Angry Birds, Pigs, and Marmosets in Real Life (the wild)
  • Did you know that feral pigs and marmosets are actually enemies of angry (threatened) birds in the wild? I had no idea until I spoke to someone at Bird Life International. They are doing some amazing work to prevent extinctions and Angry Birds are helping them. See Please make a donation to help too. (This webpage identifies the endangered species portrayed by some of the birds in Rio).

    Feral pigs eat eggs of ground nesting birds, destroy the habitat of many birds (ground-nesting or not), and help spread avian flu by creating water-filled hollows that increase the mosquito population. There are numerous websites devoted to this (Google endangered birds feral pigs), but see this one for an example:

    Common marmosets are also a problem when they occur as a result of man's introduction rather than naturally in their original range, which is the Atlantic Forest of North East Brazil. Just as in the film Rio and in Angry Birds Rio, marmosets have been released or have escaped into the wild around several big cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, and are now affecting some of the native wildlife there by predating species that wouldn't normally be affected by them.

    One particular bird that is being threatened by invasive marmosets is the Restinga Antwren - a Critically Endangered Species living in a small coastal strip near Rio. Marmosets have recently been found in this area and have been taking their eggs along with those of other birds - eggs are one of the marmoset's favorite foods. BirdLife's partner Save Brazil has been tackling this new threat to the antwrens by trapping and relocating marmosets found in this area. See here.

    I am not associated with Bird Life International, Rovio, or, except as an addict of Angry Birds, and more recently a supporter of Bird Life International.
  • Now that the Year of the Dragon is out, I hope more people will be visiting ABN and reading this forum. I also hope that many of my fellow AB fans / addicts will make a generous donation, in the spirit of Chinese New Year, to Bird Life International, or to some other organization working to protect threatened species of birds.
    During the Chinese New Year celebration, which lasts 7 to 15 days or more, it is traditional for adults (most of you) to give children (please interpret as threatened birds) red packets containing money. Children traditionally ask for these packets. So on behalf of threatened birds everywhere: "恭喜發財,利是逗來,伍毫嫌少,壹蚊唔愛 (Cantonese), roughly translated as, "Congratulations and be prosperous, now give me a red envelope, fifty cents is too little, don't want a dollar either." It basically meant that they disliked small change – coins which were called "hard substance" (Cantonese: 硬嘢). Instead, they wanted "soft substance" (Cantonese: 軟嘢), which was either a ten dollar or a twenty dollar bill." (Wikipedia
    Lastly, 恭喜发财, Greetings and Be Prosperous, a traditional Chinese New Year's greeting.
    (I'm not Chinese, so please pardon any misinterpretations.)
  • Don't forget to support the real-life threatened birds while you are busy rescuing fictional birds from the smugglers!
  • Wow! Thanks for the information. I didn't know that marmosets did that. That was a nice connection you made with angry birds rio and real life. Maybe Rovio will add marmosets as an enemy to fight in the original game to support those threatened birds.
  • Thanks for the comment. I thought no one was even reading this.
  • Im glad that i found this thread. Lots of information
  • I read it, but don't react !
  • ( T_T) - stupid pigs!
    You know, theres things like this that I still wonder about...
  • Wow @mvnla2 I had no idea!! This forum should be a highlight of abn as to relation of the information. I can't really concentrate on the links posted above right now, but i promise i will, real people (person) distracting me.
  • Yeah, I remember on BBC Knowledge there's a film that says dodo bird extinct because of pigs and also monkeys
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