123 I'm from the US (California). Hey, when you download AB Rio would you mind snapping a few screenshots for me and sending them to birdleader AT (replace AT with @)? I'm really looking for screenshots of the title screen and menus, not the levels. If not, no big deal.
  • Well, BirdLeader I'D love to!
    But I can't be so sure...
    I'm a 12 year old boy and you know... It's a bit late...
    Sorry:( It looks like my mom isn't gonna let me download rio.
    Sorry :((((
  • LOL, no worries. I appreciate you letting me know.
  • Rio is already "out" in the US, and by "out," I mean a cracked .ipa verion rather than via iTunes.
  • @hellslave, I think most people here will wait for the official release in order to support Rovio for their amazing efforts with the Angry Birds games.
  • ill give someone $50 if they can tell me how to get a cracked version up and running on my palm pre ASAP....seriously...$50 who's gunna make $50 today...?
  • It's not out for WebOS yet. Rovio has said it will be out in the coming days, but won't make the March 22nd launch date.
  • ^illegal downloading of angry birds.. makes me frown. hopefully you still pay the 99 cents for official version later on.
  • I just hope the Android version is available around midnight eastern... It feels like time is going slower as the day goes on...
  • @FastinTillRio You should just wait around and if so how would you even get the $50 to the person who will give you the cracked version just wait like the rest of us
  • its really not worth 50 dollars, when you get it for .99 cents in a few hours
  • Touch Arcade has their review for the game up:

    According to the article (and I've read this elsewhere before), Angry Birds Rio will be out at 11:00 PM EST for the United States. So not necessarily midnight in your time zone.
  • Read the post. Good stuff, BirdLeader. Only a little longer until we get a US release. Excited to give the game a run tonight.
  • Picked up Rio from the app store a few hours ago. Played through the warehouse levels and I must say I'm impressed. Definitely does not feel like a cheap movie tie-in knock off like you normally get. So far this is a full fledged game and they've taken a lot of things from the original Angry birds and improved them. I'm loving the new score screen at the end of the level; the sound and sight of the stars counting up gives a definite clue as to how close you are to the next star or how far you exceeded the 3-star level. Very satisfying.

    Oh, the hidden fruits I've found so far are just that. Collecting all of them earns you a trophy and an achievement but there is no bonus levels associated with them. Look for them in out of the way places on the level (they are not on every level) or in crates or objects with a tiny label on them. Once you get the fruit the label disappears.

    Can't wait to get through the remaining levels and see what the rest of the game looks like.
  • Just got this for my iPod and my Mac and I'm very pleased. I too was worried that Rio would be a quick and cheap movie tie-in that would ultimately be forgettable, but no, no need to worry. Rio is great and just the few levels I've played have that full Angry Birds enjoyment, and the graphics are simply amazing.

  • I finished all the levels. I like the game. It's slightly different from original game, but I guess it's nice to get a fresh spin on things. I was hoping for more boss battles, but only got one. I was also hoping to see more new birds, but only got them on the last level, so that was a letdown.

    Am I the only one who feels the physics of the game has been slightly tweaked? Especially for the red bird. Or maybe it's just the blocks, wood, glass and other things that have been slightly tweaked. But, the distruction is a little different to me, not much, but it's there.

    1. I feel like the red bird breaks wood a little easier, but doesn't have the same power in it's flight to push over stacks of things.

    2. I feel the white birds explosive egg is now more powerful, and in this game seems to be more often better used to drop the egg from above rather than dropping the egg and colliding into things.

    3. Didn't see the boomerang bird, bomb, or giant red bird. Guess they will come in future episodes.

    Overall, I enjoyed my first play through of the game. I kinda hurried through all the levels, so it will be fun to get 3 stars. A few levels actually took me about 3-4 playthroughs just to figure out how to complete, which is rare for me. Typically it's about that many to get 3 stars, not just 1.

  • I am an Android user. Through IE or google go to It will have you download and register for the amazon appstore. Then you can download the AB Rio from the appstore. I have been playing all morning! LOVE IT!!!!
  • I did a really quick run-through of the first 2 levels and started the third, just to get an overall impression of what is included. Originally I thought that this version was more difficult than the original, but after going back through and starting the 3 star process, I think Grayson is correct in that the physics are just slightly different and that effected my original game play enough that I wasn't doing as well as I am used to.

    I'm now at the point where I have all of the pineapples in the first episode, and I am about 1/2 of the way through 3-staring the first episode. None of the levels are overly difficult to 3 star yet.

    BirdLeader, how long until we have a Leaderboard for Rio? ;-)
  • Seems like everyone's having a blast with the game. I've played through the game (only getting about 50% three-starred). Finding all 30 hidden fruit wasn't terribly difficult; was expecting a "Golden Egg" level of sorts after finding them all, but was instead awarded with simply an achievement. Not a big deal.

    I'm not going to be too repetitive of what people have already said; great graphics, very smooth game play, et cetera. Definitely looking forward to the future Episodes.
  • I'm a novice Angry Birds player who has never gotten three stars on every level despite my addiction. I have played the first few levels of Rio and I think they were a little on the easy side to ease in new players. I just made it to page two of the first episode and it's starting to get harder to me.

    Some of the golden pineapples have slipped past me so I'm going to go back through the levels and look for the crates with labels that were mentioned above. I caught the suspiciously placed boxes but I think I missed the ones that were a part of the stacks.
  • I also want to add a things that I like from the game that are new in Rio:

    1. While the original AB did have some levels where you bounce off trampolines or ballons, in this game it's floaties or tubes or whatever. This adds some nice variety, as they cause the birds to bounce vertical mainly. Most don't help for initial destruction, but rebounding off them after you've caused some distruction "continues" your shot for a little longer. I've had some birds just bounce and bounce and bring down whole levels. A little bit of a luck factor added, but still a nice touch IMO.

    2. In the Jungle there are vines connected to trees or structures, which when hit right, can be used to pull down whole structures and cause a lot of destruction. This is a really nice touch.

    3. Some of those monkeys hang on for dear life. I almost feel bad for bringing some of them down. Green pigs deserve avian pain, but it's hard not to feel for those monkeys.... Until that last one just clings to life, then rage sets in, and well, monkey is the new pork for me. They must all go!!!

    4. I guess it's fun not to have the same types of blocks to destroy, or structures. Just like in Seasons or new episodes of AB, it takes some getting used to how things worked. I remember how hard it was for me at first with the snow in the Xmas game and the the clouds in the valentines day one. But, pretty much all of Rios structure physics are new, or at least slighly tweaked in terms of their destruction, damage, and collapsing charactaristics. Though some of the jungle levels did remind me alot of the St Patrick's Day levels, maybe that's because there's trees in the way and lots of wood blocks more than anything.

    Having fun. Still holding out hope that there's secrets to this game we haven't found yet.
  • Smugglers' Den Mastered!
  • I'm having trouble getting 3 stars on Leven 1-14. The rest do seem a little easier to get 3 stars on, as someone noted above. I haven't moved on to Level 1-15 or the Jungle because I want this 3 star rating!!
  • Jungle Escape Mastered!
  • Initial impressions. TOO easy.
  • The marmosets are pretty cool, but they make me twitchy with all their bouncing. Kinda neat how they can climb back up to a perch. Let's see a pig do that!
  • Great job as always, @BirdLeader!
  • Thanks, BirdLeader!!

    Man, I'm stuck on this last level. That white bird is an agile bugger...
  • Love the game! Never thought I would be excited for a game on my iPad.
    I really enjoy the new HD effects and the tweaks to the physics of the game! Already 3-starred the whole first world and got all of the Pineapples last night - I didnt go to sleep until then!

    Anyone else find the difficulty curve from world 1 to 2 a pretty steep step?
  • I also tried to destroy all lights in Smugglers' Den to see if there is one of the secret achievements but it didn't work.

    I'd keep trying!
  • Initially, I thought this game was going to be a bad idea. But upon playing, I have to admit, it feels like a sequel to the original, with it's updated visuals and stuff. I hope they decide to incorporate these graphic changes into the original.
  • Hi, I’ve been lurking on here for a while, first post though, to ask…

    Has anyone found any of the secret achievements on AB Rio yet? I think there are five, I haven’t got any of them though, and a trawl through the Internet hasn’t retrieved any info yet. Too early?

    Thanks v much
  • I spent a significant amount of time last night playing (love the achievement "dedicated player" (or whatever its called) that calls out how long you played in one stretch.

    The game is much more than I expected as well, and I'm loving it. My only worry is finishing way before the next release and being back in jonesing-for-angrybirds-land.
  • Man are those monkeys annoying or what!?!
  • A MASSIVE disappointment for me. Looks great, GUI is great, etc etc, but it's just way, way too easy. After the almost impossible 3 starrers in Seasons and the standard game, this was just like playing a kids game.
  • Well, I also found the game a bit of a disappointment. I am 3 Star Complete All 60 Levels and have found all 15 pineapples and all 15 bananas. I liked the Boss battle, but agree that I wish there were more.

    ANyone needs help with Bananas or 4-1 thru 4-15 I can try to help.
  • Anyone have any advice on 4-14? It's killing me.
  • For 4-14, I eventually got it by dropping an egg on the left side of left structure, getting 16,000+ points. Then yellow up high and down into the 2 monkeys in the 2nd structure. I try to clip the bottom of the palm tree so the whole side collapses, and the stone wedge falls down. Finally red bird up to bump the wood box (which had been blocked by the wedge), which spills stones to the right to finish off the final monkey. Got 95620.

    I read someone else got over 100,000 by sending the first bird (egg) up near the wedge, eliminating all the monkeys on the right. Then he completes the remaining monkey on the left with his 2nd bird. He says he can do it 60% of his attempts. I am rarely able to do the entire right side with just that one egg bomb, and when I did, my final score was not over 95,000. (But I will keep trying.)

    Another way of getting 4-14 is mentioned at by iisdaripper. "Took me ages (3birds). W/B drop bomb in between two palm trees and then smash up into tower, knocking it to the right; should kill at least the top and right monkeys. Y/B high and down into horizontal wood supporting single stone half-way up palm tree, killing two monkeys next to each other. R/B into two lowest plank planks directly in front of you should collapse whole of front structure taking out the front monkey." I just tried this method and I got 3 stars.

    Now MY question. I want to get 3 stars on the final level, 4-15. Right now I have just over 64,000. Do I need 70,000?
  • I got three on 4-15 by pulling the blue birds straight back. Wait for the evil boss to start coming up and then fling the blue birds and tap the screen immediately. It should rough him up and put the blue birds on course to hit the flowers and blow up the first tnt. I hit the second tnt box from left when he was low and roughed him up some more. Then I drilled him with the three birds. Got a 30,000 bonus for three dudes left. It took a while.
  • RJohnson, thanks for the tip. Got it...98900

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