Angry Birds Rio Mighty Eagle Requests
  • These Rio feathers are pretty easy. Over 80 already. Has anyone else noticed that the sardine can hangs around at the end on some levels. Both if you get 100% or you don't. I've never noticed that before.
  • If the can is moving and the Mighty Eagle misses it during its swoop, it stays. This is true for all apps.
  • 9-4 and beachball 12 definetly very hard!
    indeed those two are the only ones i still need
    stuck at 97% (9-4), 98% (GBB 12)

  • Hey!! Any tips for golden beachball 12... Can't figure that one out... Been stuck on 98%

  • the method that worked best for me was destroy as much as possible and then put the sardines on the first stone ledge..
  • Thanks @antwan83 did that and got my 100%
  • no problem! glad it worked!
  • on another note, i was really hoping for another design on the eagle, something more vicious and colorful, as rio is a bit different in design.. but this works too.
  • FujiToast has said he will work on these soon, but has a little work to do putting up some new video walkthroughs elsewhere on the site.
  • Looks like we have the main requests in! I'll get going on these VERY soon!
  • Can;t get 100% Eagle Destruction on levels
    All Carnival Levels

    Walkthrough would be appreciated.
  • Ehhhhhh @ A "nearly-complete clear" required for BB-12. ROVIO, we've talked about this.
  • It's still quite doable, just challenging. I very much like BB-12 and 9-4. I wish there were more levels like this in Rio. Some were far too simple to feather. Like 10-15 haha.
    thats the screen shot of what was left for 9-4..i used all the bombs from left to right and used the mighty eagle to wipe everything else out on the right side for 100%.

    Got all the feathers:

    Got GBB-12 as well..not so hard. Proof:

    The feathers were very EASY! READY FOR NEXT UPDATE! :D
  • I have to say that I got 9-4 and bb12 without too much trouble. However, 8-11 has me completely stumped! Could someone please give me some tips for this one? Not really heard it mentioned as a tough one but I got a virtually total clearance for only 99%, I can't believe a total clearance is needed so think I must be missing something. Thanks!
  • I have no idea on 8-11,8-12 and bb-12. Dead difficult. Other levels weren't that much of a trouble at all, skimmed through them in a couple of hours
  • Please add 8-5

    Never mind - I got it
  • 8-3: Fire the Yellow Bird almost horizontally, through the first set of sand. This should take out the two lower marmosets. First the Blue Bird slightly above the marmoset next to the Beachball. Split it early enough to take out the marmoset along with some damage to the back of the level. Fire the next Blue Bird slightly higher, splitting late to clear as much of the back as possible. Fire the red bird quickly (all marmosets are likely gone) to take out a little in the middle of the level, like the sand above the bumpers. Land the Sardine Can on the far-left platform, basically on the spotlight.

    8-9: Work left-to-right. Fire Blu towards the top of the left-most stone pillars. Fire Yellow Birds at flat trajectories to cause the top of the structures to fall. Use the last 2 Red Birds to try to push the highest remaining parts rightward. Land the Sardine Can on the stone squares at the left side of the level.

    8-11: Fire the first White Bird nearly vertically. Drop the bomb next to the left-most vertical wooden supports. This should cause damage to the left structure, as well as propel the White Bird into the high balloons (the TNT causing more damage to either structure). Fire the Black Bird through the top of the left balloons and into what's left of the left structure. Use the White Bird however it is beneficial, but likely to clean the remnants of the left structure with a high-arcing shot. Fire the last Black Bird into the heart of the right structure, causing massive destruction. Finally, land the Sardine Can at the base of the left balloons.

    8-12: Fire the first Yellow Bird high above everything and launch it into the botto, two of the stone blocks at the far right. They should topple right and destroy the boxes over there, and the Yellow Bird will roll left onto the TNT. Fire the next Yellow Bird about horizontally, into the hollow wooded square on the left of the level. Use the next two Red Birds into the crates (left-to-right) within the structure (that is, not the three random ones at extreme left). As a point of reference, these crates are under the ice/glass blocks in the original format of the level. Land the Sardine Can against the super-extreme-far-left random crates.
  • Btw, side note for when BirdLeader and/or FujiToast read this: Man, I can't wait for the untethered jailbreak. I would rather record this and upload than write up all this, haha.
  • @AMslimfordy I hear ya! Notice any speed changes on the leaderboard?
  • 10-12!!! I have cleared this level 3 times and only gotten 99%.
  • @BirdLeader even ABo is loading quickly now. Optimized those queries, eh?

    @PhantomDagger the trick is to clear the tufts of grass between the slingshot and structure. But it's not glitched at all.
  • on Carnival Upheaval level 8-5, i seem to have 'lost' 2 stars. I had all 3, with a score of 76810, but now that I have gone back with the Mighty Eagle, it only displays 1 star. (and 88/90 on the start up), but in my achievements I have the star for "3 starring" all levels. Is this a glitch?
  • Known bug. Rovio isn't really sure how it happened but they are going to push this in an update soon.
  • I can't get level 8-11...only 99% . It seems you must destroy every block with nothing left! I'll try your method AMslimfordy, thanks! We'll see! 7-4 and 7-12 giving me trouble as well.
  • Got all the feathers for Rio now except 7-12...It is doable, but tough...once again leaving only a few stones and getting 99%. I'll keep trying though.
  • We have a bunch of the requested walkthroughs recorded and they should be up on the site tonight.
  • Done 8-11, does anyone have tips for golden beach ball 3? I'm nowhere near! Thanks
  • Got 'em all...Finally!!

    @alberta555 Use the birds to take out the top structure (which will take out the middle of the bottom) and throw the sardine can in the middle between the 2 bottom structures.
  • Anyone got tips for 7-11 Can't quite figure it out.

    Nevermind, got em all. Ready for the next update. :)
  • Sorry for the delay everybody, I'm trying to get all of the more difficult levels recorded and uploaded at once. Shouldn't be much longer.
  • I would like to request 9-12 and 10-12. I just can't get these levels!
  • @blue2 on level 10-12 drop the egg bomb on the first wooden platform real close allowing the white bird to cause a lot of destruction. Then the 2nd white bird drop the egg bomb close allowing mucho destruction again. The red bird can hit and destroy a can or 2. Then the eagle can wipe out the rest...leaving 1 can or nothing for 100%. It may take a couple of tries, but you can leave almost nothing before launching the Moghty Eagle...Good Luck!
  • I can't get 7-11. Anyone have any tips? I'm stuck at 99%.
  • I like to put in a resquest for level 6-13
  • Got it, many thanks Spoonmon
  • In addition to some of the ones listed, I am having trouble with 9-7 and 9-10. Can get 99% and 98% respectively.
  • @bigbrotherbird97 For 6-13 you want to funnel as much as possible. First red bird into the last "floating" structure, and should also manage to detonate the TNT on the far right. Next red bird through the other two higher floating sand blocks, so now everything should be pretty well low. Use the Red and Blue Birds however you see fit, usually as close to the platform as possible. Use the Sardine Can to take out what's low and right.

    @bigdaddyhen For 9-7 use the first two Blue Birds to take out the right-most structure. It should be pretty well leveled with 2 birds. Use the next bird in the bottom-left, which will cause the tower to topple left and detonate the TNT. Try to use the last Blue Bird as close to the platform as possible, probably with a vertical shot. Toss the TNT onto the left-most luggage in the middle of the level.

    For 9-10 high-arcing shot with the Yellow Bird, clip the tail and detonate the gasoline. A high-arcing shot with the White Bird and drop its egg on the gasoline near the nose of the plane. Fire a Yellow Bird through the wooden base of the tower, causing it to topple. Use the White Bird to take out as much of the tail as possible. Leave the Sardine Can near (what used to be) the nose.
  • @blue2 for 9-12, try to destroy as many barrels as possible from the right pile. Then drop the can between the left most barrels and the wooden structure.
  • Do we know what the rule is regarding the balloons and total destruction? All the balloons seem to flat away after the eagle comes through, if you did not pop them before, are these essentially lost, and counted against you not being destructed? May be a reason why Carnival is more difficult, if you don't pop them.
  • Balloons have value in normal gameplay, so they have value in Total Destruction. If they just float away, then you miss those points.
  • I'm really really really stuck on Carnival Upheaval 7-12. Have gotten 99 % two times. Almost every time I don't even get over 95 %.

    Tips, tricks or walkthrough? :)

    Nevermind, it was the dumb balloons. =(
  • Slim, thanks so much for your descriptions, was able to get all the feathers doing as suggested.
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